A True Warrior's Spirit trophy in STREET FIGHTER V

A True Warrior's Spirit

A warrior's soul is ri...ripened in Survival Mode. Emerge victorious on hard difficulty and you'll be ready for me to co...consume.

A True Warrior's Spirit+14.0
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How to unlock the A True Warrior's Spirit trophy

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    I wanted to share what I experienced in Survival Mode for those who need help:

    These are the characters that are free to JUMP IN ATTACKS in Survival Mode:

    - Nash (almost NEVER blocks jump ins)
    - Zangief (almost ALWAYS gets hit from jump ins, especially if your character has a quick descent from their jump)
    - Birdie (same as Zangief)
    - FANG (will anti-air you more than Gief and Birdie, but most of the time gets hit)

    These are the characters who will go COMPLETELY INSANE on you:

    - Laura (SHE IS A NUISANCE. Keep distance as much as possible, try not to jump in as she will ALMOST ALWAYS anti-air you)
    - Bison (Another nuisance. Continuous attacks, however he uses unsafe block strings so you can use a reversible move to break through his pressure)
    - Mika (Not as much of a nuisance as Laura, but she can deal big damage and stun you quickly. Tends to jump a lot and not afraid to use her Nadeshiko V-Trigger)
    - Dhalsim (VERY ANNOYING, but is also very susceptible to constant offense since he doesn't have strong defensive options and a very floaty jump)

    These characters will continuously ANTI-AIR you when you jump in:

    - Chun Li (will anti-air you WITHOUT FAIL, even on earlier stages. However she is completely open to cross up attacks)
    - Bison (same as Chun Li, will anti-air the crap outta you but is completely open to cross ups)

    These characters like to jump, and will AIR THROW you consistently:

    - Vega (loves to jump in on you when he is not trying to out-poke you from a distance with his claw. If you both jump at the same time, he will AIR THROW you if you don't perform an air attack immediately)
    - Nash (will also AIR THROW you, but not as often as Vega)

    Here are my personal tips with certain characters I used to beat Survival Hard and Extreme:

    - Ryu/Ken

    Abuse their MEDIUM SHORYUKEN for every stage, against every character. When you stun the opponent, perform one of their bread & butter combos, then continue to use MEDIUM SHORYUKEN

    - Rashid

    Abuse his EAGLE SPIKE move. Keep distance from opponent and just continue to use EAGLE SPIKE. You can also use the air attack version of EAGLE SPIKE

    - Chun Li

    Abuse her V-SKILL, then use MEDIUM KICK before landing as a jump-in attack. Whether she lands in front or as a cross-up, the CPU rarely blocks it (even Laura won't anti-air it most of the time, since the CPU doesn't consider it an actual "jump").


    - Cammy

    Abuse her CANNON SPIKE (either Heavy or Medium, I used Heavy). It is similar to Ken/Ryu's SHORYUKEN, as it is an invincible special move. Learn a bread & butter combo when you stun the opponent.

    - Guile

    Abuse his V-SKILL then throw full screen SONIC BOOMS. Guile has arguably the best projectile in the game, and the CPU will have a tough time defending against it from full screen.

    ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CHARGE. After throwing a SONIC BOOM, immediately go back to holding DOWN & BACK, not just BACK by itself. That way, if the CPU approaches while you're throwing SONIC BOOMS, you can use FLASH KICK if they try to jump in or counter with an attack.

    Point Management tips:

    I always opted for full health.

    During stages 1-10, I would take either DOUBLE DOWN 1 (Opponent gets a power boost but your score is doubled) or DOUBLE DOWN 4 (Your Critical and V Gauge will not increased, but your score will be doubled). The CPU is not aggressive during stages 1-10, so that is a perfect time to get a high amount of points in the beginning.

    If you have full health, I would opt for ATTACK UP or DEFENSE UP.

    Last tip:


    I cannot tell you how many times this has saved me from completely starting over when I was getting wrecked. Just play the online match, and when you come back, the level you were on will be reset and sometimes the CPU for that level will be less aggressive.

    If the round is going well for you and the prompt comes up showing that you have a Casual or Ranked Match, you can choose to ignore it (which is why you set it to ask).

    Good Luck and I hope I was able to help at least a little bit!!
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    NightmareJamesI did what you said, and for normal matches it worked fine. But when I got in trouble in Match 42, I paused the game attempting to cue up a fight, and they patched it out in either 2.0 (or 2.5. Does this game let you have anything freaking nice?
    Posted by NightmareJames on 09 Jun 17 at 20:46
    NightmareJamesI don't know of its viability on hard modes (might absolutely require you to be on the busiest times of night), but it helped me get through Normal Survival with every character: Hence getting the 1M FM achievement. Whether it gets me through Survivals I'm not sure ATM with the pause being added in
    Posted by NightmareJames on 16 Jun 17 at 04:14
    NightmareJamesI finally got it. Did it with Vega, the 2.5 buffs really helped and made him viable for the mode where he wasn't before. Fight Match Maker a life saver
    Posted by NightmareJames on 08 Aug 17 at 22:29
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