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Resource Manager in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
Gold Trophy

Resource Manager216 (90)

Complete the game without opening the Item Box more than 3 times.

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Trophy won on 27 Jan 17
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Posted on 29 January 17 at 23:51, Edited on 30 January 17 at 23:44
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For all practical purposes, you will have to use the item box exactly three times in the normal course of playing the game. You'll have to use it once to store all your items before entering Lucas's death trap, then again afterwards to get the Crank and D-Series Arm back (and weapons to fight Jack's final form), and then one last time after leaving the ship to get your gear back for the final fight leading up to the end. So this trophy basically means beating the game without using the item boxes except when you MUST to continue the game.

You can't avoid the first instance because you'll ALWAYS have several key items by the time you encounter Lucas's trap room and will have to store them. And you CAN'T avoid the second instance because you will NEED to retrieve the D-Series Arm and Crank you just stored to finish this section of the game. If you fail to retrieve the Crank and D-Series Arm, or put the D-Series Head in storage while using the item box the second time and then exit the menu, you won't be able to progress and will have to use the item box a THIRD time before reaching the end game.

Technically you could finish the game without using the item box ever again, but this would mean running the final gauntlet through the salt mine with no weapons but remote bombs you pick up along the way and possibly the grenade launcher (one spawns in the swamp house if you never collected it before leaving the Baker House). Just save yourself a headache and remember to take the D-Series arm AND Crank when you equip yourself to fight Jack for the final time.

This isn't as hard as it sounds, especially because you can play on easy, it just requires a little planning and foresight. It also helps if you've played through the game before a few times and know where most items are since then you'll know about how many resources you can get later when you need them, instead of picking up every item and storing it for later. You can also check how many times you've used item boxes by pressing Options and selecting "Stats". You should have no uses before Lucas's trap room, and 2 after getting your stuff back afterwards. The third one should be saved for the finale after Ethan escapes the ship.

Here are some key things to remember to complete this trophy:

Just LEAVE items where they are and come back for them later if you need them. If you see a chem fluid, then later find a herb, you can always run back and mix them then, turning two items into one. Most enemies don't respawn and killing the boss of the area often despawns any remaining enemies, turning an area into a slower, less efficient item box you can use freely for this trophy.

You can DISPOSE of non-essential items. Although it's better to avoid picking up things you don't currently need, you CAN dispose of most of them if you have to. It's best to avoid picking up rare items unless you currently have a use for them, like red chem fluids or magnum rounds, because there's so few of them in the game, but things like handgun bullets and herbs are common enough it doesn't hurt if you have to throw them out to make room.

Remember which items STACK. Some items stack, so note which ones and how much. You can have up to three First Aids in a single item space, so anytime I found a yellow chem fluid and herbs I'd mix them until I got to three since I already had one space meant for healing items. Ammo stacks to different amounts (handgun bullets stack up to 30, grenade rounds to 5, etc). Try to avoid taking ammo if it'll take up an additional inventory slot, or go kill off some enemies to reduce your ammo enough to pick up more ammo without using a second slot if you're pressed for space at the time.

Some items you CAN'T discard of. Every weapon and key item can never be discarded once picked up. Some key items will disappear when used, such as puzzle pieces and single use keys, so it's usually a good idea to use them as soon as you can to free up inventory space. Weapons however you're stuck with until one of you three uses of the item box, so avoid picking up ones you don't need, especially when a lot of them take up two spaces. I left the grenade launcher until after I finished Lucas's trap room so as not to get overloaded with weapons.

Multiple-use keys CAN'T be discarded nor do they disappear after unlocking all doors they're used for (despite previous Resident Evils prompting you to do exactly that). This is important because you'll NEED to pick up both the Crow and Snake Keys to progress, and usually you'll pick up the Scorpion Key as well unless you want to do the early game without a shotgun. Each of these keys will eat up a space each until you reach Lucas's trap room and have to deposit all your items, so be sure to plan for that. The Crank will also take up another space once you collect it. You also can't discard of video tapes, so I'd just avoid picking them up. In case you forget, the password in Lucas's trap room is "LOSER".

Do USE psychostimulants as you find them. They're really not worth carrying around, and you usually you find them in areas with lots of easily missed items. Even if you can't collect them now, psychostimulants will help you find items you could use for later. There's actually two magnum rounds hidden in the old house in the big room with the bridge you have to raise, and another one in an early room in Lucas's area (same room the treasure photo takes you to). Remembering where items like these are can be very useful late game.

I recommend you DO collect Antique Coins. They all stack in a single space, and you can get rid of them by putting them in the bird cages in the trailer. You don't need the exact amount to have the option to put the coins in the slots, so you can freely "dispose" of them anytime after you gain access to the trailer. Steroids are effectively a free heal as well as a permanent health increase, and I collect the Magnum and its various ammo right before the boathouse fight. You should also collect treasure photos because you can dispose of them anytime. After you pick them up, the related treasure is introduced to the game world and the photo is only useful if you don't know where to look, and can be tossed if you already know where to look.

I did this on easy mode while also doing "Walk it Off" as removing item boxes encouraged me to play more quickly and efficiently, giving me less chances to get hurt. My general run through went like this.

The prologue has no item boxes, and anything you pick up is either stored or gotten rid of after you're captured, so no planning is needed here.

After entering the main game, I went through the house until I got to Jack fight in the garage, then immediately collected the keys to run him over. On easy, Jack seems to just let you run him over if you get into the car (although be careful, because if you don't USE the keys, they'll be stuck in your inventory). After that I hurried through most of the house to get to the second Jack fight. I picked up herbs as I found them since they stack and combined them with yellow Chem fluids to make healing items as I went in case I needed them. I also picked up any handgun ammo I could, but no shotgun shells yet.

After picking up anything useful I could carry now, I grabbed the statue in the bathroom and just ran away on Jack's return. Once I gained access I to the lower levels, I saved and headed downstairs. Using just the handgun, I killed the first few mold monsters you find and the one in the incinerator room. After that, I unlocked the incinerator with the key to the processing area and just ran for it. I didn't even bother fighting the mold monster who pops out, just grabbed the key and ran straight for the morgue, running past any other mold monsters until I got to the second Jack fight (the ones along the way take more hits and are a pain without the shotgun).

About one magazine worth of headshots on Jack is enough to get him to fetch his "groovy" weapon which lets you grab the chainsaw. Once Jack's "dead" all the mold monsters in the house despawn, giving me free reign over the area. I got the other dog heads and unlocked the front door, spent the antique coins I had to get some steroids and towards unlocking the Magnum, then grabbed the treasure photo (then discarded it) and the scorpion key from the basement area. I collected (and used) the steroids in the rec room and used the key to get the broken shotgun, which instead of swapping for the working one, I fixed with the weapon repair kit under the house (walk from the trailer door straight towards the house, and to the left of the stairs you'll be facing there's a metal panel you can rip off to find it), then loaded up on all the shotgun shells I could find in the area.

Once I was confident I had everything I could carry, I headed for the old house. The first order of business is to go right to the save room past the shadow puzzle and get the backpack giving you four more items slots, you'll need them. Next, I assembled the burner weapon and relied heavily on it to clear the area so as to save shotgun shells for later. I made sure to combine solid fuel and yellow chem fluids I found to keep its ammo up. After that, I got and used the sculpture from the cellar, got the Crank (which you're stuck with for a while), which let me get the Crow key (which you're also stuck with).

The first fight with Marguerite is simple with the antique shotgun. A few of well-placed headshots with it are usually enough and I had the burner to fall back on if she sicked bugs on me. After that, I went through the motions until getting to her second phase in the greenhouse. On easy at least, the burner is usually good enough to stop her if you've been combining solid fuels with yellow chem fluids, and the shotgun is a reliable fallback. After that, I took her lantern, retrieved the D-Series arm, and went back to the trailer.

Lucas's calls and I go get the Snake Key from the morgue. I also detour to unlock the Crow door in the rec room for later, but don't take the grenade launcher at this time. I use the Snake key to go to the master bedroom first to get the backpack in the closet to get another increase to my item limit, then retrieve the key cards. I also take the Toy Axe in the attic to get the stabilizer hidden in the main yard (while facing the keycard door, turn left, and just keep walking. There's a section of greenery near the corner of the house you can walk through to find where the toy axe goes). The trap house is pretty straight forward and I got the password to get into the "Birthday" room with just my current weapons.

Make sure you've unlocked the Crow door in the rec room before using the item box, along with the Scorpion doors if you haven't already. If you have room, you can go ahead and just take the grenade launcher and any ammo, or even the magnum and its ammo because you're about to store everything you own anyway. Go through the trap room and once on the other side you'll use the item box again. MAKE SURE to retrieve the D-Series Arm and the Crank at this time. Also DON'T store the D-Series Head you picked up either. You'll also want to retrieve everything you need to fight Jack's final form along with the mold monsters along the way.

I used the grenade launcher, antique shotgun, magnum, and Albert handgun myself, and ammo for all of them of course, plus healing items. If you don't have the Albert, you could take the broken handgun and the weapon repair kit from the treasure photo at this time. Your inventory is automatically stored after leaving the Baker house, so feel free to grab everything and anything you think will be useful against Octo-Jack.

Next up is Mia's section. There's a limited variety of items in the ship so avoiding the item box isn't too hard for this section. I actually would suggest grabbing things a little more freely here since backtracking can be a pain and dangerous. If you need, you can get an inventory increase on 1F of the wrecked ship. It'll be behind the only door that requires acid to get through (which you get on the 2F). Also remember to not use the Item Box during the video tape segment where you play as Mia as well. That WILL count towards your total, and there's not much need to use it anyway.

Once you finish Mia's segment, you'll regain control of Ethan and can use the item box in the swamp a third time to retrieve everything you need for the final push. Personally, I went with the machine gun, antique shotgun, grenade launcher, and remote bombs. The only key item you need for the rest of the game is the tissue sample, which CAN'T even be stored, meaning you're free to stuff your inventory with every weapon and healing item you've found in the game. You can even bring a fifth or sixth weapon if you have room. As long you remember not use the item box in the mines, you should be home free.

Above all; be patient, save frequently and in separate slots, think twice before grabbing something, and if ever in doubt, check your stats screen to make sure you didn't use an item box out of habit and forgot.
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