Truly Human trophy in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Truly Human

Defeat Sundowner without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.

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How to unlock the Truly Human trophy

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    Depending on how you approach this fight, it can be even easier than the Mistral battle, or it can be a nightmare. As with every other silver trophy for the no damage boss battle-thon, you need to play this on Hard difficulty or above AND take him down before he can land a hit with those pincers of his.

    Oh, and there are helicopters, because this guy is a cheater. roll

    Just in case anyone is wondering, Sundowner is at the end of File R-04.

    1. A backup save (its just a good habit wink)
    2. Homing Missiles (at least 2)
    3. A decent understanding of the parry system
    4. Timing

    WHAT WILL NET YOU THIS TROPHY WITH EASE (not exactly necessary):
    1. Infinite Wig B (Unlimited Ripper Mode)
    2. A maxed Pincer Blades
    3. Custom Body Red

    So, I am hoping at this point if you are playing on hard that you have at least a basic understanding of the parry system. It is actually crucial for a few fights, so if you are having difficulty with it, I suggest practicing with Monsoon on R-03 - a few rounds with that jackass and you will graduate from "I have no idea what I am doing with this parry defend crap" to "Oh, so THAT is how you do it correctly!" wink

    Now, I am going to explain my method to beat this guy without an issue, and this method does not utilize what the game wants you to do. Seriously, don't listen to the game, and don't follow it's demands ESPECIALLY for initiating blade mode. You don't need to with this guy (unless you are on Revengeance going for Stormbringer, but that is for another day in another solution wink).

    The game is going to want you to chop off all his shield thingies that he uses to protect himself - DON'T. LEAVE THEM ALONE. LET HIM HAVE THEM.

    When Sundowner has his shields in place, he is EXTREMELY predictable. As in he does 2, maybe 3 moves tops. And every move is done from distance, so even if you suck at parry, you have more than enough time to get yourself situated.


    Although I said above that there are a few items not necessary to take this guy down, I am hoping you have the pincer blades already. They don't need to be maxed, but it would certainly help. Have them equipped. Also, have your homing missiles equipped as well.

    I had Wig B for Unlimited Ripper, but that just reduced the overall time, so it is not necessary.

    STEP 1: At the start of the fight, 9 times out of 10 Sundowner will charge you with his shield-thingies: block it and complete the button prompt. The game will want you to use blade mode and chop a few sections of his shield off. As I said before, don't do this. Seriously, don't.

    STEP 2: Ninja Run towards that damn helicopter that will ruin your day with a single bullet angry. When you see an opening, take it out with the missile. Don't worry too much about Sundowner, he is dumb as a brick and slow as hell. 90% of the time he will be inching towards you with his precious shields protecting his fragile face laugh.

    STEP 3: Get behind Sundowner, but not to close to him. Charge your Pincers. If you are not familiar with this weapon, it has some serious reach. Wait for Sundowner to turn and face you with his shields retracted. Slam him with his own weapon and send him flying. You will take a really nice chunk of his life.

    STEP 4: Stay about mid distance from Sundowner. This way, you are not wasting time with the QTE he can make you do (his initial attack). A majority of the time he will dash at you with his pincers. Block it. After that he tends do put his shields back up.

    STEP 5: Repeat Steps 3 & 4 until he gets to ~10% health. You will initiate a cutscene where Raiden is falling from the building, grabbing a slider, and then going back up from inside. BE AWARE OF YOUR HEALTH. If you see that you have taken damage, either from the copter or Sundowner, press start and choose the "Restart" option. When you are in the building flying upwards, a checkpoint will be initiated, so if you took damage it will save. Hopefully you made a back up save.

    STEP 6: While you are on the slider, get Raiden in the bottom right corner, and spam the crap out of the slider's missiles (R1). That will take care of any debris, and enemies, falling towards you. If you get hit here, restart from the checkpoint.

    STEP 7: Once you are out of building, complete the QTE, and then hack Sundowner into little bits.

    Unlike the other enemies in this game, Sundowner will not get annoyingly unpredictable as you progress through the fight - the only way he will get to be a pain is if you take off all 6 of his shields. THEN he can be a devastating brute. With his shields, he is ridiculously easy to beat without taking a hit from him.

    However the helicopters are a different story altogether. THEY are unpredictable. You need to take care of them as you see them BEFORE they can fire a shot, and with Sundowner not all raged up on roids, they are really not that difficult to manage. 1 homing missile will drop them.

    If you took care of the heli in the beginning, be aware that another will show up somewhere between 30 and 45 seconds. You will know when you see it due to the spotlight it shines down on you.

    Questions, corrections and neg vote justifications below.
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    This is one of the easiest battles to do with no damage, usually I would explain how to do it on First and Second playthroughs BUT this is almost identical on each one, especially since you unlock the Staff by this point anyway.

    Phase 1: This is going to be pretty much all his health, he's much easier in this state. He will start off by charging at you, if you Parry this you'll enter a small button mashing sequence followed by a Blade Mode part, you can opt to cut off his panels but it doesn't matter as you wont be cutting them all off anyway. Pull out the Stinger while he's stunned and shoot the Helicopter, it will be you're best opportunity to do it and it wont respawn by the time you're done, you'll want to keep jumping behind him and unleashing the Staff attacks while Parrying his attack where he will try to hit behind himself, after a while he will move, when he does wait for him to put his armour up and jump behind him, rinse and repeat, you may want to activate Ripper Mode a bunch too in order to deal more damage.

    Phase 2: Once essentially "defeated" you'll have a small sequence where you're riding a Slider, stick to a corner (Bottom-Left or Bottom-Right) and spam as this will destroy all obstacles, once you reach the top you'll have to use Blade Mode to cut your way through followed by a small Quick Time event.
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