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The Frozen Wilds - Quests

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The Frozen Wilds - Quests

All Activities completed trophy in Horizon Zero Dawn

All Activities completed

Completed the Tallneck, Bandit Camp and Hunting Ground in the Cut.

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How to unlock the All Activities completed trophy

  • nellosaurusnellosaurus
    12 Aug 2018 12 Aug 2018
    This is probably the best video I've seen for the chieftain trial; they do it in like... 2 mins or something:

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  • JDaker51JDaker51
    24 Mar 2018 26 Mar 2018 26 Mar 2018
    The Tallneck and and Bandit Camp are pretty straight forward. I found getting 1st place in the 3 hunting trials challenging, so here's how I did it.
    1. Control. You have to use the Stormslinger to shock machines to death. You need to kill 6 "minor machines" (watchers and scrappers) and 1 ravager. Don't try and use stealth, just hit the ground and start shooting as fast as you can. There are watchers and a scrapper or 2 right where you land, but a ravager will soon come over. When he does, concentrate on him, because his attacks will slow you down the most. Once you finish him off, get the rest of the minor machines you need. You may need to run to find some more as they will not all come to you.
    2. Onslaught. This one will have you fighting groups of machines in 3 different areas. What eats up most of your time here is moving from area to area. Overall advice - never stop moving. Even while you are fighting, keep moving along the path towards the next area. Don't wait for machines to come to you - run to them. Don't waist time picking up anything. Use weapons with a high fire rate. I used primarily the rattler (modded for damage), the forge fire flamethrower, and a couple bombs from the sling.
    As soon as you land 2 watchers will come out of the gate straight ahead of you. I managed to take them both out with a single sling bomb. Then run to the gate where you will meet 2 more. I killed them quickly with the rattler. Then run up the path to the longleg and more watchers. Concentrate on the longleg first then the watchers. The rattler made quick work of them. Continue running up the path as it bends up to the right. Just before the next gate you will face scrappers and watchers. Its a narrow path so I was able to finish them all off quickly with the flamethrower. Though the gate is another longleg and some "minor machines". I used the rattler on the longleg and rattler/flamethrower on the others. There is a larger machine (ravager I think) on the far side of the water and possibly a watcher or 2 if they didn't make it to you yet. Stay out of the water as it and the ice chunks will slow you. I stayed along the right side running to the ravager and killed him with the flamethrower.
    3. Chieftain. This trial has you go through the same 3 areas as Onslaught - so keep moving along as fast as you can. Right at the bottom of the rope are 2 scorchers. I found this part the most challenging and time consuming because their attacks are savage and I don't like using the mine launcher. You will notice that one of the scorchers walks towards and away from you and ahead on the left is a deadfall trap. Time your slide down for when he is walking away and nearing the trap. Shoot the trap which will do descent damage and it will knock off his launcher. As soon as you release that arrow, start shooting Tearblast arrows to knock off the other scorcher's launcher (it will take a couple). Then run and use the launchers and sling bombs to finish them. Honestly, this fight was ugly for me and I took a lot of damage. Maybe you can find a better strategy.
    When the scorchers are dead run through the gate and head up the path. There are 2 fire bellowbacks. I finished them both off pretty quick using only sling bombs and targeting there back and chest. All the while I was firing, I was moving along the path towards the next area.
    Through the gate you will find 2 frost claws on the far side of the water. Run along the right side, up over the ice block, to just get in range of the first one. I killed him using only sling bombs. The other one goes all the way around the water counter-clockwise, so he never bothered me until I was finished killing his buddy. I just turned around and lobbed bombs at him until he died. I had to do a lot of crafting of bombs in the last 2 areas. On my 4th try I got first place with 5 seconds to spare.
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    Crak-R-Jak760@Can_Diesskay im sure u have the answer by now but maybe someone else doesnt. Center of Far north end of frozen wilds map.
    Posted by Crak-R-Jak760 on 31 Jan 22 at 02:02
    KaciusMaximusGood guide. Couple of my experiences to add after just completing this...
    2. Onslaught: Make note where the spawns are and how many there are. Keep track how many you have killed. Verify kills with XP notification, and indeed RUN to each spawn immediately. I actually used heavy spear strike to kill Watchers (they go down in one), and improved shock caster for bigger ones, pretty much letting it hurt me if necessary (full health potion at the ready). Should be done with plenty of time to spare.
    3. Chieftain: again, know the route. Both scorchers walk under log traps very soon (first, within five about feconds, the other in 10-15 seconds). Activate both traps with arrows from the bushes right next to rope. For me, the traps took the Scorchers to a sliver of health, one or two blast bombs away from death. Done in less than 20 seconds. Next, I ran as fast as I could and blast bombed everything to death. Obviously you should have best possible mods. Done, with plenty of time to spare.
    Posted by KaciusMaximus on 19 Apr 22 at 12:53
    Matik_MPEasiest way to go through Chieftain is definitely killing scorchers with traps and sling-bombing bellowbacks and frostclaws. Managed on first try (medium difficulty) with nearly 20s to spare, however I wasn’t so lucky to fight one frostclaw after another. They both charged at me nearly at the same time. Just to mention that I had my slingshot heavily upgraded (3x damage upgrade, over 100% damage added). Anyway, great solution and thumb up!
    Posted by Matik_MP on 19 Feb 23 at 05:33
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