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Manhunt trophy in Grand Theft Auto IV


You completed the most wanted side mission.

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How to unlock the Manhunt trophy

  • BuySomeShroomsBuySomeShrooms
    27 Feb 2018 25 Feb 2018 25 Feb 2018
    Basically this trophy is the same thing as the *Cleaned the mean streets* Trophy,
    but instead of killing 20 criminals, you haft to find the most wanted criminals,
    basically All you need is,
    1. A cop car, you can get a cop car by using your phone and dialing 911, then press 1, after you
    do that, wait about 30 seconds and cops will show up, just go up to the car and steal it.
    2. guns, you will need guns to kill the criminals,
    3. Have all islands unlocked (Required)
    now after you have all of that, basically if you have a police car, come to a full stop and press L1, after you do this step, a menu should pop up, go to *View Most Wanted* after you click on that, a list of people's name should pop up, for example a guy named (Maxwell Caughlin) should pop up at the top of the list, if you're in the Bohan/broker/dukes, area,
    Now all you need to do is click on one of the criminal's names, then it should show you the direction to there location on the map/mini map, now keep repeating this same process until you kill all (10 criminal's) in one area, keep in mind there is 10 criminals in each area,
    the area's you need to go to are, Broker, Algonquin, Alderney,
    you don't need to go to bohan or dukes, because broker and bohan and dukes all count as the same area, so the only places you will need to go are listed above,
    also here is a map if you're confused about which area's i am talking about,

    Also if you want an easier way of obtaining a cop car, you can do this cheat, it won't mess up the trophy for you, as long as you don't use weapon cheats, it won't mess up your game save,
    All you haft to do is pull up your phone on the game, and go to dial, then dial 227-555-0100
    after you do that, a fbi car should spawn, even though it's a fbi car, you can still use it for this trophy, and after that just get into the car press L1 and there you go.

    (Here is a backup link for the image of the map)
    External image
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