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King of the world!

Complete all 3 Star Challenges

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How to unlock the King of the world! trophy

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    18 Jun 2018
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    -You must play by YOURSELF, if you want to unlock achievements. (Co-op will not work)
    -IMPORTANT: Start a new character and do the challenges starting at rank 1. It will be easier much easier.
    -IMPORTANT #2: Go to the campaign, select a mission and change the difficulty to "Easy". Now back out and play the challenges, this will make the challenges easier.
    -All challenges must be done on 1 character.
    -You must play and complete each challenge 3 times. (1-star, 2-star & 3-star)
    -Challenges will get harder as you go through them multiple times.
    -Save "Parkour This" for last.
    -These challenges can be completed offline, and all trophies will unlock.
    -You cannot unlock any non-challenge related trophies in this game mode.
    -Once you complete a challenge, there will be a grey dot to fill the space beside it, letting you know you have completed it.
    -You can verify completion (if you played online) if you have a leaderboard position.
    -If you are having trouble, try upgrading your abilities.

    Please view the videos and text descriptions below for my general strategies for each 3-star mission. My ranks in the videos range between 1-12, as they were recorded before it was known that ranking makes a difficulty difference.

    Challenge 1 - Be More Objective:

    This is easily the most frustrating of the challenges, and I suggest you leave it for last. The key to completing this challenge is to go from objective to objective as quickly as possible, and try to complete objectives with the least enemy resistance possible. If you run into a point where enemies are defending the objective, and your teammates are being useless, you'll have to kill 3 or more enemies, and then quickly make a break for the objective before they can spawn back. Don't count on your teammates to revive you, as usually they won't, but it is usually worth waiting a few seconds to see if they are able to pick you back up. While doing an objective (like repairing), make sure to crouch, and hide behind whatever you can while doing it. If enemies begin shooting at you, start swaying back and forth, making you harder to hit.

    Challenge 2 - Parkour This:

    The easiest challenge of all 4. You should have no problem getting this on your first try, but if you encounter any difficulties, view the path I used in the above video. There are slightly faster methods around, but they all use this path with small variations.

    Challenge 3 - Escort Duty:

    For this challenge you are asked to be an engineer, and escort a small tank to the end of the level. This challenge can be frustrating as you may die multiple times, but shouldn't cause too much trouble to pass. Make sure to always buff after spawning (Click left analog stick), and focus on the enemies over the tank.

    Challenge 4 - Tower Defense:

    For this challenge you will be an engineer, and to make it easier buy some abilities for your engineer class in the "Characters & Weapons" option from the main menu. Make sure to always plant a landmine in front of the command post, and try to "Spawn camp" as much as you can. Turrets can also help you, but use them wisely, as some enemies will hack them to turn against you. If you do use a turret, plant it across the path of the command post, so it is able to kill enemies who try and hack the command post. Stay calm, and well hidden and avoid dieing at all costs. Good Luck with this!

    After completing all 4 challenges at the 3-star rating, you will have gotten the following achievements:

    Note: Some of the above trophies may unlock in a different order.
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