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Not All Miss

In multiplayer, defeat 3 enemies within one Vanguard usage 5 times.

Not All Miss-0.3
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Trophy Guide for Not All Miss

  • covic6covic6257,327
    28 Sep 2019 29 Sep 2019
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    to get the class trophies you can use new coop mode to get them if your having hard time in multiplayer **doesnt work in instant action
  • PedreiroSXPedreiroSX85,296
    05 Sep 2019 19 Aug 2019
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    Different from Battlefront (2015), Battlefront II includes the addition of infantry classes (Assault, Heavy, Officer, and Specialist). For this trophy, you will need to play the Assault Class and use the Vanguard ability.

    The Vanguard ability is a powerful shotgun that you can use for a brief period of time, you activate it by pressing cn_L1 + cn_R1. Use this ability to kill 3 enemies in one use, do this 5 times to get the trophy. It is advised to try to go for this trophy on smaller maps, to make it easier for you. To lengthen the duration of the ability, you can craft the star card that increases the time of usage, this can help you if you are having trouble getting the trophy.

    Additionally, you can also upgrade your Vanguard card with variations such as the Vanguard Refresh or Killstreak Vanguard.

    While using Vanguard you can also use your thermal detonator to kill enemies, these kills will count towards the 3 kills streak
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