Priceless trophy in STREET FIGHTER V


You managed to get 1,000,000 FM. That's pretty good! The real value, however, is in the path you walked to earn that much.

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How to unlock the Priceless trophy

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    This is a huge grind, and in my opinion the hardest trophy to get in the game (or at least the most time consuming). By the way, this achievement is CUMULATIVE, meaning you DO NOT have to have 1 million Fight Money at once. You're allowed to spend some and still get the trophy.

    Fight Money Breakdown:

    1.Story Prologue Mode -
    Completing a Prologue will grant you 2000FM.
    Level up 1 to 8 = 8lvls x 1000FM for 8000FM..
    (2k x 22 characters) + (8k x 22 characters) = 44k + 176k = 220k

    2.Survival Easy -
    Completion - 2k FM.
    Lvl up 8 to 12 = 4lvs @ 4k FM.
    (2k x 22 characters) + (4k x 22 characters) = 44k + 88k = 132k

    3.Trials -
    Completion - 3k Fm.
    Lvl up 12 to 15 = 3lvls @ 3kFM.
    (3k x 22 characters) + (3k x 22 characters) = 66k + 66k = 132k

    4.Survival Normal -
    Completion - 5k.
    Lvl up15 to 19 = 4 lvls @ 4k.
    (5k x 22 characters) + (4k x 22 characters) = 110k + 88k = 198k

    5. Completing Story mode twice (once on Normal, again on Extra) = 80k

    6. Demonstrations - Watching Character Demos grants you 500FM
    22 characters * 500 FM = 11k

    7. Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert Demonstration (1k FM each) = 3k

    Right now, you would be up to 776k Fight Money. If you are going for the platinum, you should also complete the following as well to gain more Fight Money

    8. Survival Mode Extreme
    Completion = 20k

    9. Winning 300 Ranked matches
    300 * 50FM = 15k

    Now, you should be up to 811k Fight Money. If you're going for the Platinum, you would also have to reach GOLD league (by reaching 4,000 LP), so you would gain more FM from online fights.

    You can complete HARD or EXTREME Survival for 10k or 20 FM respectively to make up towards the remaining ~200k FM you need to reach 1million.

    Finally, Missions have been added to SF V, requiring you to do various tasks such as replay a specific part of a character's story mode, perform 10 V-Reversals, Win 10 Ranked matches, perform a specific stage transition, etc. to earn Fight Money in a short amount of time.
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    NightmareJamesDoing the Daily/Weekly missions helps tremendously. Let's be honest, this is still hard. You're probably going to have to beat Survival on Easy and Normal with every character regardless, along with Character Story Mode and General Story on Normal and Extra (the only character who I don't have unlocked is Ibuki, and she can stay locked: I usually stray from technical characters). Pick up all the demos.

    The rest will come from fighting and trials. Vega and Ed's Season 2 trials are easy targets for picking up points.

    But the Daily Missions were invaluable. I must've picked up 100K or 200K FM on those alone.
    Posted by NightmareJames on 13 Jun 17 at 17:07
    FatSuitIs this still doable in 2020 Champion Edition? They've really toned down the FM you get from stuff or outright removed it.
    Posted by FatSuit on 27 Jun at 11:24
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