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Seal the Deal trophy in Destiny 2 (PS4)

Seal the Deal

Complete a Triumph Seal.

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How to unlock the Seal the Deal trophy

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    Locked 26 Oct 2018 13 Nov 2018
    This guide is specifically written for individuals who loves to run the Last Wish raid and it is for the "Rivensbane" title for completing the Raids seal.

    There are 16 triumphs that needs to be completed for this Seal.

    Last Wish Collectibles
    This triumph will probably take the longest and relies heavily on RNG. To get this triumph, you will need to get all the weapons, armor and equipment from the Last Wish raid.

    Triumph #1 - Raid: Last Wish
    Description: Complete the associated badge on the Collections screen in order to claim this Triumph.
    Solution: There are 19 total items to collect, they include the following:
    1. Wish-Maker ghost shell
    2. Cleansing Knife sparrow
    3. Ermine TAC-717 ship
    4. Dreaming Spectrum shader
    5. Wish No More emblem
    6. Nations of Beast hand cannon
    7. Chattering Bone pulse rifle
    8. Transfiguration scout rifle
    9. Age-Old Bond auto rifle
    10. Tyranny of Heaven combat bow
    11. The Supremacy sniper rifle
    12. Techeun Force fusion rifle
    13. Apex Predator rocket launcher
    14. One Thousand Voices fusion rifle

    15. Great Hunt Helmet
    a. Titan - Helm of the Great Hunt
    b. Hunter - Mask of the Great Hunt
    c. Warlock - Hood of the Great Hunt

    16. Great Hunt Arms
    a. Titan - Gauntlets of the Great Hunt
    b. Hunter - Grips of the Great Hunt
    c. Warlock - Gloves of the Great Hunt

    17. Great Hunt Chest Armor
    a. Titan - Plate of the Great Hunt
    b. Hunter - Vest of the Great Hunt
    c. Warlock - Robes of the Great Hunt

    18. Great Hunt Leg Armor
    a. Titan - Greaves of the Great Hunt
    b. Hunter - Strides of the Great Hunt
    c. Warlock - Boots of the Great Hunt

    19. Great Hunt Class Item
    a. Titan - Mark of the Great Hunt
    b. Hunter - Cloak of the Great Hunt
    c. Warlock - Bond of the Great Hunt

    Last Wish raid activities
    The following triumphs are fairly easy to obtain as long as you play the Last Wish raid a couple of times.

    Triumph #2 - Treasure Trove
    Description: Loot hidden chests in the "Last Wish" raid 10 times.
    Solution: Just open 10 hidden chests throughout the raid. There are a total of 2 hidden chests per run. One between Kalli (1st encounter) and Suro Chi (2nd encounter) and another between Suro Chi (2nd encounter) and Morgeth (3rd encounter).

    Triumph #3 - Put a Flag on It
    Description: Plant 5 "Last Wish" Raid Banners.
    Solution: At the beginning of each encounter, there is a rally flag circle where you can put a raid banner. Just plant 5 of these and the triumph is completed. Note: To get raid banners, visit Petra at the Dreaming City and buy it from her.

    Triumph #4 - Habitual Wisher
    Description: Make 10 wishes in the "Last Wish" raid.
    Solution: Just enter 10 different wished in the wish wall. To get to the wish wall and a list of all available wishes, please see the following website:

    Last Wish raid WEEKLY encounter Challenges
    You must pick up the bounty from Hawthorne for any challenges to count towards your Triumph. Once you complete the challenge, redeem it so that it will count towards your Triumph. Most bounties for the challenges will require you to be in a level 4 clan. The bounties rotate on a weekly basis. Only one of the challenge bounties will show up per week. The bounties doesnt seem to appear in any order, so keep an eye out for Hawthorne once a week to see which bounty she has available.

    Triumph #5 - Summoning Ritual
    Description: Complete the Summoning Ritual challenge.
    Solution: (1st Raid Encounter) You must summon and kill 3 ogres before you DPS the Kalli. To Summon an Ogre, you must step on a wrong plate (there are 3 total wrong plate throughout the map). The 3 Ogres needs to spawn and be killed for every DPS phase.

    Triumph #6 - Coliseum Champion
    Description: Complete the Coliseum Champion challenge.
    Solution: (2nd Raid Encounter) Players need to make sure they don’t get hit by Suro-Chi's laser blast (called Eviscerating Hex). If anyone in the fireteam gets his by the laser, then the challenge is failed.

    Triumph #7 - Forever Fight
    Description: Complete the Forever Fight challenge.
    Solution: (3rd Raid Encounter) There are a total of 4 ogres, 1 in the top left, 1 in the top right and 2 in the middle in front of Morgeth. You must defeat Morgeth without killing any of the ogres in the map to complete this challenge.

    Triumph #8 - Keep Out
    Description: Complete the Keep Out challenge.
    Solution: (4th Raid Encounter) In the Vault Encounter, the Taken Knights must stay inside their zone. Keep a player inside each zone to let them kill the Taken Knights before they can reach the interior of the Vault.

    Triumph #9 - Strength of Memory
    Description: Complete the Strength of Memory challenge.
    Solution: (5th Raid Encounter) When shooting Riven's eye, each guardian can only shoot each eye once. So every player must remember which eyes they have shot already and make sure they dont shoot the same eye again. Another way to beat this easily is use the cluster bomb strategy where no guardians will ever need to shoot Riven's eye.

    Last Wish raid completions
    This next set of triumphs challenges players to complete the Last Wish raid in many different ways. The description will tell you exactly how to beat the specific triumph.

    Triumph #10 - O Murderer Mine
    Description: Complete the "Last Wish" raid.
    Solution: Beat the Last Wish raid. I have a solution written up on TA here:

    Triumph #11 - Clan Night: Last Wish
    Description: Complete the "Last Wish" raid with a full fireteam of clanmates.

    Triumph #12 - Sunburn
    Description: Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Solar subclasses.

    Triumph #13 - Night Owl
    Description: Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Void subclasses.

    Triumph #14 - Thunderstruck
    Description: Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Arc subclasses.

    Triumph #15 - The New Meta
    Description: Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of the same Guardian class.
    Solution: Make sure everyone is using the same Guardian class. Meaning, everyone must either run all Warlocks, all Titans or all Hunters. Everyone has their preference on which would make the raid easier, so pick the guardian class which best suits your fireteam.

    Triumph #16 - Petra's Run
    Description: Complete the Petra's Run version of the "Last Wish" raid.
    Solution: To get this triumph, you will need to enter "Wish 13" in the wish wall. Once Wish 13 is activated, your fireteam can now attempt Petra's Run.

    Petra's Run is is probably the hardest of all the triumphs for this seal. If a single person in the fireteam dies, the entire raid fails and the entire fireteam is sent to orbit. This needs to be flawless run with no deaths from beginning to end. It may seem impossible, but several fireteams has completed this challenge. Below is a video of my fireteam completing Petra's Run.

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    AVandelBusterJust want to note that the Cursebreaker seal for Dreaming City will unlock this trophy.
    Posted by AVandelBuster On 05 Aug 22 at 07:05
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