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Fire and Brimstone trophy in God of War

Fire and Brimstone

Complete all of the Trials of Muspelheim

Fire and Brimstone0
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How to unlock the Fire and Brimstone trophy

  • brickarysbrickarys
    08 May 2018 08 May 2018 08 May 2018
    As with the trophy in Niflheim, this one starts by finding the four ciphers to unlock the realm. You can find them in the video below:

    After you have the ciphers and have access to the realm, you can enter this new area and begin the trials. There are six arenas in total, with each having two trials to start, normal and hard.

    Arena 1

    Normal: Defeat 15 enemies in 3 minutes - Self explanatory.

    Hard: Defeat enemies in quick succession - You need to land the killing blow on the enemies in quick succession or they will resurrect.
    The first wave consists of basic, heavy and ranged Draugr in the 2-4 level range.
    The second wave consists of an Ogre and Revenant. Rack up damage on the Revenant to get it's health low, then concentrate on the Ogre. Once the Ogre is down far enough to mount with R3, do so and take out the Revenant/Ogre.
    The final wave is two Tatzelwurms and two Wolves. Concentrate on the Tatzelwurms first, as they're the harder enemies to wear down due to them digging in. Once you have them low enough in health, go for the wolves and then finish off the wurms.

    Arena 2
    Normal: Survive for 5 minutes - Enemies range from level 3-5 and consist of Reavers, Wolves and Draugr. Take your time and use your Runic attacks if you become overwhelmed.

    Hard: Level 3-4 Reavers, Draugr and Wolves. Their health regenerates very quickly, so you need to do a lot of damage over a very little amount of time. Atreus’ Light Arrows help to build up stun damage along with bare hand attacks. Build the stun meter to use R3 to take them down easier.

    Arena 3
    Normal: Kill normal enemies to break Elite's shield - A level 5 Dark Elf Lord will spawn who is invulnerable to any damage as long as the weaker enemies are alive. You'll start off with some Nightmares. Take them down to do some damage to the Dark Elf. Next some regular Dark Elves will spawn in. Work them down till they're gone then turn your attention back to the Elite. Lastly a Revenant will spawn in. You'll need to chase it down to defeat it, then work on the Lord again to finally end the trial.

    Hard: Kill enemies within the Gold Ring - This is only hard in that enemies need to be killed in the ring. The first round, you only need to kill 5 in 2 minutes. Use your Blade to pull enemies into the circle to stun/damage them. The second round is much of the same, kill 5 enemies in 3 minutes. You'll face some flying Dark Elves this round, making this a bit harder. Continue to use your Blades to pull enemies in. When I did this trial, I literally just spammed this combo over and over to complete all of the rounds. The third and final wave is a little different as the circle will not stay stationary and will continually move around the arena. Continue spamming your Blades to pull enemies in, and deal damage to them to clear this round.

    Arena 4
    Normal: Defeat 100 enemies - This isn't hard so much as just long. You will face a wide variety of enemies in several different waves. Make sure to stay back, use Atreus as much as possible and use your ranged attacks when you can.

    Hard: Don't let enemies capture Atreus 3 times - Here you just need to keep an eye on Atreus. Enemies will attempt to swarm him and capture him. Use his lightning/stun arrows to fend off enemies and give you time to swoop in and take them out. Even if they manage to grab you, you usually have enough time to get to him to take them down before it counts as a capture. The hardest part of this will be the final wave, where a Level 6 Traveler will spawn, flanked by some high level Heavy Draugr's and Hel Reaver. If you have your Rage meter built up, now is a great time to use it.

    Arena 5
    Normal: Kill enemies to increase time - This trial involves killing enemies to increase your time to a max of 1:30. You'll start with 1 minute on the clock, but each kill will increase you ten seconds up to that max. The Blades are a great weapon this time because of their large sweeping area of damage. Your first wave will consist of some Hel Reavers and a Level 6 Shielded Traveler. Use your Runic attacks on the Traveler to deal huge damage and take him down quickly, then focus on the Reavers. The second wave delivers two Level 6 Fierce Wulvers along with some Nightmares. You can use Atrues' Lightning Arrows to take down the Nightmares and give you extra time to deal with the Wulvers. The last wave will have several Draugr and an Ice Ancient. Clear our some Draugr to give you some time to deal with the Ancient. Wait till it opens it chest to hit it with your ranged Axe. Continue to do this while dealing with any Draugr until you can take down the Ancient and end the trial.

    Hard: Avoid taking damage from 20 enemies - This one is tough. You only need to take out 20 enemies, but you can't take any damage at all during this trial. Best advise here is to keep your shield up, dodge/strafe and keep moving while using Atreus' arrows to stun/damage the arrows from range. You can also circle the arena to try and bunch the enemies up around Atreus while he damages them. Spamming the arrows seems to turn their attention to him, giving you an opportunity to use your ranged Axe to damage and kill these enemies. This is all about patience and finding your opening for attack. Take it slow!

    Arena 6:: Defeat the Valkyrie Gondul - This Valkyrie is best attempted at Level 6 or higher. She has a wide variety of attacks, so you'll need to learn them to know what to avoid. The best advice is always to lead into the attack with all of your Runic attacks. Follow this up with your Rage attack if you have some. Leading into the fight with your four Runics/Rage, you can probably get her down to half or below health.
    The only real blockable attack she has is when she sends multiple wing tips at you in a barrage. Anything else, you should be dodging/strafing out of the way. One of her unblockable attacks is a meteor strike, which is telegraphed by her raising her arms. This attack deploys in a straight line, so it's easy to avoid, but be careful as she usually follows this up with another attack. If she flies into the air and screams "Valhalla", be prepared for another single meteor strike, which you can dodge. Dodge that and quickly dodge again as she will ground pound your position immediately after the strike. After you take her down and gather your rewards, you can prepare for the next set of trials.

    Impossible Trials

    The Impossible Trials begin after you have completed all Normal/Hard Trials and have defeated the Valkyrie. There are 5 trials, one in each of the first 5 arenas and they can be completed in any order you want. Completing one of the trials, rewards you with a key. You need 3 keys to unlock the sixth trial at the top of the mountain, called Surtr's Hidden Trials. You will need to complete this sixth trial for the trophy.

    Trial 1: Kill 20 Enemies without Taking Damage

    Trial 2: Kill Enemies Before Time Runs Out

    Trial 3: Kill Enemies Within the Golden Rings

    Trial 4: Enemies Quickly Regenerate From Any Injury

    Trial 5: Kill Enemies to Increase Time

    These are all similar to the previous trials. Some may involve some harder enemies, while others are easier. My suggestion is to do Trials 2, 3 and 5, as those were the easiest for me to do. Completing 3 and obtaining the 3 keys will unlock the sixth trial.
    The hidden trial is a time attack trial. You have 8 minutes to kill as many enemies as possible. There are three levels of prizes based on how you do. Killing 20 will get you a Bronze, 35 for Silver and 50 for Gold. This shouldn't be difficult at all, especially with upgraded weapons. I ended up with 75 kills by the end of the 8 minutes, so take your time. You have plenty of time to complete this for Gold.

    Completing this final trial will unlock your gold trophy!
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    erod550Thanks for the tip on doing trials 2, 3, and 5. I was pretty pissed I was going to have to do another of those take no damage trials so I was very glad to be able to skip that one.
    Posted by erod550 On 05 Jun 18 at 07:43
    MosesChristusOh my god, these "20 without damage"-trials are complete and utter bullshit and absolutely drain the fun out of the game. Drops it from a 4/5 to a 2/5.
    But thanks for the heads up how to avoid unnecessary ones.
    Posted by MosesChristus On 09 Jul 18 at 12:53
    NaberiosHeads up. They've increased the amount needed for Gold to 70. At least that's what it says on my screen when I go to start it.
    Posted by Naberios On 28 Nov 18 at 16:59
    Matt_Jack7Thanks for the tips!
    But I personally preferred to do impossible trials 2, 3 and 4 (instead of 5). I found the "Enemies Quickly Regenerate From Any Injury" the easiest, because you can just punch and shoot the blue arrows to stun enemies quickly, and then finish them with R3.
    Also, the hidden trial was 11 minutes for me, and 75 kills needed for gold. I belive it changes with difficulty and/or how many times you've done this trial before. Anyway, I think I only got silver on it, and still got the trophy.
    Posted by Matt_Jack7 On 02 Jul 19 at 11:51
    rafa1000houseThe trophy unlocks even if you don't reach gold requirement. I did 66/70 and still got it.
    Posted by rafa1000house On 03 Jun 20 at 17:07
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