Foxiest of the Hounds trophy in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Foxiest of the Hounds

Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without setting off any alarms.

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How to unlock the Foxiest of the Hounds trophy

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    There is often confusion regarding this trophy, mainly centered around the radar, and the messages associated with being spotted. I hope to clarify a few things below, as well as give some tips on how to complete this trophy with relative ease.

    First and for most: this trophy requires that every area with the "Smooth Operator" bonus available be achieved. If you make it through a section and see that bonus appear, then congratulations: you are one step closer to obtaining this trophy.

    The following missions contain the Smooth Operator bonus:

    Detroit 1:

    Retrieve the Dead Terrorist's Neural Hub (can also be done by convincing Haas to let you through, obtaining the "Silver Tongue" bonus instead)

    FEMA Camp:

    Infiltrate the mercenary compound
    Locate the mercenary leader

    Tai Yong Medical

    Enter TYM's tower by passing through the Pangu
    Find and view Van Bruggen's recording
    Confront Zhao in the Penthouse
    Escape and get to the hangar
    Open the hangar door


    Escape the ambush by reaching a lower floor
    Get to the funicular
    Summon the funicular
    Get inside room 802-11

    Detroit 2

    Go to the convention center and obtain Sandoval's location from Taggert (can also be done by confronting Taggart and ontaining the "Silver Tongue" bonus)
    Find and confront Sandoval


    Retrieve Tong's package from the shed
    Place the C4 on the administrator's desk (this one is tricky, since you can not see the bonuses due to an immediate cutscene, however if you know what you EXP was before planting the bomb was set, then you can figure it out. If you get an extra 1k exp once the smoke clears, the congratulations - you got the Smooth Operator bonus)

    Omega Ranch

    Disable the signal jammer
    Search for signs of Megan's team
    Upload the virus to the security computer and enter the restricted area


    Get inside the tower and disengage the lockdown
    Reach the broadcast center

    Every mission that has the "Smooth Operator" bonus also has the "Ghost" bonus. PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT need the "Ghost" bonus for this trophy.

    I REPEAT: You do NOT need the "Ghost" bonus for this trophy.

    Alerting an enemy, and even making enemies go hostile, will negate the "Ghost" bonus, but as long as you can take care of them BEFORE they hit any alarms (panels on the walls with the hand print) then you will be fine. But be aware that there are others ways to set off alarms, and these are listed below:

    1.) Alarm panel - as stated above, these can be activated by an enemy OR civilian if they see you fire a weapon, take someone down, or find an unconscious / dead body you left behind.

    2.) Camera's / Turret's - being spotted by these things, destroying these things (EMP's or otherwise) or these things spotting someone you left dead or unconscious will trigger the alarm.

    3.) Failing a hack - if you are hacking something, and just botch it royally, then you better believe an alarm will sound.

    4.) Security Laser's - these are those wonderful red beam's you see blocking your path sometimes will trigger an alarm if you try to walk through them.

    So, I hope that clears up confusion regarding what this trophy requires. If not, please ask in the comments or a PM, and I will clarify whatever needs be and update this solution.

    Now, what augments can we acquire that would benefit us for this trophy?

    I have a few suggestions...wink These are in no particular order, either (meaning you can snag these whenever - no real hierarchy on what you should get first except maybe the hacking upgrades).

    Stealth Hacking - often times you do not have a passcode or a password for whatever you are trying to hack, and maybe there is something behind that door, or in that safe, that would really help you out. Having a fully upgraded Stealth Hacking augment knocks nodes 3 and below down to 15% chance of being detected, which is VERY helpful.

    Hacking - these is primarily so you have access to every area available. Often times there are vents you can use to bypass 90% of the enemies, but these are behind doors with a 4 or a 5 security level. Being limited can be very time consuming, to say the least.

    Cloak - this will be a lifesaver IF AND ONLY IF you understand how to properly utilize it. Cloak may seem like a hindrance, and a waste of time and energy (fully upgraded one energy cell will give you 7 seconds of invisibility) however this wonderful augment will get you past:
    1. Enemies
    2. Camera's / Turret's
    3. Security laser's
    You are literally a ghost while using this one, and it comes in very handy. I would often use this while behind cover to quickly navigate an area without waiting for guards to look away. Also, getting past security beams (Tai Yong) without searching for a control panel.

    Energy Cell recharge - You start with only 2 energy cells, but to be honest that is all you really need. The last cell will always recharge back to full, but that is it. No other cells recharge, so having more than one cell becomes, really, more of a hassle, and a waste of praxis points. Having that 1 cells recharge quickly, however, is something in your favor as it will provide you many more options in a short amount of time.

    Lift Heavy Objects - More often than not, there is a vent behind something big. Being able to move them will give you an edge. Also, during the area while waiting for the funicular, if you barricade the doors with the turret and then vending machines (all require uber strength wink) then you don't have to worry about baddies running into the room and ruining your day (essentially guaranteeing the "Smooth Operator" bonus).

    Break through walls - I actually used this quite a bit later in the game, specifically for opening pathways and avoiding enemies. Great thing is that, despite how loud it sounds, practically no one hears a wall crumble unless they are 2 feet away laugh.

    Everything else I found to be extremely fun (seeing through walls, chemical rebreather, marking enemies) but not really necessary for obtaining this trophy.

    If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the upgrades, please leave them below in the comments field.

    And, as always, if you throw a negative vote please explain why in the comments section.
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