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Thorough trophy in Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal


Obtain all 40 Titanium bolts

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How to unlock the Thorough trophy

  • VojtechhVojtechh
    21 Jan 2013 13 Dec 2013
    To obtain all 40 Titanium bolts, you need certain gadgets that you may not have on the earlier levels. So I suggest to go for this towards the end of the game or on your Challenge mode playthrough. The Map-O-Matic gadget that you get on Metropolis is helpful in finding the Titanium bolts since it highlights secret areas in green that often have the bolts.

    Here is a list of how many are on each planet (planets that aren't listed don't have any Titanium bolts on them):

    Planet Florana - 2 Titanium Bolts
    Starship Pheonix - 7 Titanium Bolts
    Planet Marcadia - 3 Titanium Bolts
    Annihilation Nation - 2 Titanium Bolts
    Planet Aquatos - 5 Titanium Bolts
    Planet Tyhrranosis - 2 Titanium Bolt
    Planet Daxx - 2 Titanium Bolts
    Obani Gemini - 2 Titanium Bolts
    Holostar Studios - 3 Titanium Bolts
    Zeldrin Starport - 2 Titanium Bolts
    Planet Metropolis - 3 Titanium Bolt
    Crash Site - 1 Titanium Bolt
    Planet Aridia - 2 Titanium Bolts
    Qwark's Hideout - 1 Titanium Bolt
    Planet Koros - 2 Titanium Bolts
    Command Center - 1 Titanium Bolt

    Here's a great written guide on the Ratchet & Clank wiki that could help:

    Also, here's a video guide thanks to TheCODBrothers / TheLegendaryPaul
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