Kara succeeded to make the cop go away

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How to unlock the NOTHING TO SEE HERE trophy

  • kintariskintaris93,339
    27 May 2018 27 May 2018
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    To earn the "NOTHING TO SEE HERE" trophy in Detroit: Become human, you must complete the chapter "MIDNIGHT TRAIN" having successfully convinced the police officer to go away. This is a Kara chapter so Kara must have survived the events of chapter "ZLATKO", you can find a guide for that here:

    Detroit: Become HumanHidden TrophyThe Hidden Trophy trophy in Detroit: Become Human worth 17 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy

    Once Rose has left the house you should speak to Adam and reassure him. I went for honesty. When the policeman knocks, close the door leading to the grieving deviant, tell Luther to take Alice upstairs and shut the cabinet under the stairs. I believe there is more you can hide but the timescale is tight, and I didn't find it necessary to succeed.

    When the officer comes in, you need to make sure your story is consistent. Make him a coffee. When he asks if anyone else lives here, you should tell him about Alice. When he asks if you have any androids, you should say yes; in my playthrough he found an android jacket but your explanation means his suspicions are not overly raised, and when he hears a noise upstairs you've already primed him with an explanation by saying Alice was upstairs. When he questions Adam, you should interrupt and say Adam is tired. Adam shouldn't give you away if you took the time to reassure him. On the way out of the door the officer hears a noise from the room with the grieving android. Tell him it's the washing machine and he will buy it.

    Soon after the chapter will end and you should receive the trophy in the flowchart screen.
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  • DadmondMilesDadmondMiles29,724
    22 Sep 2019 22 Sep 2019
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    The guide by kintaris is good, but is not the only way. Here is how I did it.

    • Did not have time to talk to Adam before police officer showed up, instead I turned on the TV and watched the news report.
    • When police man is at door, 1) hide the android jacket which is on a dresser to the right of the TV... 2) Close the door (next to the front door) leading to the other deviants... 3) Close the closet which has packets of blue blood (Under the stairs).
    • Make the officer coffee by going to the kitchen pantry and then to the coffee machine (it's a yellow thing in the corner of the counter)
    • I chose to say we have no androids and tell him Alice is upstairs.
    • When Adam starts to say something I chose the "Upset" option explaining he is troubled by the news reports of deviants.
    • When the officer is about to leave, a noise comes from the other room and I chose the option "It's the washing machine."

    There are several ways to get this trophy. Good luck!
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