End of the War trophy in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (PS3)

End of the War

Got A rank in The Last Battle.

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How to unlock the End of the War trophy

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    NOTE: This method can also be used to earn an S Rank for a 2-for-1 deal.

    For this trophy you'll have to earned an A Rank for The Last Battle between Kyuubi Naruto and Killer Bee against 6 Jinchuriki (Tailed Beasts) and Tobi.

    For FACTORS on reaching high Rank for Boss/Pseudo battles please consult with this trophy solution:
    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (PS3)The Almighty LeafThe The Almighty Leaf trophy in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (PS3) worth 17 pointsGot S rank in The Nine Tails' Attack.

    This battle is EXTREMELY difficult to S/A Rank if the right precautions and methods aren't taken, as it is a 4-part battle with individual ranking, for an overall rank. Primarily you'll want to bring plenty of healing items! By this point, depending on how far you've leveled your Hero palette, you should be able to use All-Purpose Ointment or Wonder Elixir. HEALTH is a MAJOR, if not only, factor is obtaining an S Rank across ALL of these battles, so be aware of it and heal only when necessary.

    For the first part of the battle you'll have the Ultimate Decision of battling the 6 Jinchuriki at once, or split in 2 groups of 3 by Killer Bee, for the sake of the S rank choose Hero. Here you'll battle the 3, 4, and 6 Tails, in human form. You'll want to get rid of either Roushi, for his magma pillar can get annoying, or Utakata, for his bubble spamming. Mix up the lock-on to sub away from the other enemies attacks as well. Your Planetary Rasengan Jutst will do wonders as well for whoever is in the crossfire of it's path. Before you've dealt the final blow to your last enemy make sure to heal ALL of your heal, as the next battle you won't be able to, at all. You'll need green health (60%) to be granted an S rank for this individual battle.

    This second battle is, and for most, the most difficult to overcome for a suitable rank to get an overall S, as I've had to retry this battle over 7 times for my D ranks. This part of the battle you'll be playing as Naruto with the Eight-Tails as your support, against the 6 Jinchuriki's Tailed Beast forms (2-7 tails), fighting 2 at a time. For this method you'll have to give into guerrilla warfare of attacking and running around. Also when a Tailed Beast is charging their Chakra for a special attack, delaying them with a few Windmill shuriken and use Killer Bee to interrupt and cancel the attack.

    The first part of this Tailed Beast battle will be against the Two and Three Tails. You're going to want to take down the Three-Tails first, as he has projectile attacks and an annoying Roll-Out attacks that almost unavoidable. While maneuvering around the basic Two-Tails and Three Tails' attacks, hail down Windmill shuriken in the air (Jump+Y+X), doing so a few times in rapid succession will cause him to pause while being damaged. Be sure to also use Killer Bee when necessary. Also playing Cat-N-Mouse (No pun intended) with the Two-Tails charge your chakra until you have enough to go for more Windmill attacks. Keep doing this until you've dealt with the Three-Tails, then proceed to do so with the Two-Tails. Once the 2 Tailed Beasts have retreated you'll partake in an IA sequence and a cutscene will the ensue. Once the cutscene finishes you'll engage in a brief fight with Tobi.

    The second part of the Tailed Beast battle will be against the Five and Six Tails, this part will be a cakewalk. For this battle you'll want to hail Windmill shuriken on the Five-Tails (Horse) because the Six-Tails is extremely slow and stationary and it's bubble attacks won't reach you if you're on the opposite side of the battlefield. Just be careful of the Five-Tails' Charge and Smash attacks. But just perform the Windmill method, using Killer Bee when necessary until the Five Tails retreats, then go in for the kill with the Six tails. After this you'll partake in another brief battle with Tobi.

    The final part of this Tailed Beast battle will be against the Four and Seven Tails. This last part you'll be dealing with the Seven Tails first as it remains stationary, but throws these ANNOYING air blasts that can reach any part of the battlefield. However your Windmill shurikens can break the air blasts and still go in for damage. You'll just need to out-maneuver and dodge the Four-Tails' Molten Rock and green aura blasts. Once the Seven-Tails has retreated just wrap up business with the Four Tails, Windmills and Killer Bee. The last part of this battle will be a brief fight with Tobi, again.

    The third part of the overall Boss Battle will begin with a cut-scene to which you'll gain new power and trust with the Nine-Tails, or Kurama. You'll then transform into Bijuu Naruto and take control of the Nine-Tailed Fox for this fight. Here you'll be going up against each Tailed Beast individually. You'll want to use your Tailed Beast Bomb (Y+B), this cuts their health in half, so 2 attacks will do. However the chakra charge is long. if they do get too close just resort to melee attacks, otherwise just use Tailed Beast Bomb twice per. Then you'll need to approach each one and initiate a finish move with "B". This battle will finish once the Seven-Tails has been defeated.

    The FINAL part of this ENTIRE Boss Battle will be Naruto against Tobi. You'll be able to heal yourself in this battle as well. The battle will be pretty standard, in Mob battle form. This will go on until you trigger an IA sequence, follow the on-screen prompt and deliver the most righteous, ultimate, mega, super, every-person-in-the-world, Father-Son, Super Dragon Fist, PUNCH OF DOOM! This will finish up the battle and based on the previous battle ranks, and if you had enough health you'll receive an A Rank!

    If, for any reason, you aren't able to earn an A Rank no worry. You can retry ANY battles post-story in the Ninja World timeline for another try.

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    The Last Battle is commonly referred to as the toughest battle to S rank. It consists of battling the Jinchuriki and The Masked Man in a series of 4 different fights. This means that your ranks in each of these must average out to an S, or else you won't earn the trophy. It's strongly recommended you have the proper healing items before going in to this fight, or you won't have a shot on your first go. If you haven't used many Bento's in the campaign up until now, it's suggested you use your best one that bolsters both attack and defense available to you as it will make all the difference.

    The first battle is between Naruto and Bee and the other six Jinchuriki in a mob battle fashion. You can either fight this battle six on two or one versus three. I'd suggest the latter, but it's all a matter of preference. If you're going with my suggestion, you must defeat the man adorned in red clothing first. His magma specials are the most annoying where as the Bubbleboy and boy in the green aren't as big of threats. This is only one of two of the battles where you can use your healing items, so don't be too stingy.

    Next, you have Naruto and Bee facing these same foes only in their tailed beast states. This is the portion that gives people the most trouble given the fact it really is a test of endurance. You'll want to play more defensively than ever during this segment, given the fact health is such a big factor and you have so many opponents to defeat. Your first foe will be both the Two and Three-Tailed beasts. Two-Tails is the blue tiger looking creature and the three tails is the water based shelled creature. I'd suggest taking the Three-Tails out first given the fact the Two-Tails isn't much of a threat on it's own. Naturally, this is a matter of preference however I'd say in this wave that's a given though many would agree. These two can be Windmill Shuriken'd to death from a distance, though melee attacks are fairly effective if you have a few substitution-jutsu's to spare. You'll have a bit of time to engage The Masked Man after defeating these two.

    Next up are the Five-Tails and the Six-Tails. Five-Tails is a horse looking creature and the Six-Tails is a slug creature. Naturally, you'll want to take out the Five-Tails first as the Six isn't much of a threat. In order to do this, either dash up in his face and use melee attacks if you have the Substitutions to spare or use Windmill Shuriken from a distance if you do not. If he begins to charge his energy, look out. His jutsu launches him towards his opponent at a high speed. If you're near him when he does this, use your support from Bee to interrupt him as he's charging energy. This will do some decent damage and put off his attack. Resume throwing Windmill-Shuriken or attacking as you would until he's defeated and then make sure to keep your distance from the slug and use long range tactics to defeat him. He's not very effective from long range and you should be able to evade his attacks with relative ease. His charge attack doesn't give you much reason to worry, especially from a distance. Again, ready yourself for a battle with The Masked Man.

    The last portion of the fight consists of the Seven-Tails, a flying creature with annoying projectiles and the Four-Tails, a red gorilla who does some serious damage up close. You'll want to close in on the Four-Tails and do some decent damage while you have the substitutions. Afterwards, use Triangle and X while holding away from him to get some distance. Charge your energy and spam Windmill-Shuriken again. Without the Four-Tails around the Seven-Tails is as easy as Windmill-Shurken spamming to death. Don't try to close it and attack this one up close, you'll take more damage than it's worth especially when going for rank. Again, there will be a chance for you to rough up The Masked Man a bit before you're interrupted. You're shooting for AT LEAST a B-rank on this fight.

    The third portion of this battle you'll be fighting on a new level with all of the Nine-Tails power versus all of the Jinchuriki again. This time it is much easier than before, so don't worry yourself. You can use Triangle and then Circle to fire a Tailed-Beast Bomb which takes off a good portion of each beasts health. Charge while the opponent is stunned and defend against their attacks. You can close in and actually engage them, but there's no real need if you can spam the Bombs. Be warned, it takes more time than usual to charge your chakra. Repeat this with most of the beasts and you should have no problem, though some of them can be just as easily defeated by simply spamming projectiles with Square as well. Each beast must be moved in on and finished with circle, you have a small window to charge before doing so. Don't take too much time however as the beasts can stand back up.

    The fourth and final portion of this fight is Naruto facing The Masked Man without the aid of Kurama's power. It's your typical one-on-one battle, so you should be well accustomed to this type of battle. You'll be able to heal again which helps, just fight the battle as you normally would and keep an eye on your health. You'll have more QTE's to heal whatever you can't afford to restore with your items so don't sweat your health too much. If you've S ranked this as well as earned the secret factor, you should unlock both trophies for earning all of them as well.
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