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Treasure Liberator trophy in World of Final Fantasy

Treasure Liberator

Opened every last treasure chest.

Treasure Liberator-0.1
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How to unlock the Treasure Liberator trophy

  • xblOrderxblOrder
    06 Nov 2016 08 Nov 2016 08 Jan 2017
    The map (Touchpad) is your best friend, go the wrong way first.
    Where there are brackets, I have split the numbers up between sections (loading screens and/or levels).
    I've heard in order to unlock the final dungeon you need to complete all intervention quests and side quests (miniventures) before the point of no return (Seraphie should say), prior to this they don't disappear so you can leave them until the end
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    For a video guide here is a playlist by factor747 (thanks to shauntmw in comments for posting it)

    Wellspring Woods - 2
    Cornelia - 1 Town and 1 Region
    The Nether Nebula - 9 (1/3/2/0/3)
    The Watchplains - 9 (3/2/3/1)
    Pyreglow Forest - 8 (2/3/1/1/1)
    Forest Lake - 1 (thanks to albajos, see comments)
    Icicle Ridge Inn - 1
    Icicle Ridge - 8 (3/3/1/1)
    Saronia Harbour - 2
    Saronia Docks - 17 Chests + 2 Mimics (2/15/2)

    At the Saronia Docks in the 2nd section there is a treasure ship, to make it appear watch this random youtube vid (note the solution is in game and should only be three rings, so the first one he rings doesn't need to be rung)

    The Rainbow Shores - 1
    The Dragon Scars - 16 (3/5/6/1SA/1)
    Agarthir - 1
    Nibelheim - 1
    Valley Seven - 8 (3/1/3/1)
    The Windswept Mire - 4 (0/3/1)
    Caravan - 1
    The Phantom Sands - 7 (2/1/1/1SA/1/1)
    Underground Prison - 17 (0/0/3/2/2/1/2/2/0/1/2SA/2)
    Mako Reactor 0 - 7 Chests + 2 Mimics (3/2/0/4)
    Big Bridge - 8
    Tometown of the Ancients - 1
    The Train Graveyard - 19 (4/3/4/3/5)
    Eclipsed Region Train Station to Besaid - 1
    Port Besaid - 1 Town and 1 Region
    The Sunken Temple - 14 (3/3/3/1/1/3 Intervention quest for big door for last 3 chests)
    Nonary Region - 1
    The Crystal Tower - 10
    The Chainroad - 5 (0/1/0/1/0/3)
    Castle Exnine - 27
    Balamb Garden - 1
    Airship - 1
    Ex A - 9 Chests + 1 Mimic (4/2/2/2)
    Ex B - 10 Chests + 1 Mimic
    Ex C - 14
    Ex Z - 1 (very end of level on the main path just before the boss smile)
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    iKrueLTyyyI have watched all videos of the chests and did my own checklist and still cannot get this to unlock....
    Posted by iKrueLTyyy On 14 Dec 16 at 07:31
    xblOrderOne of the four is really hard to see if not impossible at the end of the first section of The Train Graveyard.
    Posted by xblOrder On 14 Dec 16 at 07:42
    iKrueLTyyyYeah the one that's in the corner that has no camera view on it. I specifically thought that could be the only one I needed so I went to that spot and spammed X for a good minute and looks like I've already gotten it... so I'm currently stumped.
    Posted by iKrueLTyyy On 14 Dec 16 at 08:06
    xblOrderI missed the first one in The Watchplains the first time I went around, it could be an easy one just to be a pain. My only suggestion is to try again from the start looking at all the opened chests in all the areas making sure you also count the mimics. Unless I missed one these numbers unlocked for me.
    Posted by xblOrder On 14 Dec 16 at 19:29
    xblOrderAlso if its not much trouble can you finish off the ones I never got to in what section they're in thanks if you get to them before you finish.
    Posted by xblOrder On 14 Dec 16 at 19:31
    albajosI plaed through the game normally before using any guide, and missed 7 chests. If ou're interested those are: (a=area, c=chest)

    Train Graveard a1c4 - hidden behind cart
    Phantom Sands a1c1 - at the very beginning, partly obscured by the wall
    Sunken Temple a2c1 - obscured by vegetation
    Dragon Scars a1c2 - I have no excuse for this one, just standing in a blind alley :)
    Crstal Towwer c8 - you need to smash (there are 2 in Crystal Tower found by smashing)
    Nonary Region 1 - partly obscured before you enter Crystal Tower
    Balamb Garden 1 - out in the open

    Also, the solution seem to miss a chest in Forest Lake, unless it was already open when we got there. And the last one in Pyreglow Forest is in a Secret Area.
    Posted by albajos On 07 Jan 17 at 12:23
    xblOrderGood find albajos, I completely missed writing down the one in Forest Lake
    Posted by xblOrder On 07 Jan 17 at 20:00
    shauntmwApparently I've been playing as Chibi form for most of the game, so I've been missing a lot of chests that are in towns that can only be opened with Jiant form.

    Here are the chests I missed in my blind run:
    - Icicle Ridge Inn
    - Saronia Harbour
    - Tometown
    - Nonary Region (Not sure how I missed this. I suspect it was due to a main story cutscene?)
    - Balamb Garden (Easy to miss, behind statues)
    - Train Graveyard (screen 1, hidden behind a cart near the end before transition to the next screen).
    - Train Graveyard (screen 5, a hidden path near the end that go thru a cart).
    - Sunken Temple (screen 1, on the left outer wall of the bridge, the chest rests horizontally).
    - Sunken Temple (screen 2, West side of the map, where you have to climb one of the walls. The chest is on the right side of the roof, obscured by some seaweeds).
    - Chainroad (all of them. I guess because during my blind run I never expected this dungeon to have any chests lol since I never encounter any).
    - Make Reactor (2 chests at screen 2, there is an opening to walk on the pipes, one of them requires flutter, the other one is a mimic under the stairs).
    - Watchplains (screen 1, near the entrance, go to the right).
    - Watchplains (screen 1, behind a rock before climbing a stairs).
    - Crystal Tower (After using a green teleport for the first time, go north. Requires Smash).
    - Crystal Tower (4th floor, go north after one of the red teleport. Requires Smash).

    BTW I found a video guide playlist on YouTube that is extremely helpful for this trophy;
    Posted by shauntmw On 08 Jan 17 at 10:30
    xblOrderThanks for that glad to see a video guide has since gone up smile
    Posted by xblOrder On 08 Jan 17 at 18:30
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