Five Kage at Full Power trophy in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (PS3)

Five Kage at Full Power

Got A rank in Bet the Future.

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How to unlock the Five Kage at Full Power trophy

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    NOTE: This method can also be used to earn an S Rank for a 2-for-1 deal.

    For this achievement you'll have to earned an A Rank for Bet the Future Boss Battle between the 5 Kages and Madara Uchiha.

    For FACTORS on reaching high Rank for Boss/Pseudo battles please consult with this trophy solution:
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    There will be several part to this EPIC Boss Battle but you'll only be getting 1 rank.

    The first part of this battle will be Tsunade (Gaara, Raikage as supports) against Madara. You'll be engaging normally, as you lower his health until a cutscene ensues. To which the scene will take to the skies as Madara displays his overwhelming power.

    The second part of the battle will be Tsunade (Mizukage, Raikage as supports) against Madara. Here you'll need to use the Raikage effectively to get Madara off of the high ground, damaging him in the process.

    The third part of the battle will be Tsunade (Tsuchikage, Raikage as support) against Madara. This battle proceed just as the last, but with Madara changing the scene to cause environmental damage, also performing crushing combos and wide-range attacks. He will also be in his Awakened State so more damage and easier guard breaks are to be of concern.

    After you've dealt enough damage to Madara a cutscene will ensue and trigger the 4th part of the battle. The entire battlefield will be swept and you'll take to the skies as you battle Madara's Susanoo form. Here you'll choose an Ultimate Decision to fight as a unit, or use all of your power alone. This battle with Susanoo will consist of utilizing your support actions when you've opened a point to attack. After which Susanoo will form totem shields. You'll need to destroy these in order to re-open a point of entry for attack, as well as be wary of Madara's Fire Jutsu, Susanoo's wide-range sword attacks, and Madara's Meteor showers.

    Once you've gotten Madara's health to very low red, a cinematic IA will commence. Input the on-screen button commands to finish off the battle.

    If, for any reason, you aren't able to earn an A Rank no worry. You can retry ANY battles post-story in the Ninja World timeline for another try.

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    This battle is when the Five Kage are facing off against the Re-Animated Madara Uchiha. It's definitely one of the more intense boss battles and consists of many parts, despite only being considered one battle. The portions are as follows...

    As per the usual with these battles, the first portion is your standard battle against Madara until his health dwindles to a set point. Your team will consist of Tsunade and supports of Gaara and the Raikage.

    After a cutscene, you'll be facing Madara with the Mizukage replacing Gaara and the Raikage. Madara will occasionally jump up high and you'll have to use the Raikage support in order to bring him down within range. After he's brought down, he'll fight you as he did in the section prior before returning up high. Chances are you'll have to rinse and repeat a few times.

    Next up is a similar battle, only there will be additional environmental dangers to keep an eye out for paired with Madara's attacks which have been enhanced due to being in an awakened state. Mizukage will be replaced with the Tsuchikage and the Raikage will still be there to bring Madara back to the ground. You'll have to be a bit more crafty in avoiding the flames, but other than threats from above you should have no problem clearing this portion of the fight. Don't play too conservatively, an awakened Madara breaks your guard fairly easily.

    The fourth and final segment of this boss battle allows you to make an Ultimate Decision. Naturally, you'll want to use all of your strength and pick the Hero path. With this you can heal a good portion of Tsunade's health along with bolstering her attack simply by using the support. It's good to pick this route because it improves the Hero route, one filled with healing items which helps ease the difficulty of S ranks but also because it lets you to get your health back up after a rough fight with Madara. As you know by now, Health is a big part of the S ranks.

    During this portion of the fight, you'll have to lower Madara's defenses with square so you can close in when prompted and deal some good damage. As mentioned before, when using the support you do more damage so it's best to attack despite trying to heal yourself. Be wary of the Fireballs and Meteor projectiles and keep an eye out for the horizontal and vertical slashes of the Susano'o. These are projected before he even slashes, helping you get an idea of where you should move with the left stick. After breaking his defenses a couple times he should be near red health, meaning it's time for the Quick-Time event. This paired with constant healing during the fight should give you the health you need for the S rank. If you aren't confident in your health, play defensively when Madara is getting low and use the support to up your health. This battle is a bit more lenient with how much health you can have for the S rank. Even with high health, pay attention to the QTE as you must earn a set number of stars for the Secret Factor as well if you want the platinum.
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