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Riders in the Skies in GUNDAM VERSUS
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Trophy Guide for Riders in the Skies

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Posted on 08 October 17 at 16:34
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So after 9 almosts, on my 10th try - success. This game gives us choices.. too many choices; what M.S, what cost, what striker and how to spend your battle points. These are a few things I learned while going for wave 50 solo.

*Movement is key in this game in general so I recommend watching some YouTube videos and practice a bit so you're familiar with the game and the movment mechanics. Things like boost step dash, boost drop, swival and fuwa dash are the bread and butter of movement and you'll be doing this non-stop throughout your run. Learning movement will help you manage your boost bar better and avoid overheating so you aren't a sitting duck.

*Unless you're Godlike with movement in this game or just lucky, steer clear of suits costing 500 - 400. It's extremely risk vs reward and may payoff sometimes but for the majority of the time it will not. This strikes off a lot of the fan favourites, I know, but going for cheaper cost M.S will give you more chances and feel less punishing.

*Will Co-op will be easier? Give it a go and I wish you all good luck, you and your Co-op partner may in fact find it easier. It's possible rounds may go quicker and you may feel less fatiged. But in my experience, it's not. Fact of the matter is, we all make mistatkes and stressing yourself to NOT make a mistake is bad enough... let alone adding to that stress by worring your partner will make a mistake and cost you a successful run.

*Be mindful of your A.I's health, keep an eye on the health bar and keep its behaviour set to normal. But as its health gets low, switch to evade and watch that thing dance. (Depending on the M.S you picked as your partner cover later in the guide)

*Extra waves are more plentiful in solo play but comes at more risk of not being able to obtain consistent placing to earn the most battle points. The one plus Co-op has, in my opinion, is that you'll have two players placing and gaining consistent battle points. A plus to extra waves in solo is that they can pop up anywhere in the run. For example, I once had three extra waves between 30 -35 - also they refill your's and partners H.P and save you from a costly death.

*The cost bar determines how many lives you and your partner have during the run and vary by the costs of both M.S. A pair of 500s gives you the least and a pair of 200 gives you the most. You have a Cost bar of 3000 throughout this run and you can refill it at the end of every five waves. However, it costs in battle points to refill and the battle point cost goes up after each use, starting at 200 then 400 and so on. You dont want to be refilling before wave 30 so try your best to last until then because you will have to refill at wave 40 and 45 - it's madness not to.

*Now how to spend the rest of those battle points! Ranged, attack and beam defence are essential, they need to be at max by wave 40 as most of all combat will be at range and most M.S use beam weaponry. Having projectile and melee defence at upgraded to 6 will help massively, as some of the non beam M.S can deal high damage but only if you are in range of their weaponry. E.G. Gouf Custom or the Epyon. As for any remaining points, drop them into your striker attack. This can be a life saver.

*Picking your M.S - As previously mentioned, keep the cost low and most importantly, enjoy using it and the M.S's weapons and armourments suit your play style. A little something to consider about your choice of M.S is it's hit box. Most M.S have a height of 18 metres like the RX-78-2 (Og Gundam). While others stand a head and shoulders above, I.E. The Kahatriya at 22.3 metres. But some stand at 16.5 metres and under and also have a more compact build leading to a smaller hit box. Thus, making evading easier. Also the weight of the M.S will determine its mobility; the lighter, the faster. You can find all the info about height and weight in the M.S Development Tree and by hiting Triangle over the hightlighted M.S.

*My recommendation for you and your partners M.S would be the Vigna-Ghina from F91; it's a 200 cost, its weaponry is beam, it stands at 15.8 metres and weighs 8.9 tonnes. Vigna-Ghina plays like the Freedom Gundam, so if you're familiar with the Freedom, getting the hang of the Vigna-Ghina will be a breeze. Its beam rife (Square) is bog standard but its other weaponry is amazing. L1 is a beam bazooka, it'll fire 3 shots and will boost you backwards with no directional input or will strafe left or right with directional input. This little bit of added movement can save you like it did me on wave 50 going against Frontal. L2 will send you into a barrel roll, firing a volly of shots, again, depending on directional input will either send you flying at the enemy with no input or strafing left or right with directional input - again, a life saver. The final praise of this M.S is its R2. It'll boost you up and backwards (again, depending on directional input, you will vire left or right) while deploying a beam sheild that can take a light hit and while firing a charged beam shot that can deal massive damage. The only two cons this M.S has is its Burst attack. Its just a melee combo and can be dodged and countered easily. Also, the L1,L2,R2 attacks use some boost gauge.

*Strikers can be a life saver again, pick one that suits your play style. Patch 1.06 nurffed all the overpowered strikers in the game, so it really just depends on picking one you like and that suits you. Try to use all your striker calls before you use burst, as burst will refill all your gauges.

*My Striker recommendation would be the Hi-Nu Gundam. It tracks well and can deal good damage without addtional upgrades. On my winning run, I had it upgraded to 2.

*Your burst gear can help a lot depending on play style. Blaze = increase in attack power, lightning = increase in movement. Both are great but low cost M.S will benefit more from the blaze gear.

*Wave 45 can be a pain. The Wing boy band can wipe the floor with you, if you let them. Keep near the walls of the map and let them come to you. One or two is much more manageable than being in the mix with all five. If you have been midful of your choice of partner M.S, it can do fairly well against the other three. But when its health drops to half or lower, switch it from nomal to evade and watch it dance - keeping them occupied while you deal with your opponents. Then, go after the other three focusing on them one at a time.

*Wave 48/49 keep A.I to Evade while you take out the mobs, then switch it to normal when you're ready to deal with the boss.

*Wave 50 is a nightmare. The Char/Full Frontal rush is intimidating to say the least. Keep calm and take out the Char's. The choice of which Char M.S to get rid of first will affect the battle massively. I did it in this order: Zeong, Hyaku-Shiki, Char's Zaku II, Sasabi and finally, Frontal's Sinanju. I left the Sasabi second to last beacuse of its burst attack (Meator drop) damages its alies in the blast radius and won it for me, damaging the Sinanju so one last lucky attack could finish it. This wave is hard, luck is a major factor. I had 1600 Cost bar left at the start of wave 50 and I had 350 by the end. Two of the Sinanjus spammy strafing beam vollys could have ended a great 1-49 run but I got lucky. :)

It's my first time writing a guide of this scale, be kind lol and sorry for the overload of text and info. The meta for this game is huge and is escalated by the number of M.S and strikers and game mechanics. I hope this will help in some way while going for this tough trophy. Good luck!
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