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All the Way in Plague Road
Gold Trophy

All the Way258 (90)

Finish the True Ending.

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This trophy is called "All the Way" and it requires the user to get to the end of the Catacombs area.

There is no boss fight or anything spectacular. Just reach the closed gate, pay the 900 resources to open it, and step through to observe the ending of the game for the trophy.

I'm going to outline the core group and strategies needed to make your playthrough as painless, and easy, as possible. Hopefully.

First, unless you're just exploring the first area for Survivors, always leave the Farm with a team of five. The Doctor, Soldier, Engineer, Witch, and a Nurse. The Soldier can be swapped out with anything else if you so wish, but it makes for a decent target, and shield, for your Nurse and Witch, who are critical to winning. Also, having one with the Ice Thrower is very beneficial for freezing specific enemies. Freezing completely stops an enemy from doing anything.

The team I had when completing the game is as follows:
- The Doctor - Stats:
The game is strange with how it targets your team. It will frequently bypass certain characters and target others. There's no rhyme or reason. However, the one key thing is your Doctor. If the Doctor falls, then it's GAME OVER. For this reason, you MUST have your health maxed out before making a run to the end. The final areas, the City and Catacombs, have multiple enemies which hit for 100-160 damage easily. The game will also throw several of them at you in one battle. So, being able to take three or four hits in-a-row is essential.

Attacks: Maxed (Not Required).
Having all the attacks researched for the Doctor is not required. Each new attack unlocked requires more Stamina per use, which can be offset with Stamina Potions. However, the cost of damage dealt, to wasting someones action of feeding a Stamina Potion to the Doctor, isn't that great. Unlock at least Stab and Double Shot though. Stab can consistently damage for about 80-105. Double Shot damages between 50-70 a hit for two shots. The attack Dual Wield will fire two rifles simultaneously for 115-160 damage, but the Stamina costs are high.


- Witch (Bronze) - Stats:

Attacks: Overgrowth (MUST HAVE) - 19-21 Damage
Entangling Roots - 19-21 Damage
Wooden Stampede - 34-46 Damage

For your Witch, you want a high Speed stat and the attack move "Overgrowth." The higher the speed, the sooner they attack at the start of a battle. My Witch, outlined above, was 9/10x attacking second in battle behind The Doctor. With Overgrowth, roots entangle all enemies on the field so they cannot move. They are still able to attack, but many of the hardest hitting enemies are melee attackers. This is the most important part to winning in the final two areas. Stopping the enemy from moving. The high Recovery stat will ensure that the Witch recovers all, or most of, her Stamina after each use of Overgrowth.

Entangling Roots is the same move as Overgrowth, but on a singular target. It's good if you are down to a single enemy at the end of a battle. Saves Stamina for a lower Recovery Witch.

Try and keep your Witch in the back row with your Nurse. They are the two most important characters to keep aside from the Doctor.


- Nurse (Gold) - Stats:
Movement - 5
Health - 222
Stamina - 475
Speed - 135
Recovery - 288

Soothing Grace
Heal All

Nurses don't have much variety. Every Nurse I had through the game served its purpose well. A high Recovery ensures the Nurse will never run out of Stamina as she will recover more than it costs to use Heal. Soothing Grace will heal its target for about 30-40HP every time anything ends its turn for several turns. It's a great way to heal a severely wounded target if they're not surrounded by enemies who are attacking after it's cast. Heal All only recovers between 30-45HP and has a high Stamina cost.

Always have your Nurse in the furthest row left with your Witch. Try and keep her behind The Doctor or Engineer. They're beefier targets which will be attacked more often than the Nurse.


- Soldier - Stats:
Movement - 3
Health - 264
Stamina - 438
Speed - 137
Recovery - 206

Ice Thrower - 38-42 (40-50) Damage
Flame Thrower - 95-105 (110-135) Damage

Your Soldier should have Ice Thrower to completely freeze enemies who can shoot or spawn underlings. This is to be used along with Overgrowth to protect everyone. A 200+ Recovery stat means he'll never need a Stamina Potion and the 137 Speed means he attacks fairly early on in a battle behind the Witch. My Witch moved before my Soldier because she has a higher Movement stat which appears to be the 'tie breaker'.

Your Soldier should be near your Engineer or Doctor by the front line. His Health is low, but the enemy will tend to hit him once and then move on to the Doctor and Engineer. The Ice Thrower can freeze the more dangerous opponent from two spaces away.


- Engineer - Stats:
Movement - 2
Health - 325
Stamina - 473
Speed - 123
Recovery - 233

Pummel - 95-105 (140-155) Damage
Rocket - 45-75 (80-105) Damage
Runaway Train - 34-46 (60-70) Damage

These three moves are probably the best selection for an Engineer. Rocket Barrage is a great alternative as well. Pummel is a melee attack which damages between 140-155 each hit. Great move for almost killing most enemies that can then be killed by the Doctor or Soldier.

Rocket has massive range and can be used almost across the entire map for 80-105 per attack.

Runaway Train sends a bunch of trains across the playfield and hits all enemies three times for 60-70 a hit. The downside to the attack is that it moves the enemies around. It's not such a bad thing, but with Overgrowth, it can occasionally move enemies next to your guys where they can then attack. Just be sure to move everyone back two or three squares left prior to using to help avoid that situation.


The problematic enemies will be the giants (name will come later), who look like rotting meat, that spawn three small poison sprewing enemies. DO NOT KILL THE SMALL ENEMIES UNTIL ALL OF THE GIANTS ARE KILLED IN A BATTLE! If you kill the small spawns, the giant will spawn more. Those small guys will jump to the front of the attack queue and will each get attacks equal to the number of turns that have passed. IE, if the Doctor has attacked five times, those little guys attack five times each. It is probably THE single most annoying thing to the game. Your strategy, when faced with those giants, is to use Overgrowth to lock them in place. Then use Rockets and the Doctor to whittle them down. Once all giants in a battle have been defeated, kill the small guys.

With a team roughly like the one I had, using Overgrowth every single turn by your Witch, this should get you through the game without dying...much.
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