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Weapon Crazy trophy in Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD

Weapon Crazy

Get the Rocket Launcher.

Weapon Crazy0
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How to unlock the Weapon Crazy trophy

  • lord_clorophillalord_clorophilla
    Locked 23 Jul 2016
    Here's the solution, courtesy of

    To get the Rocket Launcher you need to earn an A-Rank in the storyline. The requirements for an A-Rank are pretty strict; you'll need an intimate knowledge of the game on top of skill and speed. You will earn this trophy after the credits during the score screen and only if you have an A-rank.

    A-Rank Requirements

    here are various factors that must be met for you to earn an A-Rank. The big one is how long it took you to complete the game and various smaller factors as well. Each requirement earns you so many "points." To earn an A-Rank you must meet a certain number of points at the end of the game.

    Time Score
    04:30:00 or below 8250 points
    04:30:01 - 05:00:00 7550 points
    05:00:01 - 05:30:00 7000 points
    05:30:01 - 06:00:00 6450 points
    06:00:01 - 07:30:00 5500 points
    07:30:01 - 15:00:00 5000 points
    15:00:01 - 20:00:00 2500 points
    > 20:00:00 2000 points
    *The clock is ALWAYS running, there is no way to stop it.

    Special Score
    1) Did you give the Hemostatic Bottle to the prison guard?
    Yes = +250
    No = -1000

    2) The speed it took you to save Steve from the Gold Luger Trap.
    Fastest = +400
    Average = 0
    Slow = -1000
    *There is no known numeric value, clearing the 4 zombies from the hall outside the room helps with this though.

    3) Map discovery
    100% = +100
    Anything less = 0

    4) First aid spray
    No use = +1800
    If used = 0

    5) Typewriter saves
    No save = 0
    First time = -1000
    Every time after = -50
    *The free save after killing the Tyrant and before landing in Antarctica does not count.

    6) Retry
    No Retry = 0
    First time = -1000
    Every time after = -50

    Total Score
    10000-10800 = A rank
    7000-9950 = B rank
    4500-6950 = C rank
    2500-4450 = D rank
    2450 or below = E rank

    As you can see, there are many things you must do to be sure you make it.

    PS: This one is quite hard to do...
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