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I Heart Manhattan

100% complete all districts

I Heart Manhattan+0.1
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Trophy Guide for I Heart Manhattan

  • TheOdd101TheOdd1014,697
    20 Sep 2018 16 Sep 2018
    9 2 0
    For anyone who wants to get the crimes done quickly I found that going to a research station, in an area you need crimes in, and activating the door almost always caused one to spawn.
  • napoearthnapoearth1,948
    05 Dec 2018 04 Dec 2018
    2 0 3
    In order to 100% complete a district there are some number of the following things that have to be completed:

    Side Missions
    Fisk Hideouts
    Demon Warehouses
    Sable Outposts
    Prisoner Camps
    Research Stations
    Black Cat Stakeouts
    Taskmaster Challenges
    Thug Crimes
    Demon Crimes
    Prisoner Crimes
    Sable Crimes

    Not all districts have everything or the same amount of each item. Once you have 100% completed all districts you will earn this trophy.

    Each item will automatically appear on the map after completing a Main Mission or Side Mission. The last two things will be available shortly after starting Act III. Taskmaster Challenges only have to be completed, no specific score is necessary. Crimes and bases only have to be completed as well. You are not required to get all bonus objectives.

    TheOdd101 mentioned a tip to help spawn crimes, but I had no problem getting them to spawn by just setting a waypoint at the other end of the district and just swinging to it, regularly pressing in the right stick along the way.
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