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Blade Master

Obtain all Keyblades.

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How to unlock the Blade Master trophy

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    There are a total of 18 Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 1.5:

    1. Kingdom Key - This is your starting Keyblade.
    2. Jungle King - Obtained by sealing the keyhole in Deep Jungle.
    3. Three Wishes - Obtained by sealing the keyhole in Agrabah.
    4. Crabclaw - Obtained by sealing the keyhole in Atlantica.
    5. Pumpkinhead - Obtained by sealing the keyhole in Halloween Town.
    6. Fairy Harp - Obtained by sealing the keyhole in Neverland.
    7. Wishing Start - Obtained by talking to Geppetto in Traverse Town after finishing Monstro. (His house is located to the right of the accessory shop, up the stairs).
    8. Spellbinder - Once all first level spells are acquired, talk to Merlin in his house and he will give this to you.
    9. Metal Chocobo - Obtained by defeating Cloud in the Hercules Cup.
    10. Olympia - Win the Phil, Pegasus, and Hercules cups to obtain this keyblade.
    11. Lionheart - Defeat the duo Cloud & Leon in the Hades cup to obtain this keyblade.
    12. Lady Luck - Obtained by using the White Trinity in Wonderland. (accessed by going through the painting in the Sideways Bizzare Room).
    13. Divine Rose - Obtained by talking to Belle in the Hollow Bastion Library. Cannot be done until second visit.
    14. Oathkeeper - Kairi gives this keyblade to you in the water ways of Traverse town, after saving her in Hollow Bastion.
    15. Oblivion - In a chest in the throne room, where you seal the keyhole in Hollow Bastion. When you walk up the stairs to the keyhole, there is a platform to the right you can jump on. Jump up there, and follow it to the back for this keyblade.
    16. Diamond Dust - Obtained by defeating the Ice Titan in the Gold Cup at Olympus.
    17. One Winged Angel - Obtained by defeating Sephiroth in the Platinum Cup at Olympus.
    18. Ultima Weapon - Obtained through Synthesis. This keyblade will become available once 1 of every item prior has been synthesized (30 in total).
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