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Sith Master

Complete Game - Sith Master difficulty. Do not change the difficulty after the game has started.

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How to unlock the Sith Master trophy

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    Below is what I posted (plus a few extra notes) on TA after beating the game on the 360 (twice wink). These are my own notes about bosses / levels that are frustrating on the harder difficulties. I do not discuss codes because, personally with a game like this I wanted the challenge. If you want to beat this game legit here are some tips to get it done:

    1. EARLY BOSS BATTLES: It should be noted that early stage bosses are susceptible to the force powers unlocked at the beginning of the level.

    ROHM KOTA: Easily gripped and tossed about. When the floor goes red from the heat, you can throw him off the platforms and watch his health dwindle to nothing.

    KAZDAN PARATUS: Susceptable to Lightning (also posted below in more detail wink).

    SHAAK TI: Easily tossed about by Force Repulse (as well as all her Felucian helpers). Often times you get lucky and send her into the exploding puss boils that will damage her as well wink.

    Later boss battles are not so easy to nail down one specific force power to use, but a few have some cheap moves you can utilize to gain the upper hand. For example, the walker used at the end of the Kashyyyk is susceptible to force lightning (stuns him for a second) and has no method of defense from the air and from behind. And I discuss Maris Brood below, as well as Vadar .

    When fighting Maris and she goes invis, just zap her and then grip. You will do the lightning bomb that will knock her down where she stands. Then run over and stab her a few times. I took minimal damage from her doing this.

    2 bosses were extremely susceptible to the lightning grenade technique: Kazdan and Proxy. When fighting Kazdan, just zap him. If the attack hit, grip him, zap again and throw him at random things. Rinse and repeat.

    When Proxy turns to Darth Maul, keep your distance behind the center pillar (you can't miss it). When he starts running towards you to do that annoying lightsaber combo (that takes away almost everything you got) lift him up. 9 times out of 10 he won't guard against it. Then you zap him and throw him at random stuff. BEWARE: I threw him off the platform once and I got a wonderful LONG WAY DOWN bonus off from Proxy, but I was stuck in the boss fight with no boss to fight, and the game did not recognize that I had completed the battle (since it needs to be completed via a QTE angry)

    4. SHADOW GUARDS: The Shadow Guards on the Death Star are a pain, but if you utilize the launch maneuver and get them in the air you can then start stabbing them on the ground rather than deal with them all at once.

    And if you want to get really cheap, sometimes you can grip the red ones when they are on the ground, and chuck them off the platform. They may not die, but at least you won't have to deal with them anymore .

    5. LIGHTNING SHIELD: Not that necessary at all. I have read people say this is great for purge troopers, but even with my force talents maxed I have to wait way too long for my power bar to regen. Here is a useful tip on purge troopers: Square + Triangle (2) combo and then zap them with lightning. They will fall over. Sometimes, if they are blocking you need to zap them first, then do the combo and zap them again. Either way, they fall down. If you are facing one and don't want to waste the time with the shield that is the way to go.

    6. GRIP IS YOUR FRIEND: You don't need to max it out, but it will be utilized. Throwing enemies off of ledges or just off the screen is an insta-kill. Keep you distance whenever possible and just start chucking people every which way.

    7. VADAR:
    Everyone says top pick Vadar as the final boss, because he is easier. The good things about Vadar is you can block *MOST* of his attacks, and when he charges up force push he is slow as hell (giving you a moment to jump behind him). But Vadar is cheap (of course he is! He is a Sith! laugh) and loves to use force grip, so you need to be ready to mash X to get out of it. And when Vadar hits you, it is no joke.

    Your best bet is to block what you can, and get behind him when he uses force push. Don't try to best him with a lightsaber, because 99% of the time you will fail.

    When he is weakened by using force push you can either 1.) do a lightsaber combo or 2.) grip him, zap him, impale him, and throw him against the wall. I always went with option 2: it did more damage than the two or three lightsaber hits I got on him before he started wailing on me roll.

    8. UPGRADES: In terms of talents I went with everything in health and force upgrades. Defense, combo and battle meditation were all secondary. Being able to take a hit is necessary towards the end, and saber mastery is only useful on bosses, and I found not necessarily vital. If you need more upgrades, replay a level that you missed a holocron in, or just the TIE factory level. It's easy, you can accomplish kills towards your force trophies (if you are missing any) and you can burn through it fairly quickly.
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