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Fait Accompli trophy in Jak 3 (PS3)

Fait Accompli

For Stamina and Time On Your Hands and insatiable need for completion.

Fait Accompli0
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How to unlock the Fait Accompli trophy

  • zilongwangyingzilongwangying
    25 Mar 2018 26 Mar 2018
    So i was able to finish jak 3 on ps3 in about 1hour now 3 times with debug menu and this is how it works

    The story trophies who will pop are everytime little random

    1.Use the debug codes

    2.Secrets - Scene Player Act 3 - The universe calls

    3.Watch and skip this cutscene until you reach 32% trophy progression (and yes this works) it can be happen you may skip 20 times without a trophy but you will get every time to 32%

    4. if u also get the trophy for beating the last boss (2/3 times i didnt) you can skip point 5

    5. Watch and skip scene THE UNIVERSE CALLS (2-3x times) Trophy Progression 41%

    6. Choose Scene Player Act 2 - Beat Cyber-Errol Boss - Watch and skip until 51%

    7. Choose Act 2 - Explore War Factory - Watch and skip 3x trophy progression 52%

    8. Back to Act 3 - Choose A hero's Work is never Done - watch and skip till 64%

    9. Act 3 - Find my Son... watch and skip till 65%

    10.Act 3 - The Catacombs are the only hope - watch and skip till 67%

    11.Act 3 - Our Hero - watch and skip till 71%

    12. Act 3 - Jak links into the dark ship - watch and skip till 74%

    13. 2/3 times I only get 72% on step 12 and I have to play the one missing story trophy by myself because it wont unlock ( seems very random)

    14. Now you're done only the collectibles are missing but all collectibles will unlock on ps3 with the 2nd controller trick
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  • KinglinkKinglink
    17 Dec 2012 11 Jul 2014
    You only need to get three trophies for this. All the others are inclusive. You can do them in any order.

    First beat the game
    Jak 3 (PS3)Taking Him DownThe Taking Him Down trophy in Jak 3 (PS3) worth 112 pointsDestroy Final Boss

    Second Get 250 metal heads. You might want to just grind this out first chance you get.

    Jak 3 (PS3)Head Over HereThe Head Over Here trophy in Jak 3 (PS3) worth 108 pointsCollect 250 Metal Head Skull Gems

    Third and most annoying is
    Jak 3 (PS3)The Orbiter of RecordThe The Orbiter of Record trophy in Jak 3 (PS3) worth 144 pointsCollect 600 Precursor Orbs

    however if you use the glitch for that, it's just slightly annoying (you need to do the glitch 200 times) but takes only 90 minutes rather than trying to do all the brutally hard challenges which will probably result in losing your sanity.

    EVERY OTHER TROPHY IS INCLUDED IN THESE. There's no "stunt" trophy, there's only unmissable trophies, metal head trophies and orb trophies.
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