Waste of Space

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Waste of Space

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Complete Test Chambers

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Trophy Guide for Testaholic

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    Portal references in the Waste of Space DLC (and one Earthworm Jim reference).

    To start off you will need to reach $40,000 in CrowdKicker funds to open up the Test Chamber.

    From the Crowd Kicker headquarters/start head left as soon as you exit. Under the left side of the spaceship pad is a jump pad. Use that to reach the entrance to the Test Chambers

    Just some quick notes as you move through the chambers:
    -When you get The Tether Device press cn_T to attach the Companion Cow to the attachment points.
    -In test 05 Lazors use the Companion Cow to eliminate some of the 'lazor' beams. When you have to jump to the second red button press cn_O to ragdoll and make the jump.
    -In the repeating loop room wait until the walls are completely filled with cow pictures, then turn around and go the opposite direction.

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