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Speed. Precision. trophy in Tricky Towers

Speed. Precision.

Win a normal race match within 80 seconds without dropping any bricks.

Speed. Precision.-1.0
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How to unlock the Speed. Precision. trophy

  • Solioxrz362Solioxrz362
    07 Aug 2016 09 Aug 2016 09 Aug 2016
    You can do this trophy offline or online. Personally, I did it offline by turning on my second controller and simply letting it sit there as player 2 while I built my tower.

    This trophy is a little luck based IMO. You can do good things with whatever bricks you get, but you're really gonna have to get the right combination of bricks and magics to get to the finish line fast enough.

    Either way, don't worry about building a wide solid foundation for your tower on this trophy. Make sure you build one that's solid and will stay standing, but if you spend too much time on making the perfect tower, you're going to run out of time. 80 seconds is barely enough to pull this off. If you get a shovel magic, the one that turns one of your blocks into a solid platform, wait to use it for either a long flat block or for when your tower is wobbling and you have no other option.

    Sadly, you can't discard any blocks, so you're gonna have to use every single block they throw at you. This means you're gonna have to get crafty with building your tower in half-shifts sometimes. Use vines however you need to in order to keep your tower stable through using half-shift placements.

    By half-shift placements, I'll explain what I mean. imagine that every block was divided into 4 equal squares. If you press cn_L1 or cn_R1 in this game, you move your current block the length of one of those squares. But if you press the d-pad you only move it half of that. So using the d-pad allows you to shift the blocks only half of that unit of distance. That's what a half-shift is.

    Here's my run from getting the trophy, which I think is around 70-74 seconds. Use it for ideas or guidance however you need to:

    Take note of a couple of things:
    - I kept my tower pretty narrow most of the time, but I always tried to leave room for other blocks to be put on safely.
    - At the end, I made a mad dash for the finish line. Sometimes, this is the best option. I thankfully got the absolute most perfect combination of blocks to build a stable tower off of my magic block, so I didn't have to worry about it, but if you need to build a slightly unstable tower in order to make the time limit, just go for it and hope that your tower stays above the finish line long enough.

    Good luck, you're probably going to need it.
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