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Charted! - Crushing

Complete the game in crushing mode

Charted! - Crushing0
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Trophy Guide for Charted! - Crushing

  • TheRealJSkeletonTheRealJSkeleton118,057
    23 May 2016 23 May 2016
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    This is hands down the EASIEST and FASTEST way to unlock the Speed Run AND Crushing trophies! I have not seen an easier, nor faster method anywhere!

  • a44Speciala44Special57,216
    13 May 2016 13 May 2016
    5 1 2
    The Cheats do not disable trophies.

    A handy note is after you beat the game purchase Infinite Ammo, the .44 Magnum , and the grenade launcher . This makes the game becomes extremely easy even on Crushing difficulty.
  • dheero17dheero17180,010
    19 May 2016 19 May 2016 19 May 2016
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    Here you go enjoy

    Easy Crushing WORKS, it didn't pop in game though (maybe because i turned network connection off) - here's how i did it, it was different from the video above cause it got no encounters in V. 1.0:
    Like in the video above, you only need 1 savegame! if you got more savegames delete them!

    1) Delete UC4 from HDD

    2) Disconnect from PSN

    3) Reinstall

    4) Open UC4, start new game and create new save, keep stats YES, Difficulty: CRUSHING

    5) In game - SAVE and quit

    6) Main Menu: Start - Chapter - Epilogue - CRUSHING - Dont save here - press O and continue

    7) Complete game (you can skip cinematics and quit to main menu if you see the credits)

    8) If the trophy does not pop, press the ps button and reconnect to psn - look into your trophies and let them update. The trophy should be there (Crushing and Sharpshooter at least since you can not glitch your stats with encounters in v 1.0)

    Note: The Sharpshooter Trophy can't be obtained that way, because 1.0 does not have encounters-menu and does not glitch statistics so either you keep your overall-stats or start new and can't start the epilogue. After you got crushing trophy just update the game again and obtain it. should do this fast though, will probably be patched pretty soon.

    Note 2: If you have 1.1 or 1.2 you should be able to obtain all 3 trophies in one go - though i cant confirm this.

    Note 3: If it does not work even though you did EVERYTHING right, have the retail disc, only one savegame, ... it MIGHT be, that you need to complete the game on your 1st savegame. so if you have 4 savegames and completed it on savegame 4 then delete savegame 1-3 it MIGHT not work. Complete game on savegame 1 and save, then delete other saves. If it's still not working retry and remember looking up your trophycollection.

    hope that helps, good luck
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