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1hr Speedster in Fairune (Vita)
Silver Trophy

1hr Speedster45 (30)

Beat the game within 1hr.

  • Unlocked by 9 tracked gamers (45% - TT Ratio = 1.49) 20  

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Trophy won on 09 Sep 17
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Posted on 11 September 17 at 16:35, Edited on 11 September 17 at 20:44
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From the first screen you begin the game at, follow these directions. When recommended to level up, always check the little book you obtain in the beginning on what monster to safely grind kill for exp by going on and off screen causing them to respawn (also use healing plants while grinding)*:

*See rare monster guide - do not, I repeat: DO NOT attempt to kill rare monsters in the event that one spawns on this playthrough as there is a chance that you will be under leveled and they can cause massive damage. Which in turn may cause you to have to go back to a healing plant and bring down your completion time.

Up, up, left, down, right, down, left (get SWORD, level up to lvl 2), down (get RED JEWEL, level up to lvl 3), right, down, right, up, left (step on button), right, down, left, up, right

Right, down (area with bird statues), right (push rock to the right and take the stairs), right, up (go through wall on far upper left hand corner of screen for PICK AXE), far lower left

Down (stairs), up, right, down, down, left (level up to lvl 4), left (hidden path behind trees, get RED JEWEL), right, up, right, down, right, up, right (push block right into water),

Down, down (use pick axe on "X" mark, interact on top of hole to get OIL - level up to lvl 7), up, up (go left of the "bridge", down stairs), left (defeat metal slimes, get RED JEWEL), right (stairs), up, left, left (place red jewels on tail and on the end of each wing on bird glyph, teleport)

Left (level up to lvl 9), up (room to shield hidden item behind left column), down,
right, down (use pickaxe on lava stone, step on button), down (get GREEN JEWEL), up, up, left, left, down (lower route), right, down (get HATCHET), up

Left (upper route), right, down, up, left (get GREEN JEWEL, use pickaxe on bottom stone under the upper right hand stone), down (get SILVER KEY), up, right, down, up, left, up, right (level up to lvl 10), left, up (use hatchet on tree at top, get LOG)

Up (get green jewel, level up to level 11), down, down, right, right (place green jewels on tail and on the end of each wing of bird glyph, teleport), up, left (use hatchet on tree, get LOG), right (get STATUE), left

Right, down (teleport), left, up (use silver key on door), up (step on button), up (put statue on left button, step on right button, get statue back, get FIRE STONE), down, down, right, up, up (put oil in lamp, use fire stone on lamp, get lamp, level up to lvl 12), down

Down (teleport), left, down (use hatchet on tree, get log), down (push stone into water but don't cross yet), down, left (get SEEDLING), right, up (cross bridge), right, up, right, down, down (put fire stone on middle square and leave it)

Left, up, left, up, right, right, up, right (cross bridge), right, down (go into hole), right (get tablet, go through hidden path in the upper right wall), right (get ID CARD), left (level up to lvl 13), left (stairs), up, up, left

Left, up, right (go down stairs, use lamp), up, up to the right corner behind pillars (level up to lvl 15 by killing all wraiths but one and go on and off screen then kill them all to get GOLD KEY), left, left, down, down, down (use 3 logs on water to form a raft)

right, up to the right corner behind pillars, right, up (push left stone up, right stone up, middle stone to the left), up (use gold key on door, hidden path in upper right hand corner to Double Experience hidden item, go back out of hidden room and take the stairs), up, left, down (get water stone, level up to lvl 17)

Down, down, right (plant the seedling on icon, use water stone on seedling, level up to lvl 18), up, up, right (push stone into water), right, down (put water stone on right square and leave it), up, up left, down (go into hole, level up to lvl 19), up (use ID card and take stairs)

Left (go into tower, place statue on the button, place sword in front of the large screen, get UPGRADED SWORD, take stairs, take stairs, take stairs, level up to lvl 20), take lower right hand stairs (step on button, take stairs), upper right hand stairs (go thru hidden wall in upper left hand corner, take stairs, take stairs, get TABLET, take stairs x8, lower right hand corner - down & left, take stairs x4, use ID card on door), down, down, down, right, down (step on button), up (step on blocks repeatedly for them to change: left block - 1 dot, middle - 3 dots, right - 2 dots, get TABLET, step on button)

Down (left - 3 dots, middle - 2 dots, right- 2 dots), down (get TABLET), up, up, left, left (push upper middle column all the way up), up, up (get KEY), down, down, down (go through hidden opening in the wall to the right right next to you, get TABLET)

Up, right, down, down, right, down, left, down, down, left (use new key on door, get WIND STONE), right, up, up, up, right (place wind stone on swirl icon), up (get tablet, go thru right hole in cloud), right (take stairs), down

Up, right, down (place wind stone on left square and leave it), left, up (cross bridge), left, down (go in hole, avoid enemies [may have leave and come back repeatedly for them to spawn in a way to not block you], upper right corner hidden wall path), right (avoid enemies [may have to do the same as before with the respawns], get TABLET) left (use ID on door), up (use tablets on each large tablet [7 in all], step on button, get BALL), down

Up, up, right (go into hole), up (stairs), left (go into tower, get STATUE back), down, right (take stairs), up, right, down (step on lower square, go into dungeon), up, right, right, down, left (step on button at the top of room), right, up, up (only step on the following: place statue on lower left square, stand on upper right square, get statue back)

Down, down, left, left, left, down (may have to leave & return repeatedly to get monsters out of path), left (upper hidden path left of right column), up (step on button), down, right (again may have to leave & return repeatedly), up, left, up, up (only step on the following: middle square bottom row, right most square middle row, middle square upper row, left most square middle row), down, down, right, right, up (only step on the following: walk up and place statue in square directly in the middle)

Down, up, down, down (take stairs), up (place ball on glyph, place sword in glyph - see my "The End" trophy guide or the end of the below video for final boss strategies), after final boss - use the touch screen on the green power icon, right (use book)

Here is a video guide to follow along with and for further assistance (credit to Youtube user
TrystXII for the video

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