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Episode 3

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Episode 3

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Found all Episode Three collectables.

12 June 2019 - 1 guide

Trophy Guide for Hunter

    16 Jan 2019
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    Here is a simple written solution to check off the collectables in episode 3, all of which can be found in Act 1.

    The first two are at the start of the Act when you load into the basement area.

    1. Walk forward and look to the left on the wall to find the 'School Pennant' (Looks like a flag).
    2. Keep walking toward Rosie (the Dog) and on a shelf to the left just before you reach her is the 'Sketch toy'.

    In the next area you will be gathering intel on the raiders and will need to talk to three characters.

    3. As soon as you gain control, turn around 180 degrees and walk towards the fallen branches to find the 'Horseshoe' on the ground.
    4. Turn around 180 degrees again and follow the right going towards the character 'Willie'. On the ground just behind him is the 'Rabbit's Foot'

    When you get to the Shed/Barn area do not talk to James until you collect the final two items.

    5. The 'Wind Chimes' are hanging off of the Shed/Barn on the right just passed AJ.
    6. The 'Beet-Nick Toy' is located just to the left of James in front of the hay bails.

    This solution was copied from TrueAchievements where I originally unlocked the Achievement on XBOX ONE.
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