The Politics of Silencing Foes trophy in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

The Politics of Silencing Foes

Defeat Sen. Armstrong without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.

The Politics of Silencing Foes0
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How to unlock the The Politics of Silencing Foes trophy

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    Back to basics, no additional weapons here so it doesn't matter which playthrough you do this on as you'll have the same equipment, this battle has 3 Checkpoints however the first 2 are really simple short sections.

    Phase 1 (first checkpoint): This part is really simple, all moves are easily telegraphed and Parried, if he glows yellow he will do an unblockable attack which you can avoid by running away and jumping, this part doesn't take too long, while you don't do much damage you only need to get him down to around 97-95% or so, I cannot remember exactly but it's not much.

    Phase 2 (second checkpoint): This part can be a pain because after a while any damage you take will force the next checkpoint and thus making it impossible to just "restart checkpoint" if you took damage, he fights the same in this Phase except you cannot Parry else you take chip damage, this means you will have to spend all your time dodging his moves, you can fight back but it isn't needed and Punching/Kicking is slow. You only need to avoid attacks for about 2-3 Minutes depending on difficulty, the best way to avoid them is to go back to a corner as typically that will make him take a few minutes walking around before he attacks you, and when he comes at you just jump out the corner and into the opposite corner, the advantage to this is you will be evading less attacks and thus less chance of being hit.

    Phase 3 (third checkpoint): This part is fairly easy if you know what you're doing, He will start off by charging up before hitting the ground and making fire trails, you can run up to him and deal considerable damage (with Ripper Mode) before he strikes the ground, run away immediately and avoid these attacks. The other moves he will do afterwards include a web which covers the ground, you will need to stand somewhere where the web is not in order to not get hit when it explodes, usually during this move he will charge at you once it explodes so be ready to Parry (unless he is glowing yellow, which he does sometimes in order to try grabbing you, which you instead need to avoid that), this is pretty much all he will do (in addition to the moves from Phase 1/2) so wait for those openings and unleash hell.

    Phase "3.5": Sometimes he will charge at you with his fist on fire, when this happens face him and attack (you don't have to but this version of the Quick Time event deals more damage to him than if you aren't facing him), you'll be dragged into a Quick Time event to deal damage to him.

    Phase 4 (kind of): This is a fairly random scripted event that can happen once the entire battle, or perhaps 2 or 3 times. He will jump up high and start throwing stuff at you, take this part fairly slow you have plenty of time for it (but not unlimited!) you need to enter Blade Mode and line up the slashes so you hit every square, after this you'll end up hitting his head and he will take a chunk of damage in a short scene. Afterwards the battle may resume as normal or it may push on to Phase 5.

    Phase 5: He will start healing while glowing green, go up to his back and us Blade Mode to stop him from healing, he will then be open to a barrage of attacks so smack his health down as low as you can, after this (if he is above 0.1% health) he may continue with Phase 3 or Phase 4 until he is weak enough for the final Quick Time event.
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