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Not Letting Anyone Down trophy in ROGUE TROOPER REDUX

Not Letting Anyone Down

Score 5,000 or more points in an online game.

Not Letting Anyone Down0
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How to unlock the Not Letting Anyone Down trophy

  • AVandelBusterAVandelBuster
    28 Apr 2020 28 Apr 2020 28 Apr 2020
    This trophy is titled "Not Letting Anyone Down" and it requires you to get at least 5,000 points in a single online game.

    From the Main Menu of Rogue Trooper, select ONLINE and choose CREATE PUBLIC GAME. Once the lobby has been created, select the cn_S Button to start the match by yourself. The map should already be preset to EPICENTRE.

    Once the game loads, proceed forward and several enemies will attack from a cave ahead of Rogue, and to his right. Take your time aiming for their heads and earning headshots for this entire mission. You can also snipe these guys, but save at least one clip of sniper ammo for machine gunners and one sniper halfway through the level. Roughly 20-30 soldiers will be in this starting area alone. Once they stop spawning, make a right and there are two machine gunners in a bunker. A gunship will also strafe you, but ignore it and save ammo. Snipe the gunners from a distance so they don't shoot you, then proceed left towards the cave where a few more enemies spawn.

    Progress through this cave and kill several more enemies and wait by the cave opening and stairs. Ahead of you are several more enemies in the clearing. Kill the majority of these enemies and proceed to the opening, but keep your eyes open because there is a mortar and sniper out here. You're staying at the opening to spot where they're at so you can sniper both of them. First, the mortar. He'll be on the cliff a little to the right when you're looking straight ahead towards the rocks. The sniper is almost 90 degrees right way off in the distance. Snipe both of them and then hug the wall to the right.

    There will be a bunker with a machine gunner inside. Throw some grenades to kill to soldiers inside. Incendiary or frag are best. Don't proceed forward from the bunker, instead backtrack a little and move left. There will be two Pillboxes towards the next area. Take out the sensors, then take out the two machine gunners inside the fortification in the distance. As you move towards the Pillboxes, a Deploy Hoppa will drop some Decapitators on top of you.

    With that cleared, go to the door on the wall. Several more enemies will spawn. Take them out from the doorway as a machine gunner is above to the left. Once the individual units have been killed, grenade the machine gunner and go up the stairs to the right, across the top of the wall to the door. A Deploy Hoppa will drop off four more Norts onto the landing pad. Kill them to complete the mission.

    Upon completion, if you didn't rush through, took your time getting headshots, you should have over 8,000 points to unlock the trophy.

    If you also didn't die more than four times, you'll also unlock this trophy at the same time:
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