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Collect 10 Forsaken Exotic weapons or armor.

05 July 2019 - 2 guides

How to unlock the Exotique trophy

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    14 Nov 2018
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    Below is a list quickly outlining all the weapons and armors available from the Forsaken DLC.

    To get this achievement, you need to get 10 of the 24 exotics below: (Note there are only 23 exotics available for Xbox and PC players until September 2019):

    1) Ace of Spades
    Unlock Method: Ace of Spades quest

    2) Black Talon
    Unlock Method: Drop, Engram or Vendor

    3) Cerberus+1
    Unlock Method: Drop, Engram or Vendor

    4) Lord of Wolves
    Unlock Method: Random drop from "Wanted Bounty" completions

    5) Malfeasance
    Unlock Method: Malfeasance quest

    6) One Thousand Voices
    Unlock Method: Rare drop from the last chest on the Last Wish raid

    7) The Chaperone
    Unlock Method: Chaperone quest

    8) The Queenbreaker
    Unlock Method: Drop, Engram or Vendor

    9) Trinity Ghoul
    Unlock Method: Drop, Engram or Vendor

    10) Two Tailed Fox
    Unlock Method: Drop, Engram or Vendor

    11) Wish-Ender
    Unlock Method: Wish-Ender quest

    12) Wavesplitter
    Unlock Method: PS4 Timed Exclusive - Available September 2019

    Titan Gear:
    13) One-Eyed Mask
    14) Ursa Furiosa
    15) Heart of Inmost Light
    16) Antaeus Wards

    Hunter Gear:
    17) Shards of Galanor
    18) Oathkeeper
    19) The Sixth Coyote
    20) Gwisin Vest

    Warlock Gear:
    21) Contraverse Hold
    22) Chromatic Fire
    23) Phoenix Protocol
    24) Geomag Stabilizers
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    19 Sep 2018 20 Sep 2018
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    This solution is copied from my True Achievements account.

    With the release of Forsaken, 23 new exotics have been added to the game. 11 of these exotics are weapons and the other 12 are armor (4 for each guardian type). This trophy requires you to get just under half of these exotics and will most likely be the last trophy you get on this DLC unless you're super lucky or grind like hell.

    First off it's worth noting that Xur will not be selling forsaken exotics for a while unfortunately including drops from fated engrams.

    Be warned there are spoilers in this guide. I'm saying this here as there is no point in blocking out a lot of the guide with spoiler tags.

    If you're only looking for tips on how to get exotic engrams jump straight to the end of this guide.

    Now lets start with the easy ones.
    Ace of Spades
    By far the easiest exotic to get in Forsaken. Early on in the Forsaken campaign Banshee-44 will give you an exotic quest step called Cayde's Will. Once you have this you will want to go ahead and finish the forsaken campaign getting you the broken Ace of Spades. Take this to Banshee-44 in the tower and he will give you the next step. From here you're going to want to head over to gambit and get 5 invader kills with a hand canon. PLEASE NOTE this means 5 kills on people who are invading you. Kills you get while invading the other team will not count. After you've done this head over to the strike playlist or choose your favourite strike to do and get 250 kills with a hand canon while playing a strike. Then it's time for the crucible where you will need to get 25 precision (headshot) kills with a hand canon. PLEASE NOTE this means final blows, it will not count if you hit another guardian with a precision shot and someone else finishes them off. Another note, this must be done in public matches, it will not work in private matches. The next step is to find Cayde's stashes on Io, Nessus, EDZ and Tangled Shore. This step would take too long to explain so I will link a video below that I found helpful. All credit for this video goes to 'HarryNinetyFour'

    The last step is to complete the mission Ace in the Hole on titan. This mission is quite easy and will not take you long. If you are struggling to find some of the chests in this mission I will link another video if you need it. Again all credit for this video goes to 'HarryNinetyFour'

    When you finish this mission head back to the tower and talk to Banshee-44 and he will give you the fully repaired Ace of Spades.

    The Chaperone
    This kinetic shotgun is arguably one of the best in the game and is very easy to get, especially if you love the crucible. It's a bit iffy on how this quest is obtained... personally for me it was available right after I finished the campaign by talking to Amanda Holliday but I've heard of people getting it as random drops in the crucible. If you don't have it yet you won't be far away from it, if you keep playing the game as you usually would and do the daily and weekly challenges it will definitely drop.***Update*** Thank you SiegfriedX over on True Achievements for clearing up that this quest will only drop from playing the crucible, to the best of my knowledge you must finish the forsaken campaign as well. Amanda Holliday is the one who will give you the quest.***** The first task of this quest is to get 20 shotgun kills in the crucible, this can be done with any shotgun but personally I would recommend Perfect Paradox (obtained through lost prophecies as part of the Curse of Osiris DLC). Secondly you're going to want to get elemental kills of each element in the crucible. This seemed daunting at first but is really quite easy, the way it works is you get 5% for each kill but a death sets you back 1%, although when you get to 100% you won't lose any progress on that element type. What I recommend is to start with the element of your choice (solar, ark or void) and keep using it in the crucible until you reach 100% for that element (should only take 1-2 games). Then head on to the next element, then the next, it should take a hour to a hour and a half to do. The last step is to head over to gambit and get 15 guardian kills.This means you can kill guardians who are invading you or guardians that you are invading. You should be able to rack up 15 kills in 1-2 games. After you've done all this head back to the tower and speak to Amanda Holliday who will give you The Chaperone.

    It has come to my attention since posting this solution that the Malfeasance exotic hand canon is acquired from a gambit oriented quest line. To get this quest line you must reset your gambit rank twice. Each reset requires 15000 points in gambit which is quite a big grind but you'll have to do it twice if you want to get this gun so it will be quite time consuming. To the best of my knowledge no one is yet to reset their rank twice so the steps of the quest are not yet known. Watch this space for future updates.

    *****Update***** Thank you Fiatim over on True Achievements for pointing out that this information is incorrect, the Malfeasance is not obtained this way. I will continue to seek out information regarding how this is obtained and update the solution accordingly.

    Thank you Fiatim over on True Achievements for pointing out that it has been confirmed that this will be obtained from a quest and that the quest will be the hardest ever quest in destiny to complete. This is the only information available at this time, this space will be updated when more information is available

    At this stage these are the only exotic quests found with Forsaken.

    Exotic Engrams - Weapons
    The following are Forsaken weapons that can only be found from exotic engrams.
    Black Talon - Heavy, Void, Sword
    Lord of Wolves - Secondary, Solar, Shotgun (I've heard this can randomly drop from wanted bounties)
    The Queenbreaker - Heavy, Ark, Linear Fusion Rifle
    Two-Tailed Fox - Heavy, Void, Rocket Launcher
    Trinity Ghoul - Secondary, Ark, Combat Bow
    Cerberus+1 - Primary, Kinetic, Auto Rifle

    Wavesplitter - Secondary, Void, Trace Rifle (Timed PS4 Exclusive, I play on Xbox but from what I've heard this is a random drop but is more common than the other exotics)

    The next few are yet to be discovered, if you have found any of these please leave a comment of how you got them (i.e. quest, engram, random drop from something) down below and I will update the solution to include them

    One Thousand Voices - Heavy, Solar, Fusion Rifle - Rare drop from completing the 'Last Wish' raid.
    Malfeasance - Primary, Kinetic, Hand Canon
    Wish-Ender - Primary, Kinetic, Combat Bow *****Update***** - See quests for more information on Wish-Ender

    Exotic Engrams - Armor
    All exotic armor with Forsaken can only be found through exotic engrams at this stage. Eventually Xur will sell them but it is unknown when that will be.

    The Sixth Coyote - Chest armor
    Gwisin Vest - Chest armor
    Oathkeeper - Gauntlets
    Shards of Galanor - Gauntlets

    Heart of Inmost Light - Chest armor
    Ursa Furiosa - Gauntlets
    Antaeus Wards - Leg armor
    One-Eyed Mask - Helmet

    Phoenix Protocol - Chest armor
    Geomag Stabilizers - Leg armor
    Chromatic Fire - Chest armor
    Contraverse Hold - Gauntlets

    Tips and tricks for farming exotic engrams
    Firstly it is worth noting that exotic engrams will drop from any enemy. (I had a Two-Tailed Fox drop from a normal red health dreg while doing the Nessus flashpoint last week.) Basically, there is a very small chance of having an exotic drop from any enemy (I don't know the exact chances but it is very very low). Powerful enemies have a slightly higher chance at dropping them. My advice is to farm exotic engrams as you would farm prime engrams. That way you're killing two birds with one stone. Prime engrams are more likely to drop than exotics however. The best way I've found to do this is Escalation Protocol on mars as part of the 'Warmind' DLC. If you can get around 5 or more people (2 fireteams) into an area to do the Escalation Protocol and have some resemblance of teamwork you can easily get to and complete all the tiers. After tier 3-4 a lot of the enemies will now be powerful enemies which means you are more likely to have prime and more importantly exotic engrams drop. The more you kill the more likely you are to get one drop.

    Another good place to farm is The Blind Well found in the dreaming city. This is quite similar to Escalation Protocol however different tiers give you different difficulty enemies, the higher the difficulty the better the rewards however. If you can get a couple of fireteams in here you can easily beat the first few tiers and possibly the third but i haven't seen anyone complete a tier 4 legit yet (not using the telesto exploit).

    You're going to want to kill as many enemies as possible basically and these two events definitely spawn the most enemies.

    Heroic public events on the Tangled Shore also spawn a lot of powerful enemies too. To make the Cryo-pod public events on the Tangled Shore heroic you're going to want to progress through as you usually would, taking down the wanted enemies health until you see a bunch of cryo mist on the ground (it will damage you) when this happens you will notice some vents on the sides of the cryo pod (two on each side) spraying out the mist, you want to shoot these until an arc charge appears and you want to throw 3 out of 4 of these at the wanted enemy to freeze him solid. (The cryo mist stage happens twice throughout the event so if you don't get it the first time there's another chance). While transmatting the wanted enemy, hoards of enemies will attack you and they are usually powerful enemies.
    At the end of the day the best advice i can give is to just keep killing enemies, you'll have them drop eventually. I'm not sure if fireteam medallions increase the chances of having exotics drop or not.

    If anyone has any suggestions for the guide, any questions, or anything i missed please comment them below and I will add them to the guide and give you credit. If you vote negative please also comment why so i can fix the issue.

    See you Starside Guardians.
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    PresariofuNice write up. Why someone left negative feedback is beyond me. Can only assume jealousy to the fact you can write. Positive left the redress the balance.

    TT needs more people writing or porting over their own guides as, it is very much lacking in guides compared to TA.

    Well done to you @Fondle_My_Sheep
    Posted by Presariofu on 01 Nov 18 at 17:24
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