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1.21 jigowatt?

Catch the lightning in 1955 on Back to the Future™ Pinball! (Single player only)

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  • JumboWarioJumboWario186,249
    29 Apr 2019 06 Dec 2018 06 Dec 2018
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    For this trophy, you will need to select 1955 I at the start. I'm not sure if you can also do it on 1955 II, but I did it on the first one.

    Right from the start you will have flashing ramps to hit. In the dot matrix you will see 3 objectives and your progress towards each. You do not have to hit the moving target to progress the mission, but if it's in the way you can hit it a few times and get it out of your way. This part can be done over multiple balls. These shots are all very easy and should give you no trouble.

    Futureboy (0/5) - Hit the 2nd flashing ramp from the left 5 times. You can also hit the cross-ramp, but it is more difficult.
    A Dream (0/5) - Hit the far left flashing arrow (the ramp with the skateboard) 5 times.
    Earth Angel (0/25) - Spin the guitar spinner 25 times.

    Once all of these are done, the table will get dark and you will have to complete the movie scene (I'm sure you'll recognize it). There will be a couple more objectives on the dot matrix and a multiball will start. You only need to keep one ball so if it's too much just catch one and wait for the others to drain.

    Wire (0/6) - Hit the flashing left or right orbits 6 times.
    Speed (0 mph) - Hit the DeLorean 4 times to get to 88 mph.

    All you have to do now is hit the ball where the guitar spinner was for your final shot and the trophy. This last shot is timed, but its extremely easy and should be no trouble.
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