Kara and Alice escaped Zlatko's house

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How to unlock the ESCAPE THE MANOR trophy

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    To earn the "ESCAPE THE MANOR" trophy in Detroit: Become Human, you must reach the end of Kara's chapter "ZLATKO" alive. Note that Kara can be killed in this chapter, if she dies you will not only void this trophy but will also not be able to earn any other trophies involving Kara, including the trophy for getting all three characters to a certain point:

    Detroit: Become HumanHidden TrophyThe Hidden Trophy trophy in Detroit: Become Human worth 18 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy

    First off you will need to follow Zlatko through his conversation and down into the basement. Once you are in his machine, let everything play out until everyone leaves the room. Look left and down and push the trolley. Then look up and left and grab the wire. Finally kick your way out of the machine. Do this as quickly as possible so you don't lose any of your memory.

    On the way back through the basement, make sure to free the androids in the cell. Head upstairs and up the second flight. Head to where the android Luther stands still and enter the door next to him - there is an android polar bear in the corner that you should free. Head all the way to the last room on the upstairs corridor to get Alice.

    Now there are a number of ways this can play out - you can hide, you can set the place on fire. I went into the room next to Alice's and hid under the table but fumbled it, so Luther spotted me immediately and kick-started the chase sequence. I'm happy to report that you can still survive if this happens, but I'm pretty certain it's crucial to have freed the polar bear and the androids downstairs. Just pay close attention to the quick-time events, almost always either cn_O or cn_X but sometimes mashing, sometimes hitting once within a limited time. I chose to rush at Zlatko when the choice was to evade or run right at him. I also chose the back door when prompted at the end of the chase sequence as I believe you will die if you head out of the front.

    A scene plays out in the back yard and provided you freed the android monsters, Kara Alice and Luther should make it out fine. You will earn the trophy as soon as you reach the flowchart.

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    erod550When you’re in the machine you have to look up and right, not up and left, and grab the green wire to get the prompt to kick your way out of the machine. Also the polar bear is in the first room after Zlatko’s room, not the room(s) by where Luther stands. Otherwise good guide. You avoid most of the chase if you hide under the table in the first room outside of Alice’s room and stay hidden until Luther leaves. Then set the fire and go through the next room to get back to the hall. Then it’s a very short chase as you don’t get seen until you’re already halfway down the stairs.
    Posted by erod550 on 07 May at 07:27
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    This trophy is a pain in the bum but is worth doing to get Kara to the end game.

    This is the first mission that Kara can DIE.

    You'll arrive at Zlatko's and he'll promise to help you, but this is a trick and he puts you in a machine to reset you.
    When Zlatko leaves the room with Alice, Luther will tell you to meet him upstairs.

    Now, there are two different ways of completing this mission, but one is very time consuming and only gives you ten mi utes to complete all required actions.

    So, we're going to save some time by destroying the machine.
    When Luther leaves the room, look up to your top rigjt to see two wires. Grab the Yellow one and complete the short QTE, then do the same with the green wire. This should knock over, Zlatko's Vodka, you probably noticed it whilst he was blabbering on about absolute nonsense.

    Now look left abd towards the dolly on the ground. Complete the QTE for this and it'll short circuit the machine. Now do the short QTE to release yourself from the machine by your right arm.
    You're now free.

    This has an amazing advantage, 1) you don't have to waste time remembering who you were and 2) you move 100% faster during the next sequence.

    Before making your way upstairs, go to the gate that Alice stopped at on your way down and open the cell. Now go upstairs. You'll hear Zlatko tell Luther you have 10 minutes to escape.
    Go left up the stairs and go through the door just before Luther. Inside here is a storage room, open the Bears cell in the far back right hand corner.

    Now to get Alice. Go back in the Corridor and walk passed Luther, Alice is in the very last room, open it and get her out of there.
    Go to the room immediately on your left and hide in the closet with Alice, let Luther leave the room and go to the fireplace. Set the house on fire. This buys more time to escape.

    Go around the long way out by passing the two herberta that come to observe the fire and make your way downstairs. Pass all the QTEs abd choose the Back doot when the game asks about your escape route (it is crucial you choose this option as the front door results in death).

    Once outside, Luther observes the bond between the girls anf steps in to save them. The monsters kill Zlatko and Luther joins you on your journey.
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    PufferfishProHey, this isn't actually the first mission Kara can die, she can die when Todd is chasing her and alice out the house, and she can die if Connor chases her across the highway, I believe Ralph MAY be able to kill her if she can't convince him?
    Posted by PufferfishPro on 05 Apr 19 at 14:52
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