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This trophy is for getting the 'Good Ending' to the game which requires you to complete all Sub Missions. To know whether or not you have done a Sub Mission, when viewing the Episode Select screen, you will see each Episode will have a Star shape next to it. If this shape is filled in (completely white) that means you've done the Sub Mission for that Episode. If it's not though, that means you still need to do it. I've done video guides for all episodes too though they aren't really needed. If you're stuck though, hopefully they can help.

I'm not sure if the game tells you somewhere how to complete each Sub Mission, I personally couldn't find a list anywhere though my Japanese isn't great so I may have missed it. I contacted Kenji Takahashi, one of the main developers of the game and he got back to me. He was extremely helpful and gave me a list of the Sub Missions for each Episode. Massive thanks to him as some of these may have taken me a while to figure out. Here they are:

Episode 1 Sub Mission: No hiding in a Drum or Box

This isn't too difficult at all since it's the first episode, you don't need to hide at any point really so just be careful not to accidentally press R2 when near a hiding spot. Remember to hold L2 to run, not that you need to, just to speed things up.

Episode 2 Sub Mission: Walk into a Trap, 3 times

You may have noticed bear traps lying about on the floor on episode 1 and you'll see them in this episode too. While collecting the fuel you need to complete the episode, purposely walk into 3 different bear traps and then finish the mission like normal. You won't die when you walk on them, your screen will just flash red (blood) and you'll walk slow for a few seconds. Note: You also get a trophy for the first bear trap you ever step on.

Episode 3 Sub Mission: Complete in 3 minutes

This is the first episode you encounter the Chain Man and, unless you're lucky, you may die your first time on this episode. When you enter the main level area, there will be a door in front of you with one red panel on each side of it. You basically need to run to the far left, grab a card in one of the rooms, scan it on one of the panels, then run to the far right and do the same. Or start with the far right, it's up to you. When both are done the door will open and you enter it for the mission to end. Of course, it's not that simple as the Chain Man will spawn in as you grab your first card. It's not really hard at all to do in under 3 minutes as once the Chain Man spawns, he's on a fixed patrol so you can just slowly follow him (from a good distance) and make sure he doesn't get the drop on you. Also, to peep around corners, move to the corner edge then move your head forward (in real life) and check. Enemies won't see you like this as they only notice where your actual body is.

Episode 4 Sub Mission: No use Fire Cylinder

I believe this means you cannot use any flares to distract zombies. I'm not sure as I managed to do this one by accident on my first attempt before I knew what the Sub Mission was but I definitely didn't use any flares so it makes sense. I still hid in different spots, picked up all other objects etc so yeah, just don't use any flares (or even pick any up) and you should be good. I also tested this again on another account and it completed just fine. Do note though, this is in my opinion the hardest episode so it could take a few attempts. The area I found the hardest (out of the three in this mission) was the one that is straight ahead of you when you start so I advise getting the fuel from this one first, then continue with the other two. You'll know if you're in this area as you will see a big strong zombie walking around (looks like a zombie butcher) and he will hear you really easily if you quite close so be very careful.

Episode 5 Sub Mission: Complete under 5 minutes (might be longer)

This one isn't bad at all, especially after the last episode. I'll write a guide out for it anyway in case you're struggling. You won't obviously be able to follow it as you're playing as you'll have to keep taking the headset on/off which won't be very fun and also you cannot pause this game at all but, if you want a quick read after you've already played it yourself, I'm sure all this will make sense and hopefully you may find a way or two here to make things quicker. From the start, you'll see an area near you full of green gas. You need to turn this off so run to the left (the only path you can go) and up the stairs to the left (don't worry about the big zombie looking at you on ground level, he somehow won't see you go up) and then into the room up here to hit the switch and turn off the gas. Follow the path now through where the gas was and you'll get to a generator that needs fuel. Head up the nearby stairs and you'll enter a room with a zombie locked in a cell. He won't do anything to you at the moment so continue on to the far back room in this same building and hit the switch here. Turn around and head out of the door in front of you and you'll see a sealed door ahead of you a bit. We'll open this soon when we fill the generator with fuel so for now, go up the stairs to your right and you should start to hear a chainsaw sound.

The Chain Man is in this area on a weird patrol that involves going up a short staircase, immediately turning around when he reaches the top (which looks odd) then he goes back down turns left and walks on a walkway for about 5 seconds until he returns back. If you go left immediately when you get up the first set of stairs (from the sealed door area) and keep going forward you should see a blue barrel you can hide in here. The Chain Man comes up to this platform so watch out but notice, he can't seem to see you if the walkway railing is in front of you. As much as that doesn't make sense, use it to your advantage to navigate to the right of the blue barrel to another mini staircase (with a helpful railing on) and obviously, make sure you do this when the Chain Man is not here. You'll notice (the walkway the Chain Man walks on for 5 seconds) there is another staircase going down to the left which is where the fuel we need is! Wait for him to come back towards you then when he turns to go up his usual staircase, quickly move down the stairs to the fuel and pick it up. Now getting back should be no problem. Wait for the Chain Man once again to start walking up his usual stairs then run left (at the top of the staircase you're heading back up after getting the fuel) and run down this walkway (which is the one the Chain Man uses though he should be on his staircase at this point) and follow it back to the stairs you started on near the sealed door.

Go back to the generator to use the fuel but be careful as the zombie who was originally locked in that cell in the building is now near the exit but he is facing the wall so he will not see you as long as you walk out the building and not up to his back. Fill the fuel up and this will open that sealed door from earlier. Go back through the building (watch out for that zombie again) to the sealed door and straight forward. While going forward, you'll hear banging as though zombies on both sides of the walls are breaking out of their cells but anyway, continue forward to reach a blue barrel and hide in it! You will have a woman zombie approach on your left soon and she will walk around your barrel then a bit more and then she'll turn back around a start her patrol again. What you want to do is wait for her to go past your barrel then leap out and continue on to the end of the mission. Be warned though! Two zombies will come from your right (the cells that were banging before) and up to the barrel then turn around and go back. This patrol pretty random so you'll have to decide yourself when to jump out (when none of them can see you).

Episode 6

Now you've done all Sub Missions, all that remains is to finish Episode 6. If you're on your first playthrough of the game, you will get the 'Bad End' regardless of how well you did with the Sub Missions as you have to get that ending first. I know because I tested it on a 2nd account afterwards. So once you have that, replay Episode 6 again and you should now get the 'Good End' and the trophy!

Good Luck!!!
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