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Trail Of Ruined Dreams trophy in Street Fighter X Tekken

Trail Of Ruined Dreams

Defeat 5 rival teams in Arcade mode on Medium difficulty or higher.

Trail Of Ruined Dreams0
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How to unlock the Trail Of Ruined Dreams trophy

  • ExsphereBrawlerExsphereBrawler
    12 Sep 2013 10 Sep 2013 10 Sep 2013
    For starters, as the description states the game difficulty has to be set to medium in order to pop this trophy. This cannot be changed mid bout so you will just have to tough things out yourself, however I've found that a 30 second time limit helps wonders.

    The rival teams pop up prior to facing the oni team, and usually pose a decent challenge. I'm not 100% certain if it can be the same teams, however it helps your title progress if you go through arcade with different characters as each character has one for completion and another for completion of hardest.

    Anyway, I've noticed you only get rival battles with teams that belong together for example Juri and Bison, Ryu and Ken etc. If you are curious as to who is partnered with who keep an eye on the pairings in arcade as I've noticed they are fitting. You can tell who is compatible if you look at the character select screen the characters are in pairings. I'll post the teams either way...

    Chun Li/Cammy

    Akuma and Ogre however do not have partners.

    FailedSeppukku over on TA also confirmed you can lose at the Pandora fight and the rival fight will still count. You can complete the game for the bonus title or two if you are on hard, however titles are nothing to stress about given the number you get between both the trials and online matches matches.

    Thanks Urashima Izumi and Duwen over on TA we have a bit more to offer as far as this achievement goes. Here is a list Duwen provided as far as which fighters will bring about which rivalry...
    Guile & Abel -> Heihachi & Kuma
    Chun-Li & Cammy -> Lili & Asuka
    Ryu & Ken -> Kazuya & Nina
    Zangief & Rufus -> Bob & Julia
    Sagat & Dhalsim -> Paul & Law
    Balrog & Vega -> Yoshimitsu & Raven
    Juri & Bison -> Heihachi & Kuma
    Rolento & Ibuki -> Marduk & King
    Poison & Hugo -> Hwoarang & Steve
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