Pacifist trophy in Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without anyone dying by your hand. (Boss fights don't count.)

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How to unlock the Pacifist trophy

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    Very simple: DO NOT KILL ANYONE (except the 4 bosses wink).

    Basically, whenever you take someone down (via takedown or weapon) make certain you see the "Merciful Soul" bonus appear. As long as that happens, you are in the clear.

    I say keep your eye on that bonus because, if you are using the tranq rifle you may see the game glitch a few times and, even though you may have obtained the bonus required for this trophy, upon looting your victim you may find that the skull (signifying a dead enemy) is on him as opposed to the "Z's" (signifying an unconscious enemy).

    : This glitch does not negate the Pacifist trophy. As long as you obtain the "Merciful Soul" bonus, you will obtain the trophy at the end of the game. I only mention the glitch so people do not freak out when they come across a dead body they were 110% certain they tranqed.

    Also, please note that this trophy is negated by enemies that die "by your hand". I will offer an example of a scenario where, although I did obtain the "Merciful Soul" bonus, I would not have received Pacifist at the end of the game.

    On your 2nd trip to Hengsha, when Malik crashes down and you can either save her OR let the soldiers blow her up, there is a mech that falls from the sky. I was doing everything I could to save Malik via taking everyone on Bruce Lee style wink. I got Merciful Soul on every one, and I took out the mech with an EMP grenade. An EMP does not hurt the soldiers, especially when they are down, but it does disable the mech, and in turn initiates a self-destruct command. Enemy soldiers that were unconscious near the blast ended up dead.

    Was this done by "my hand"? You could make that claim easily, since I did destroy the mech. So be careful where bodies are in proximity to other enemies.

    Another example, that I feel is completely unfair angry, is below:

    During the same sequence (2nd or 3rd attempt of mine to save Malik AND simply knock everyone out) I had everyone knocked out far enough away from the mech, however if you look around you can see a lot of red barrels - usually a red barrel in a game means something can, and will, go boom - and the soldiers are not the brightest in the head. As I was taking out a sniper in one area, people started firing on me and blew up an explosive barrel killing a soldier I had knocked unconscious.

    Was this "by my hand"? Hell no! That soldier was willing to sacrifice someone else to take me down! But, at post-game I would have not received Pacifist.

    If you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the comments field below. As always, if you vote negatively, please explain why in the comments as well.
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