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1001 Nights

Experience 1001 nights in the game

1001 Nights+3.2
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How to unlock the 1001 Nights trophy

  • Domanator316Domanator3165,871
    18 Sep 2018 18 Sep 2018
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    I have not played this game on PS4 but I did just unlock this today on Xbox 1 with this solution. This solution may not work on PS4 but I'm posting it anyway in case it does work.

    This solution will save 145 hours in real time to get this. With this solution, this trophy can be done in as little as 5 1/2 hours.

    1st start a new map and pick Lagoon Shore (this can be done on any map/save you have I just found this map easiest to see the moon and tell the time).

    2nd run the game time to nighttime point the camera at the lagoon and watch for the moon
    once you see the moon pause the game clock.

    3rd set your tv brightness low so the moon is easy to see against the dusk fog (not too low) it makes the next step easier.

    4th two things you need are an index finger or a game case put ether one against your tv above the dusk fog horizon (where the red and blue sky meet) and run the game time until the moon touches the top of your finger or case. (this is roughly 04:00 game time the night count "counts" +1 at 05:00 game time).

    5th SAVE AT THIS POINT pick any save slot I used the top one.

    6th once you have the map saved go 3x clock speed turn the camera 180° to look at the sun once it has fully risen over the horizon you added +1 to you night count. Simply reload your save you made and repeat until you get the trophy!

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    burtonjac49i can confirm that this does work on ps4
    Posted by burtonjac49 on 13 Mar 19 at 00:50
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  • Komrade_DustyKomrade_Dusty322,570
    16 Apr 2018 22 Aug 2017 18 Apr 2018
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    This took me 302 years and 1 month of in game time to achieve across two different cities. One which had a population of around 200,000 and one with a population of around 20,000. I did not notice any difference in the time it took for a day/night cycle to run in either city.
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    scottck97I've been grinding this trophy for a week now having been on a BLANK CITY at 3x speed and currently on the year 2265, still not been awarded this trophy yet.

    Based on the calculations I was finding.

    1 Day/Night cycle in my city has been taking just over 9 minutes each time, in this period there was approximately 3 and a half months passing with each cycle too.

    Solely from this i estimated 3.5 (months per cycle) * 1001 = 3503.5 months total.
    3503.5 / 12 = 291.958 years which rounded up is 292 years to complete this trophy

    9 minutes / 60 minutes to express a cycle in terms of hours = 0.15 hours
    0.15 hours * 1001 cycles = 150.15 HOURS

    Starting from the year 2017 on 3x speed on a brand new map for the first time this trophy should unlock around 2309 (Probably add a few more years to this to account for rounding errors)

    I have heard confirmation this trophy stacks with multiple cities so it does not have to be done in a single save file.

    Currently, as of writing this, i expect to unlock this trophy tomorrow as i have already put roughly 140ish hours towards this. If not then I'm not sure when this should unlock.
    Posted by scottck97 on 25 Aug 17 at 21:39
    scottck97UPDATE: I have now unlocked this trophy in the year 2285. Combining the number of years saved with my only other city which was at 2049.

    (2049-2017) + (2285-2017) = 32 + 268 = Roughly 300 years total in-game must pass to unlock this trophy.
    Posted by scottck97 on 26 Aug 17 at 11:08
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