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How to unlock the Flashback Mania trophy

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    Missable For the most people, this will be one of the most tedious trophies in the game simply, because you will have to watch almost every cutscene to view all the flashbacks. When you view a cutscene, most times an X will appear at the top of the screen, that you have to tap. This will show you some flashbacks from the previous Metal Gear Solid games. The flashbacks that count are those that you have to tap X into. That said, audio and gameplay flashbacks do not count for the trophy. Credits to elevenletters and BIG B0SS for this. This is noted as highly missable because if you miss this trophy, you will have to watch a big part of cutscenes again. When you reach the end of an Act, you will see that you will have a large number of flashbacks. These flashbacks show the number of you have pressed while viewing them. These are not related to the trophy at all. Below is a compiled list of all the flashbacks I could find: You CAN skip cutscenes when you go for the flashbacks even if the cutscene has a one. In that case, you can view a flashback and once you do, skip the cutscene to the next one. The flashbacks also stack across playthroughs. If you happen to miss one, you will get it on the next one when you view the missed flashback.

    ACT 0

    At the end of Act 0, when Snake is saluting at the graveyard
    At the same cutscene as above, when Snake mentions FOXDIE
    The third flashback of this cutscene is when Otacon mentions Naomi.
    The final flashback of this cutscene is after the helicopter took off and Otacon says “We have found him”, referring to Ocelot.

    ACT 1

    When you meet with the Mk. II Otacon delivers to you, when Otacon says that the Mk. II resembles to Metal Gear REX.
    When you meet with the Rat Patrol Team, Akiba is threatening you with a gun. The flashback is available when Snake calls him "Rookie".
    At the same cutscene as above, when Meryl puts off her mask and reveals herself.
    The final flashback for this cutscene is when Akiba gets on his knees because of his stomach problems. Snake asks him if he is ok.
    At the cutscene where we first meet Liquid, at the point where his name appears and he is introduced.
    Later at the same cutscene, where you are almost unconscious, Naomi will appear with a syringe and inject herself. That's your chance for the flashback.

    ACT 2

    During Mission Briefing, when Otacon mentions Meryl and her boys that they are fine.
    During Mission Briefing, during a pause before Snake mentions Naomi.
    During Mission Briefing, when you see the video with Naomi and she mentions the FOXDIE.
    During Mission Briefing, when Snake and Otacon are viewing the Soliton Radar data from Shadow Moses
    During Mission Briefing, this is the last flashback in the briefing immediately after the last one, when Otacon mentions Mei Ling.
    At the first cutscene of the act, while Snake is crawling and mentions Solidus.
    Later in the same cutscene, when Vamp is introduced.
    When you meet with Drebin, you will have multiple flashbacks when seeing the pictures of the B&Bs while he's telling you their names.
    Shortly after, when Snake mentions all these bad guys from the first Metal Gear Solid game.
    Next in the same cutscene, Drebin will say "Keeps this whole mess in check". This is where the flashback will appear about the Patriots.
    When you meet Naomi and she is introduced, she will immediately mention Shadow Moses and the flashback will appear.
    After you save the game, when Snake mentions about FOXDIE having killed the AT President and Liquid.
    Later in the same cutscene, when Naomi tells you about a new strain of FOXDIE and Snake says "Him!" referring to Drebin.
    After you get out of the laboratory, at the cutscene where Snake is looking on the ground to track down Naomi. The flashback appears when he pulls out his knife and try to figure the footprints.
    At the cutscene where you enter the city with the van Drebin is driving and get ambushed by Gekkos, when Naomi and Snake hold the monkey hand by hand.
    At the same cutscene when Raiden is introduced, takes down the Geckos and sheaths his katana.

    ACT 3

    During Mission Briefing, when Naomi is with Sunny, you will see after a while a picture in the wall. Sunny will tell "Her name was Olga" and you can get the flashback of Olga from Metal Gear Solid 2 at that time.
    During Mission Briefing, when Snake comments “So that’s what Liquid was talking about”
    During Mission Briefing, when Naomi is looking at a blue screen. It's near when Naomi says "Liquid has already left for Europe in search of Big Boss' body"
    During Mission Briefing, when Naomi kneels in front of the lying Raiden shortly after the previous one. You get the flashback of Grey Fox from Metal Gear Solid 1.
    During Mission Briefing, much later, when Naomi and Otacon look at the computer at the picture of Otacon's sister Emma.
    When you meet with Big Mama, after a series of cutscenes, she will shoot and destroy a dwarf Gekko. When she shoots at it, her flashback will appear.
    In the same cutscene, when you start to prepare for departure, Big Mama will comment "Nowadays, anyone with a computer can get a combat training". This is when the flashback appears. This is a pretty funny one as it actually shows you footage from the game.
    After the bike sequence, when Big Mama is injured. She will pull herself out of the piercing junk and the flashback will appear.
    Near the end of the same cutscene, when Snake gives Big Mama a weapon to protect herself, the flashback will appear when she says to him "Promise me".
    After defeating Raven and meeting with Big Mama again, when you are about to head off in the sewers, she will have a look at her destroyed bike and that's when the flashback appears.

    ACT 4

    During Mission Briefing. This is a little hard to point out. It is when Sunny is starting getting down the stairs and Snake and Otacon talks about the Patriots' AIs
    During Mission Briefing, when Snake is wondering about Liquid's plans. It's near the middle of the cutscene.
    When you get to Otacon's old office, after you put the password, Snake will look at the office for a bit and look at a closet.
    At the same cutscene, when Otacon tells Snake about Naomi having stolen his blood.
    A bit later, when Otacon mentions REX's old underground hangar.
    A few seconds after the last flashback, a new one will appear when Snake mentions the old days about the doors requiring keycards.
    At the cutscene after you defeat the Crying Beauty and talking to Drebin about her past, when a wolf comes to mourn about the Beauty.
    When you enter REX's old hanger, Snake and Mk. II will look at the whole place making the flashback appear.
    After beating Vamp, and when Naomi is staying behind and Otacon says "Why does it always end this way?". Truly a magnificent Metal Gear Solid moment.
    At the very end of the Act, after you defeat Ray, at the part where Raiden comes to save Snake. From the moment Raiden mentions Rose, start tapping X and do not stop until the cutscene ends. There are many hidden flashbacks here, meaning the X will not appear in the screen. Credits to Zyrodra

    ACT 5

    During Mission Briefing, when Otacon is speaking about Naomi near the middle of the cutscene.
    During Mission Briefing, when Otacon is telling to Snake that Naomi was making a program and she handed it to Sunny.
    During Mission Briefing, near a minute after the last flashback, when Otacon mentions Emma.
    When Screaming and Psycho Mantis are introduced, you will get the next flashback.
    During the encounter with Psycho Mantis, there will be a flashback about the Memory Card AND another one for the Vibration. These are the two funniest flashbacks in the game.
    As soon as Psycho Mantis is exploding start tapping X You will see a hidden flashback of Hideo Kojima
    After Psycho Mantis is gone, you will hear a voice saying "The spirit of the warrior will always be with you." That's when the flashback of The Spirit from Metal Gear Solid 3 appears.
    When Meryl & Akiba do their last stand, when Akiba mentions that he has no nanomachines in his body.
    Later in the same cutscenes, when Meryl finds out why Johnny had stomachaches back in Act 1.
    A few seconds after the last one, when Johnny says about first meeting Meryl in Shadow Moses.
    There is a series of flashbacks during the final fight, but all these are automatically given to you. No need to tap X here
    In the final final cutscene before the Debriefing where Drebin and Otacon are talking together, the flashback appears when Drebin is talking about his family.

    After the cutscene about Solidus, another cutscene with Big Boss speaking will start. Immediately at the beginning when Big Boss says "someone can be made to play a specific role"
    When Big Boss saying that all the original members have passed on and only Zero is left
    When Big Boss is killing Zero
    When Big Boss is saying that the virus, Zero planted in Snake, is killing him
    A few seconds later, when Big Boss said that the virus inside Snake killed EVA and Ocelot
    When Snake carried Big Boss and the last one looks at his patriot
    When Big Boss salutes at the graveyard. Another superb Metal Gear Solid moment as well as the final flashback in the game.
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