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Clock Stopper trophy in Final Fantasy XIII-2

Clock Stopper

Responded swiftly to the appearance of enemies.

Clock Stopper0
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How to unlock the Clock Stopper trophy

  • LostBun66LostBun66
    24 Apr 2015 24 Apr 2015
    This achievement requires 100 consecutive preemptive strikes. You will know you got a preemptive strike right away if "Great!" flashes on the screen when you initiate battle. This will occur if you attack while the Mog Clock is still in the green, or if it is yellow and you attack the enemy from behind.

    This can be easily boosted easily by finding a non-aggresive enemy to strike (there are some in the very first area of the game), then once you've entered the battle, pause the game and select "Retry" - you'll be placed right outside the battle and can hit them again. Since you don't actually need to finish the battle for it to count, just repeat this quickly 100 times and you're done.

    If you somehow make a mistake, you can reload a previous save without voiding the achievement, so it might be worthwhile saving every so often even if you're using the cheap "Retry" method.
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  • LianshiSaonjiLianshiSaonji
    03 Aug 2014 03 Aug 2014 27 Sep 2014
    For this trophy, achieving it can be quite annoying, but it entirely depends on what you grind/where you grind.

    In order to obtain this trophy, you must do a preemptive strike on an enemy 100 times in a row without fail, in order to do a preemptive strike, when an enemy appears, a clock/timer will appear at the bottom, what you need to do is use the cn_X button to hit the enemy, if hit successfully, you will be brought into the battle with a preemptive strike, meaning you and noel both hit an enemy of your own before anything else, filling their chain gauge up halfway. Continue this 100 times in a row without fail and the trophy will be yours.

    The ways you can fail is to not hit the enemies in the time and the clock will run out, automatically putting you into the battle, or not hitting them before you run into them/they run into you. I was able to obtain this whilst hunting for a rare monster in Bresha Ruins 100 AF, the reason it was easy for me here is because when the enemies spawned, they didn't run straight into you, so I suggest you find a spot where enemies tend to stand still/don't run into you so quickly, so you have more chance to ready yourself and hit them.

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