All's Fair trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2

All's Fair

Red Dead Online: Successfully counter a rival Posse's Free Roam mission.

All's Fair0
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How to unlock the All's Fair trophy

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    To earn the All's Fair trophy in Red Dead Online, you simply need to thwart another player or team's attempt to complete a Free Roam mission -- i.e. a non-story mission that takes place in the shared world with all players.

    The easiest mission to counter is a stagecoach robbery, which will appear as a red reticle on a black circle background on the mini-map. Head over and deal with whoever is in the area, which may still be the original NPCs or may be a group of players (hopefully you catch them off guard in these early days, and it's just the one guy).

    In the early game you may not have anything to destroy the coach with efficiently such as dynamite. Your best bet is to kill or free the horses, drive the whole thing off a cliff or, my method, drive it into the deep part of a river, lake or the sea. The horses will be freed and the stagecoach technically destroyed.
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    GampxSAnyone willing to help? If yes, PM me, my PSN: GampxS
    Posted by GampxS on 02 Aug 19 at 10:45
    LedDroppingsAnyone needing to get this trophy send me message or friends invite. My timezone is EST. PSN: LedDroppings
    Posted by LedDroppings on 07 Oct 19 at 14:47
    BeardedScot86I just learned a key bit of information for this one. If you are playing in Defensive mode, you will not be offered the option to counter a rival posse. It tells you to come out of Defensive mode to get the counter option, but you then have to wait 30 seconds for that to happen which could make it too late.

    So when looking for this, always use Offensive mode
    Posted by BeardedScot86 on 05 Mar at 10:32
    Khassandr125A humble addition : it seems that successfully surviving when being targetted for assassination counts as well.
    Some stranger free roam missions ask to kill a random NPC or player. If you are chosen as a target, you can counter the mission of your opponent by surviving.
    I would suggest to go for a decent horse (mine is criollo) anse keep a couple of stimulant and wild carrots just in case. And run.

    You can also boost with a single other player. Both need to have permanent posse. Then, accept a mission (Mac Farlane ranch for example) of kidnapping or coach stealing. The one you boost with will have a notification. He needs to prevent the mission. Swap, rince and repeat, trophy unlocked for both.

    I can help you, add me : Khassandr125
    Posted by Khassandr125 on 28 Apr at 12:32
    Jmech1986I've made a boost session for this weekend, if anyone wants to come just pst me on PSN.
    Posted by Jmech1986 on 04 Jun at 15:45
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