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Kill a Captain while riding an Olog.

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Trophy Guide for Trolling

  • Komrade_DustyKomrade_Dusty300,087
    12 Nov 2017 12 Nov 2017
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    Waiting until the end of the game makes this far simpler. Save yourself some heartache and just wait until the end. Once you have the ability *SPOILER* to raise captains from the dead *END SPOILER* go to Gorgoroth and resurrect a captain from the dead. You need an undead captain so they won't betray you after you beat on them for a while. I would recommend a non-olog captain. My first attempt was with an undead olog captain and it to some extent fought back complicating the matter. Using an uruk it just tried to block.

    Now, go to the back of the fortress at Gorgoroth. There will be captive olog's there. If there aren't just advance time and they will spawn. I would suggest killing off the local grunts. It's not necessary but it does make the process simpler.

    Summon your undead captain as a bodyguard near the captive ologs at the back of Gorgoroth and attack them until they are bleeding. Wait until the undead captain's bleeding meter is down to between 1/3 to 1/4 remaining and free an olog. Shoot the olog in the head with a fully charged arrow and then run behind it and hit R1 to mount it. The bleeding meter should expire just before the olog starts trying to buck you off, and as long as you're on the olog's back the trophy will pop.

    If you don't time it correctly, like me, the first time and need to try again create another undead captain and summon it as your bodyguard. Also resurrect the previous undead captain in case future tries are needed. You can't just use the same captain since they won't summon as a bodyguard if their corpse is on the map, at least in my experience.
  • Ecthelion91Ecthelion9145,576
    21 Apr 2019 21 Apr 2019
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    Here is a video guide to Komrade_Dusty's solution. I found it on YouTube and it made it very easy to obtain the trophy. All you need to do is to summon your bodyguard and hit it until it starts the bleed. While he is about to bleed out to death, start riding an Olog and the trophy will be yours.

  • theTrueLoneWolf_theTrueLoneWolf_76,047
    01 Nov 2017 01 Nov 2017 01 Nov 2017
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    I just unlocked this completely accidentally while trying to get it a different way so I'm going to explain an alternative method for those having trouble getting the final hit with an Olog as I've found out that you don't need the final hit to be with an Olog.

    1. Find a Captain that has an Olog nearby. Siege Missions and Online Conquests are good for this as Ologs almost always spawn in the final room

    2. Attack the Captain until he's fairly low on health. Try not to get him too low or you wont have enough time for the next steps.

    3. Apply a Damage over Time (DoT) effect to the Captain such as burning or poison. It helps if he's heavily damaged by these effects to speed up the process of his health draining.

    4. Stun the nearby Olog by hitting him in the head with a fully charged arrow. Using the Circle Button also works but I believe you need the Circle Button prompt to stun him that way

    5. Mount the Olog by holding R1 and just ride him around. There's no need to hit the captain at this stage but feel free to do so if you're worried he won't die to the DoT effect

    As long as you've timed things corrrectly, the trophy will pop as soon as the captain dies to the DoT effect as long as you're still riding the Olog at the time of his death.

    I've pulled the Screenshot from my PS4 to show that my trophy popped as soon as the Captain died to the DoT effect. You can see that here:

    I was worried I wouldn't get the trophy when I'd accidentally poisoned him so I'm glad I've stumbled across this method and I hope it helps those having trouble with this trophy.
  • DyeJohn666DyeJohn66643,165
    14 Mar 2018 14 Mar 2018
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    See the solution below
    Trolling in Middle-earth: Shadow of War (Xbox One)
    This is a more controlled version. Still took over 20 tries to get the timing correct
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