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Jak II (PS3)

Timber! trophy in Jak II (PS3)


Destroy Drill Platform Tower

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How to unlock the Timber! trophy

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    -( Story related, cannot be missed )-

    It isn't necessary to state how far into the game this is, even though they classify it as Act II. Kor will give you a mission to return to the Drill Platform and destroy the large drill there, halting the Baron's plans. When you go through the portal and arrive, turn right back around to find the TITAN suit. This was used in a previous mission, so you should be familiar with its use by now. Hop in and strike three times (or press the attack button three times in quick succession for a nice repeating strike) on the door nearby to start the gauntlet. The first room you will come across is a straight corridor with three lasers alternating. Time your attacks on the next door just right to be able to take the door down and proceed.

    Move the TITAN up to the elevator, then hop out. Run back to the start of the room and you will find two platforms leading to the opposite wall. Be careful, as these platforms will only stay stable for a few seconds before dropping. Quickly jump from one to the other, to grab onto the ledge on the opposing side. Defeat the Metal Heads, then activate/attack the lever to bring the suit and and continue your journey. The rest of the gauntlet is rather straight forward, but be careful when you have to hop out to activate the levers (there are jumps between each lever). After this room is another laser room, then a room inviting you into certain danger: a long, inviting path on top of some furnaces. You may employ the unstable platforms to shelter yourself from the furnace, or just hop constantly across. Either way, once you progress past this, ride the elevator up for your target: the ten computer consoles. There are going to be more Metal Heads in here as well, so deal with them as you please and destroy the computers.

    Uh oh!! A timer will have set off from destroying the last computer, so make sure it was one near the elevator. Now, you will hop out of your TITAN suit and have to make it all the way back to the portal in under a minute and a half. This shouldn't be too hard, though, since Jak can certainly run faster than the suit. You can roll jump to cover more ground, just make sure that you take into mind the distance it covers and requires at the same time. If you happen to wind up at the elevator at the end, like I did one time, and die to the explosion, you will start just at the beginning (read: right before the elevator leading up to the computers) with only 10 seconds taken off, which is a nice adjustment compared to if you were unprepared and spent too much time in the computer room in the first place.

    Once you make it back through the hazards, clearing them much easier with Jak's nimble moves, you will reach the platform and be treated to the Control Room exploding and the Baron's efforts to drill more Eco foiled.
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