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Darkness and Fog trophy in God of War

Darkness and Fog

Retrieve all treasure from the Workshop’s center chamber

Darkness and Fog0
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How to unlock the Darkness and Fog trophy

  • brickarysbrickarys
    06 May 2018 07 May 2018 07 May 2018
    This trophy is for unlocking everything in the central chamber of Ivaldi's Workshop in Niflheim. This is a long grind. For the sake of things, I will give a broad overview on how to get this trophy.

    To start this, you first need to find all 4 of the Niflheim language ciphers. Below is a video showing you where you can find these:

    Once you have the ciphers, you can travel to that realm. Niflheim is covered in a poisonous mist that will deplete a pink bar when you've entered an area with it. If the bar depletes completely, you will rapidly lose health, so make sure you keep an eye on it.

    Once you arrive, you will meet up with Sindri who will tell you a bit about the area beyond his shop. He tells you about some armor that he can craft for you to help you through this poisonous maze, but first, you need to collect 500 Mist Echoes in order for him to craft you a keystone to enter Ivaldi's Workshop.

    Below is a map of the maze itself (You may need to click on it, it doesn't seem to be rendering on the site properly):

    External image

    Each time you enter the maze, each 'area' will randomly generate a set of enemies, ranging from standard Draugr to Dark Elves, Wulvers or even Travelers, so be prepared. The area's between the main areas (A/B/C/D), will have a set of randomly generated traps. The traps range from closing walls to moving saw blades. You cannot memorize the traps because they will change each time you leave and come back in.

    To get your first 500 Mist Echoes, enter area D from the entrance. You will most likely be able to get the 500 you need in this first area. Defeat the enemies and open the chests. If you do not get 500 in here, my suggestion would be to move through the traps to the left, towards area A. Once you have your 500 Mist Echoes, return to Sindri, turn in the quest and craft your keystone at his shop.

    Once you have the keystone, enter back into the maze and defeat the enemies in area D once again, then enter the center chamber with the keystone. Inside you will find a multitude of chests along with three Realm Tears. Some of the chests in here can already be open, while five of them are locked and require a different amount of Mist Echoes per chest.

    You will need a total of 23,500 Mist Echoes to open all of the chests.
    Ranging from lowest to highest, the amounts are as follows (from left to right)

    Chest 1: 1,000 Mist Echoes (Enchantment - Perfect Artifact of Blight)
    Chest 2: 2,500 Mist Echoes (Enchantment - Eye of Niflheim)
    Chest 3: 5,000 Mist Echoes (Enchantment - Chilling Mist of Niflheim - Used to buy Froze Flame
    at Dwarf shop to upgrade your Leviathan Axe Post Game)
    Chest 4: 7,500 Mist Echoes (Blades Pommel - Blightguard)
    Chest 5: 7,500 Mist Echoes (Axe Pommel - Blightbringer)

    You can open the chests in any order you want so long as you have the correct amount of Mist Echoes.
    One of the free chests in here will have the rusted armor that Sindri requested. Bring this back to him (while defeating the enemies in area D), to complete Sindri's second favor.

    Sindri's last favor and the last part of completing this trophy, is to seal the three Realm Tears in the central chamber.

    To do this, you need two things: A lot of Mist Echoes and an Anchor of Fog (1 per Realm Tear)
    You need 45,000 Mist Echoes and 3 Anchor of Fog to complete the Tears.

    Tear 1 (Far Left): 10,000 Mist Echoes/1 Anchor of Fog
    Tear 2 (Center Back): 15,000 Mist Echoes/1 Anchor of Fog
    Tear 3 (Far Right): 20,000 Mist Echoes/1 Anchor of Fog

    The Mist Echoes will be collected by making your way through the maze. The Anchor's of Fog are random drops in the legendary gold chests in the maze. They're random, but there is a super easy way to ensure you get them.

    Starting at area D, you can go right or left, but for the sake of things, I went left towards Area A.
    NOTE: There will be times when a Nornir chest will randomly generate at the entrance of Area D. The three runes to open it are located in A, B, and C. You will need to memorize (or take a picture) of the runes to remember them later. You will find a spinning pedestal in each main area. Throw your axe to hit it to the correct rune before you move on.
    There are also small areas between each main area (D-A/A-B/B-C/D-C). At least one Nornir chest will spawn into one of these three areas per run. There are bells located on the cliffs above to unlock this.
    If nothing else, make sure that you unlock these as they provide the most Mist Echoes.

    Enter area D, defeat the enemies and move toward Area A and repeat the process. At the A-B point, is a left path that you can take to Area X which contains the Valkyrie Hildr. She is not very hard and I highly suggest going in and taking her down as soon as possible. This is where the Anchor's of Fog become less random. Area X and Area Y will now randomly generate enemies after defeating the Valkyrie. These enemies may be Travelers, but will most likely just be the same enemies as the other areas. After defeating enemies in these areas, you will find a gold legendary chest. Every time I ever went into these areas, I received an Anchor of Fog from those chests.

    Continue to make your way around the maze, making sure to hit Area Y as well. Once back to Area D, return to Sindri to bank your Echoes. If you die in the maze, any and all items collected will be lost, so make sure to bank your items after each run.

    I averaged anywhere between 6,000-8,000 Mist Echoes per run, depending on how far into the maze I went. Doing this 10-12 times will bank you enough Mist Echoes and Anchor's to open all chests and Realm Tears.

    Now, to the last part of this trophy. Once you have your 68,500 Mist Echoes and 3 Anchor's of Fog, enter the central chamber. Feel free to unlock all of your chests. The last part of this is to seal each Realm Tear.

    Tear 1: 3 Ogres
    Tear 2: 2 Wulvers and 1 Soul Devourer
    Tear 3: 3 Revenants

    After defeating all of the enemies and permanently sealing the Realm Tears will unlock this trophy!
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    KTKaronaHow did you manage to bank so many Echoes with a single run? Going through the labyrinth, I manage a third of that before my meter runs out, even with an extended time limit.
    Posted by KTKarona on 08 May 18 at 14:27
    brickarysI didn't even attempt this until I was level 8. Not sure how much of a difference that makes or not. I think between that, upgrading weapons and crafting the Ivaldi Mist Armor and upgrading when you can, it helped getting all the way around. That and running in between each section and gathering resources.
    Posted by brickarys on 08 May 18 at 15:22
    erod550I got the Revenants in the second Tear and the Wulvers/Soul Devourer in the third, so that might be random as well. Did the whole thing starting at level 5 until I had enough Echoes to make a full Ivaldi set focusing on Defense and Vitality, which got me to level 7, and that was enough to be able to do full runs with a few Mist enhancements socketed. So definitely aim for completing that Ivaldi armor set asap to be able to last for a full run and rake in 7-10k Echoes per run doing full clears.
    Posted by erod550 on 04 Jun 18 at 05:15
    SawseSenseiYou don't necessarily need Ivaldi's set for this. If you have a good armor set that you like that gives you AT LEAST 2 enchantments for each gear, you can just stack the enchantments that give you more resistance to the deadly mist either off kills, hits, or just for having it in your slot. They are called Perfect _______of the Albright if I'm not mistaken.

    Also, if you have the infinity stone gauntlet lol, that's three extra enchantments (assuming you level it up to that point) to keep stacking those enchatments
    Posted by SawseSensei on 26 Jun 18 at 03:46
    IntenseDHerIn addition to the armor there is also an enchantment that makes the mist drain slower. It was in one of the chests in the workshop. Beyond that, I think refining your combat yechnique helps. Being very aggressive and using the runic attacks then switching your weapon and doing it again. They have time to recharge when running between areas.

    When I started I could barely clear the first area and escape with the mist. Now after partially upgraded armor and the enchantment making the mist drain slower I can hit all the main areas, one of the optional areas (X or Y) plus have time to hit the runes in each area for the Nornir chest in D and not be cutting it super close. By the way, that Nornir chest appearing in D happens after you clear area X or Y. It will appear in the next run after you do this.

    But as a note, I can easily run the area and not have too much trouble but I'm not even close to being able to beat the realm tear with the revenants. They destroy me. I hate those things.
    Posted by IntenseDHer on 13 Jan 19 at 06:24
    El_TrophynadorHmmmm, must of been patched since you wrote the guide in regards to the anchor of fog. They don't appear every time where the Valkyrie was. In the past four hours of grinding I only encountered the anchor once.
    Posted by El_Trophynador on 29 Aug 19 at 04:12
    RedstraiderPlease remember you have to have the right amount of mists on you in order for the key to spawn in the boss area,also the grind is a lot shorter if u sell materials for mist exellent work sir
    Posted by Redstraider on 06 Jun 20 at 17:50
    GreyFox4000i cant find any anchors of fog anywear and i know where to find them and where not to.
    can someone please tell me what im doing wrong
    Posted by GreyFox4000 on 09 Nov 20 at 06:21
    Jet-KlaatuGreat guide! Thanks for putting in the time and the effort to do it! Appreciated!
    Posted by Jet-Klaatu on 29 Jul 21 at 22:22
    leaosomogyiNice guide! Another way to get mist echoes is selling Niflheim Iron to Sindri. Each one gives 500 mist echoes and helps to improve the count faster.
    Posted by leaosomogyi on 26 Dec 23 at 03:56
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