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Take It to the Max

Completely upgrade all weapons.

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How to unlock the Take It to the Max trophy

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    This is a multi-step Solution including several methods to cut down overall time. Skip to Step Three if all you need is this Trophy. (This method does not include the Rotten Egg/Dupe method, this is a way to do it Solo)

    Step One: Play Through the Game Collecting All Treasure

    Simple enough, go ahead and go for your "Difficulty Mode" Trophies first while grabbing as much treasure as you can. If you start on Amateur, you can play through grabbing all the treasure with relative ease then upgrade a weapon completely (preferably the S&W M29 to unlock the S&W M500) to run through on Veteran again collecting all treasure. Alternatively, if you join someone's game who is on Professional it WILL unlock for you so you can go ahead and skip to that (this is what I did completing this on PS3) rather than Veteran. Remember to pick up loose change and any Gold that is sitting in safes (3K-6K per safe).

    Step Two: Obtain All Weapons

    Sell off all treasure and work on buying all the weapons. Most can be found in-game, while others are sold at the store after completing chapters. After 6-3, all "findable" weapons are available for purchase in case you missed them in campaign. Some weapons don't unlock until you've upgraded others, so here's a list of what you'll need to upgrade to get other weapons.

    M93R (aka Matilda) - Unlocked upon fully upgrading M92F, costs 30,000
    Hydra - Unlocked upon fully upgrading Ithaca M37, costs 30,000
    S&W M500 (aka Handcannon) - Unlocked upon fully upgrading S&W M29, costs 30,000
    Gatling Gun - Unlocked upon fully upgrading VZ61, costs 50,000
    Longbow - Unlocked upon fully upgrading S75, costs 50,000

    Again, it's cheaper to just find guns that are located in the game than buy them. Check the following link for more info: TrueAchievements

    Step Three: Farming Funds for Upgrades

    Detailing the method from the TrueAchievements guide here (TrueAchievements, credit to UnrealEntity), here's a relatively quick farming method for obtaining enough Gold to go about purchasing all these upgrades.

    1.) Load up Chapter 5-2 on Amateur (recommended, though not necessary)
    2.) Have a strong Infinite-Ammo Magnum, such as the S&W M500 (Handcannon) - highly recommended
    3.) Fight your way to the area where you have two hallways with lickers, this is just after fighting through a bunch of AK47 wielding majini that ends at an elevator.

    Now, for my own additions to this method.

    One: you can GUARANTEE all 5 Lion Hearts (worth 2,500 a piece) to drop if you DO NOT explode a licker while it's on the wall/ceiling. Doing so will cause them to lose any items they had on them, as I noticed this running through the method several times with the IRL. After switching to the Magnum, it does not matter where the licker is as you can kill them (most times one shot, aim for the body) resulting in them dying on the ground.

    Two: Lion Hearts ARE NOT random drops. They're specifically tied to certain lickers in this hallway, so you can technically run through and kill JUST these lickers, guaranteeing you will always get all 5 Lion Hearts. These are the lickers that have Lion Hearts:

    1st Hallway:

    - 1st licker you see
    - 3rd licker down the way

    2nd Hallway:

    - 1st licker that pops out of a vent
    (KILL the second licker here, to get it out of the way)
    - As you progress, two more sets of lickers will pop out of vents. The vent closest to you (which triggers the spawn) will have the 2nd Licker containing the Heart. He takes a few seconds to come out. You can go ahead and kill the first licker that pops out here to get him out of the way while you wait.
    - At the second vent, three lickers will pop out. Again, it's the 2nd of these three lickers that has the heart. It's sometimes difficult to tell where he is so just kill the first two you see heading towards you to claim the heart.

    The method I've been doing thus far involves me killing only the two Lion Heart lickers in the first hallway, running to the second and killing the first Lion Heart Licker then the licker right after it. Triggering the next spawn of lickers, I kill the first one that pops out in front of me immediately followed by the second...then I shoot down the hallway killing two lickers (usually on the ground) where I'll find the last Lion Heart.

    All and all this method only takes roughly a minute, you CAN kill the other lickers if you desire for say the random Rotten Egg drop or something else but otherwise...yeah. Remember: if all you have is the Infinite Rocket Launcher, MAKE SURE THE LION HEART LICKERS ARE ON THE GROUND.

    Bonus Step

    Note: There IS a risk here if you aren't careful. In addition if you still don't have enough funds to fully upgrade everything after this step and you want to keep the stuff you sold...simply do what's said below involving the PS Button undo the purchases. Then go and grind out some more Lion Hearts until you're comfortable trying this Bonus Step again.

    Now to the step: I fully recommend that after you've completely upgraded at least 12 of the required weapons to SELL THEM ALL, along with everything EXCEPT the remaining weapons you need to upgrade. DO NOT EXIT THE ITEM MANAGEMENT SCREEN AT ANY TIME HERE!

    Now, use the remaining funds you have to upgrade the final weapons and the Trophy should pop. Assuming, of course, you upgraded enough weapons to get enough money back through selling them. Do note that the upgraded weapons, despite being sold, will still count towards this Trophy so you do not need to worry about having them in your inventory.

    Once the Trophy has popped, hit the PS Button and select "Quit Game". This will send you back to the main PS3 screen, where you can reload the game and find that all your weapons/items/etc. are still in tact though your most recent upgrades (from using the funds of selling all your weapons) will not be active. That doesn't matter much, because you now have the Trophy.

    (NOTE: When I popped this Trophy, I still had 6 weapons to fully upgrade. I had somewhat upgraded the H&K PSG-1 for Scope and some of the AK-47 prior. After selling everything except these 6 non-upgraded weapons, I upgraded each gradually and sold them off upon completion. I just had enough funds to fully upgrade the Lightning Hawk with 20K to spare and the Trophy popped.)

    Credit to TrueAchievements, through user Josh Landon.


    I know all of that was longwinded but ultimately this Trophy should be one of your last to go for, because it will be easier by the end game especially with Infinite Ammo unlocked. There are other methods for getting a lot of Gold (Trading Rotten Eggs, Chapter 4-1, 5-3 aka Wesker's Heart of Africa, etc.) but so far I've found 5-2's Licker Hallways to be the fastest as you're guaranteed 12,500 in less than a minute.

    Credit to the appropriate users whom I linked guides for has been given, this Trophy Guide is meant to provide any users who pick up this game on PS3 a step-by-step guide on how to get this Trophy easier.
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    Prem-aka-PrinceWow that's an impressive guide for one trophy, I particularly liked the detailed info you learnt about the lickers. Even though I've played this game for sooo many hours, and have more cash and items than I can spend, I never knew about exploding lickers on the wall or that the hearts aren't random drops.
    I would give you a thumbs up, you deserve it, but I played it on 360. Sorry, but at least now you know someone appreciates your effort clap
    Posted by Prem-aka-Prince on 11 Jun 14 at 08:56
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