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How to unlock the BOOKWORM trophy

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    To earn the "BOOKWORM" trophy in Detroit: Become Human, you need to find all 48 magazine cover stories in the game. Each magazine has two covers. Skrydger reports that you do not have to view both covers (using the controller's trackpad to scroll right-to-left) - picking up the magazine is enough.

    If you're struggling to find it, hold cn_R2 to scan the immediate area to find interactive items marked with a yellow square.

    You will have to replay multiple chapters to get decision-specific magazine covers. Skrydger in the comments notes that your magazine pick-ups should save as soon as you have picked them up in-game, thereby you shouldn't have to finish the chapter. They also noted the below with regards to using Chapter Select:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    A further note from thall__666: I can confirm that once you've read the last magazine, you can quit out to the main menu and you'll still receive the trophy. No need to finish the chapter.

    You can check your progress in the Magazines tab of the Extras menu, accessed from the main menu. Note that some of the magazine titles are abbreviated in the flowcharts.

    Shades of Color
    No. 10 - Tech Addict: Secrets of Androids & No. 19 - Green Earth: Climate Change-Up
    Immediately look to the right-hand side of the park to find it on the bench, next to the old man and his android.

    A New Home
    No. 22 - All Sports: Android Power & No.1 - Century: Connecting the Dots
    Clear the dining room table and wash the dishes to allow access to the magazine back on the table.
    No. 23 - All Sports: Android QB & No. 11 - Tech Addict: The Price of Life
    When you head upstairs to clean Todd's room, you will find this on the music cabinet immediately to the side of the door.

    The Painter
    No. 2 - Century: The North Pole & No. 27 - Detroit Today: Life Found on Titan!
    Go into the large living space at the back of the house (where you serve Carl his breakfast) and you will find this magazine on the coffee table between the two red sofas, in front of the TV.

    No. 25 - Gossips Weekly: Android Sex Officially Better! & No. 12 - Tech Addict: Is Your Android Spying on You?
    While investigating the murder, go to the kitchen to find this on the counter.

    No. 3 - Century: The Bee-Line to Disaster & No. 26 - Gossips Weekly: It's Time to Face the Music
    Head into the laundromat opposite the motel and look at the magazine on the cabinet next to the door.

    Waiting for Hank...
    No. 28 - Detroit Today: Famous Detroit Painter Dies & No. 30 - Detroit Today: Ivanoff Says "Niet!"
    No. 28 only available if Markus endured Leo's attack in "BROKEN". In the middle of the police HQ's main office, before you reach Hank's desk, you'll find this on a central table.
    No. 29 - Detroit Today: The Three Laws of Robotic Parenting & No. 30 - Detroit Today: Ivanoff Says "Niet!"
    No. 29 only available if Markus fought back against Leo in "BROKEN". The magazine still rests in the same place in the police HQ.

    On the Run
    No. 31 - Detroit Today: Cyber Wildlife & Canada: Canada still Android-Free Zone
    Slept in the Motel during "FUGITIVES": The magazine is on the TV cabinet.
    Slept in the car during "FUGITIVES": The magazine is in front of the car.
    Slept in the squat during "FUGITIVES": The magazine is on the wooden cabinet just behind where Alice is sleeping.
    It's unclear whether you have to read the Canada ad as it's not a numbered cover, but you might as well.

    No. 32 - Detroit Today: Android on the Run! & No. 13 - Tech Addict: Android Astronauts
    No. 32 only available if Kara escaped the house in "STORMY NIGHT", otherwise it seems you get No. 15 instead (which you can also pick up later). When Markus gets off the train, the magazine is on a bench over to the right.

    The Nest
    No. 33 - Detroit Today: Red Ice Epidemic & No. 20 - Green Earth: Past the Tipping Point
    When Hank busts into the apartment, turn immediately right into an open room and right again to find the magazine on a table right next to the door.

    No. 34 - Detroit Today: Arctic Tensions Escalate & No. 35 - Detroit Today: How Androids Alter Your Brain
    Deal with the reset situation however you wish. Upstairs, head past Luther into the next room, a bedroom. You'll find the magazine in here on the cabinet by the window.
    No. 41 - Detroit Today: AX400 On the Run
    Only available if you evaded the police in "ON THE RUN" having slept in the motel or car. Thanks NutellaOrgies for the extra information.

    Russian Roulette
    No. 5 - Century: Time to Pull the Plug & No. 4 - Century: Tainted Love
    Once Hank is puking in the bathroom, go into his bedroom to find the magazine. Note that it won't be available to interact with until after you have delivered Hank's clothes to him.

    The Eden Club
    No. 14 - Tech Addict: The First Immortals Are Among Us & No. 36 - Detroit Today: The New Super-Powers
    Successfully track down the Traci that fled the crime scene and enter the warehouse. The magazine is on an overturned box at the back. Don't look at the androids on the right or you'll trigger the fight that ends the scene.

    The Pirate's Cove
    No. 37 - Detroit Today: USS Iowa Missing & No. 24 - Gossips Weekly: All-Android Band Tipped for Music Prize
    Once you're in the abandoned pirate restaurant you'll find this on the barrels - in fact you'll be able to immediately interact with it as soon as you regain control.

    The Bridge
    No. 8 - Century: The Mysterious Mister Kamski & No. 40 - Detroit Today: Markets Predict War
    Get out of the car and head to the bench on the right side of the park BEFORE heading to Hank on the left.

    The Stratford Tower
    No. 38 - Detroit Today: G.I. Android & No. 6 - Century: President Warren A Woman in Trouble
    After you've taken the elevator to floor 47, head to the cafeteria area which is directly behind the elevators. The magazine is on the counter.

    Public Enemy
    No. 16 - Tech Addict: Bleeding Blue & No. 21 - Green Earth: Clean Food Craze
    Head into the kitchen of the main broadcast room to find this magazine. Make sure you do this before you interrogate the broadcast androids.

    Midnight Train
    No. 9 - Century: World War Three & Treat Yourself!
    After Rose has left the house you can read the magazine on the kitchen table. Make sure to do this relatively quickly before the police show up.
    It's not clear whether you have to read "Treat Yourself" as it's not numbered, but you might as well.

    Capitol Park
    No. 39 - Detroit Today: Who is It? & No. 7 - Century: An Android for President?
    As soon as you start the chapter, look left. The magazine is on a box.

    Meet Kamski
    No. 17 - Tech Addict: Space Tourism on the Rise & No. 15 - Tech Addict: Cyberlife's Fortune Telling Computer
    After you've entered Kamski's house and Chloe has gone off to get Kamski, look at the small image of Kamski and Amanda on the wall. There's a magazine on the table underneath it.
    For some reason you have to analyze the painting first, at the time of writing. Could be a bug.

    Freedom March
    No. 42 - Detroit Today: Android Riot & No. 18 - Tech Addict: The Eastern Space Race
    Markus must have freed the storefront androids and conducted a violent demonstration during "CAPITOL PARK". The magazine is immediately left when you start this chapter.

    Crossroads - Connor
    No. 43 - Detroit Today: Detroit in Chaos & No. 44 - Detroit Today: Android Terror in Detroit
    Markus must have attacked the police during "FREEDOM MARCH". When Connor goes into Jericho's main assembly area, there is a magazine on a box at the far end. Do not go anywhere near the stairs on the right side as it will trigger a scene that takes you away from the area. Best to scan the area with cn_R2 to find the magazine and head straight towards it.

    Battle for Detroit - Kara (Leaving Detroit)
    No. 46 - Detroit Today: Civil War in Detroit
    Markus must have chosen a violent revolution to liberate the androids in the camp during "NIGHT OF THE SOUL" for this to appear, and Kara needs to have escaped capture during "CROSSROADS" to play this thread of her story. Get to the bus stop and find the magazine on the right-hand side of the area next to the pile of suitcases.

    Battle for Detroit - Markus (Peaceful Demonstration)
    No. 45 - Detroit Today: They Defy Us
    Markus must have chosen a peaceful demonstration in front of the camp during "NIGHT OF THE SOUL" for this magazine to appear. Once the barricade is completed, you will find this magazine on a bench to the right of where you hop back behind the barricade. Make sure to read it before you complete the tasks around the barricade interior.

    The trophy will unlock when you reach the flowchart of whichever chapter you were playing when you found your last magazine.
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    SkrydgerI just finished cleaning up. Just to post my last couple observations. If you are going for a specific magazine cover that you didn't make the choice for on your currently saved game, you can proceed without the saving option only if you intend to play all the way from the decision to the magazine pickup in one sitting. If you intend to close the game and work your way there over multiple sessions, you'll need to turn on the saving option.

    Also, though you get credit for each magazine without finishing the whole chapter, the trophy will not pop when you view the last magazine. You'll need to finish that one chapter and it'll pop at the flow chart. (I suspect that it would pop if you quit out to the menu as well, but I did not test that)
    Posted by Skrydger on 04 Jun 18 at 01:25
    kintarisThanks a lot, I'll add those thoughts in!
    Posted by kintaris on 04 Jun 18 at 11:55
    thall__666I can confirm that once you've read the last magazine, you can quit out to the main menu and you'll still receive the trophy. No need to finish the chapter.
    Posted by thall__666 on 08 Jun 18 at 03:40
    kintarisThanks thall toast I'll add yours and Skrydger's tests when I'm not on mobile.
    Posted by kintaris on 08 Jun 18 at 06:36
    supkrisThanks and great work. Folks who commented pls upvote when uyou can comment. The submitter gets nothing in return for putting this effort. But your vote can be a motivation to do more. One retard was quick enough to down vote
    Posted by supkris on 08 Jun 18 at 18:23
    kintarisThanks supkris, appreciate it.

    And to be absolutely fair, the down-vote was while the guide was a mess laugh I'm sure it'll pick up.
    Posted by kintaris on 08 Jun 18 at 18:27
    Paradox8493For whatever reason, #32 did not save after reading it when I quit out immediately after. The two or three I got prior did. I also just did the first two graffiti spots after reading it and double checked my flowchart to see that it registered... and it still didn't save in the extras menu. I'm going to finish the mission this time and see if either my save is somehow just completely bugged or if the game is.

    Edit: So I just did my full ~I'll Be Back~ trophy playthrough, and made sure to get magazine #32 during that, and it still didn't save. I highly suggest anyone still trying to go for this trophy should go for magi zone 32 in their first playthrough. If you ever see this comment, I think you should update your guide with a warning about that magazine at the top and hopefully someone will be spared. I'm now prevented from getting the platinum because of that stupid magazine.
    Posted by Paradox8493 on 12 Jul 18 at 14:01
    vexer6I believe you can in fact get #41 even if you stay in the squat, the trick is when you get control of Connor and go inside the house, simply stand around and do nothing for long enough and then Hank will come in and tell Connor it's time to go, letting Kara and Alice escape stealthily.
    Posted by vexer6 on 03 Nov 18 at 05:56
    vexer6Correction on #32, in addition to escaping the house in Stormy Night, you also have to have escaped across the highway after being spotted by the police in order for the magazine to appear.
    Posted by vexer6 on 04 Nov 18 at 17:36
    Jet-KlaatuOn number 35. This needs to be a LOT more clear please. You give the explanation for one but not the other and it's not a binary outcome.

    No. 35 - Detroit Today: How Androids Alter Your Brain
    Only spawns if Kara was detected by the police in “ON THE RUN” and fled across the highway (where you had to push buttons to not get hit by cars).

    No 32 is also incorrect. That only spawns if you run across the highway during "ON THE RUN" similar to 35. Escaping the house at the start has no impact.

    Please could you correct these?
    Posted by Jet-Klaatu on 02 Sep 19 at 09:13
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