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Boss Fight trophy in Donut County

Boss Fight

Win the boss fight.

Boss Fight0
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How to unlock the Boss Fight trophy

  • TrophyClipsYTTrophyClipsYT195,190
    15 Feb 2021 15 Feb 2021
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    Beat the boss, simple.
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  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT19,521
    09 Feb 2021 09 Feb 2021
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    Full game walkthrough ALL achievements / trophies

    Missable Achievements / Trophies:
    13:43 Pyro (Level: Joshua Tree)
    18:17 Music Lover (Level: Gecko Park)
    21:14 Gamer (Level: Chicken Barn)
    22:57 Egg Breaker (Level: Chicken Barn)
    27:15 Secret Soup (Level: Cat Soup)
    39:29 Quack Enthusiast
    41:35 Bandit Part1 (Level: Biology Lab)
    44:12 Bandit Part 2 (Level: Raccoon HQ)
    45:24 Disrespecter (Level: Anthropology Lab)
    48:47 Flawless (Level: Final Boss)
    51:19 Dethroner
    52:02 Pilot & Escape (Credits)
    53:20 Game Over (Level: Final Boss)
    53:52 Nerd
  • WayensWayens49,621
    04 Sep 2018 04 Sep 2018
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    There will be two stages to this Boss Fight.

    First stage:
    The King Quadcopter comes out of the HQ and proceeds to target your hole.
    If you don't dodge, your hole will be filled with quick-dry cement, which would prevent you from using your catapult which will be critical to defeating
    Next, it would drop various sizes of explosive mines.
    If your hole has been cemented over, go under a mine and wait for it to explode to clear your hole again.
    Swallow a smaller mine and go to the center of the copter's whirlwind indicating the spot right below it.
    Catapult the mine into the King Quadcopter to inflict damage.
    If you don't succeed in hitting it, the quadcopter will rear up and blow a damaging gust of air into the hot air balloon holding Mira and Possum, depleting the balloon's health bar.
    If you do succeed, it will ignore the hot air balloon.
    And then it will cycle through again.
    After a few successful hits on the King Quadcopter, the copter will add a configuration of cement bricks to block the hole's way before targeting it.
    Just keep the hole moving around the cement blocks.
    Another couple of hits and the cement brick formation will change, forcing you to run a maze. Luckily the target seems to just follow the hole instead of cutting it off, so it shouldn't be too hard to keep ahead of it.
    Keep swallowing small mines and catapulting them into the King Quadcopter until it retreats.

    Second stage:
    But the King Quadcopter will come back with a bazooka.
    But then so will BK with Possum's hack module!
    Swallow BK holding the hack module.
    Catapult BK into the King Quadcopter to freeze it in place.
    The quadcopter would have scattered a bunch of explosive mines around the area.
    Collect each of them and catapult them one at a time at the King Quadcopter.
    There might be one or two behind the visible area where the quadcopter is.
    Once the last one is catapulted into the King Quadcopter, it should explode and you should win this trophy! Congrats!
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