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Medalhead in Dark Cloud 2
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Medalhead352 (90)

Earn all medals in every chapter.

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Trophy won on 28 Feb 16
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This is easily the most time-consuming and most difficult of the trophies in the game. Each level of every dungeon will have three or four medals available which will fall into the following categories:

Time limit medal
Spheda and/or Fishing medal
Special requirements for the floor

The first medal is always the same - you must beat the floor within the time limit. This one is quite easy once you're stronger. The only place that gave me trouble is in the very first dungeon. The last couple of floors must be done in a very brief amount of time. One of the floors has three mimics on it, so some luck comes into play here since the chests slow one down.

Spheda is the golfing mini-game that becomes available about halfway through the second area. This just takes practice, practice, practice (and a little luck). You will play Spheda on every floor in the game except for maybe half-a-dozen floors in Ocean's Roar Cave. My favorite club is the Swan because it's the most forgiving. I learned that trying to drop the ball short distances worked better than trying to bounce it off of walls for more distance. That helped me anyway.

Fishing medals require you to catch fish of a certain size. This becomes much easier once you have a lure rod. Lures will become available from Olivie after you've recruited her; she will join you after you've won Fishy Frenzy (Beginner's Class works fine). I've read a couple of different methods for using lures, but I always used the same way, and it worked fine. Once you've cast the lure in the water, hit the directional button left-right four times then reel in for two seconds. Rinse and repeat.

The final set of medals is special requirements for the floor. These take several different forms:

Kill all enemies with a certain weapon (Max's right-handed weapon, for example)
Kill all enemies with the Ridepod
Kill all enemies with Monster Transformation
Finish the floor without healing
Kill all enemies with items

The first three are self-explanatory. The one thing you need to remember is that if you touch an enemy with the wrong weapon (even if it doesn't do any damage), you won't get the medal.

Healing floors do not require you to kill every enemy. As soon as you have the item that lets you move on, you may. Just don't heal until after you leave. The medal is acquired after you exit the floor. You can repair weapons, but you cannot heal Max, Monica, the monster transformation, nor can you re-fuel the Ridepod. You cannot heal health or status ailments. If you use an antidote, the medal is toast.

The final class is by far the most difficult - killing all enemies on the floor with items. For much of the game, you can handle this with bombs and fruit. For Moon Flower Palace and the Zelmite Mine, you'll need to depend on elemental stones, aka Flame, Chill, Wind, Thunder, and Holy stones. These are available only from monster drops and treasure chests. Save these stones until later dungeons; you'll need them. Once you get to the Zelmite Mine, these will start showing up a lot in chests. Before then, they're rather rare.

I can't walk you through the dungeons, but I can give you tips about things that helped me.

~ Go into the items only floors with a full supply of bombs (regular bombs, improved bombs, and final bombs), as well as different fruits and holy water.

~ Stone Berries and Throbbing Cherries can both stop enemies temporarily, so freeze your enemy then kill it. This can save your bombs when enemies dodge. I also carry Gooey Peaches to finish enemies off when they're almost dead and I don't want to use another bomb.

~ Poison Apples are great, as well. Hit an enemy then run. The poison will work the enemy's HP down to one. Then you can hit it with any piece of fruit to finish it off. If an enemy isn't poisoned the first time you hit it with a Poison Apple, it's immune. Try something else.

~ All fruit can be purchased from Adel in Sindain.

~ Holy Water will destroy anything in the skeleton family, so keep those with you, too.

~ Holy Water can be purchased from Father Bruno in Balance Valley.

~ For flyers, lock on and guard until they come down to attack then hit them with a stone berry to keep them low then kill them with your bombs. If the enemy won't come down, try a Final Bomb. It's the only thing with the range to drop a flyer out of the sky, but you can only carry ten of these at a time, so use them wisely. Bats can be troublesome. Try leading them until you have several in one place then take out several with one bomb if you're worried about running out.

~ Cannon enemies require a special note. Cannon enemies are first seen in the Ocean's Roar Cave with the pirates. If one shoots a cannon ball, you must blow it up with an item. If it explodes on its own, the medal is lost. The best strategy is to run up on them quickly and freeze them before they can shoot a cannon ball. If a cannon ball is fired, you can toss some bombs and hope to blow it up (I used several Final Bombs when I finally got it). If there are two cannons together, this can be hard to do. I failed a dungeon floor three times before I figured out what the problem was, so I wanted to pass it along. The cannon floors are a real pain. The same does not hold true for tree enemies when they send out the little trees. These don't count that I've noticed, which is weird to me. Only the cannon balls screw this up.

~ Use your Monster Notes in the harder dungeons that require you to use your elemental stones. After you have killed an enemy, it will show up in the notes. You can then check to find its elemental weakness, which can save you wasting your limited ammunition.

~ One other thing you need to remember is about Moon Flower Palace. Once you go to the final boss floor, you can never return to this dungeon, so make sure you have finished ALL the medals here before you leave. In Chapter 8, you can return to every dungeon except this one.

~ One final note that's not related directly to the medals but which is enormously helpful in general is the money trick. Final Bombs cost 3600 each, which runs a person out of money in a hurry. All you need for endless money is a lure rod and two fishing lures of the same type. Here's how it goes:

1. Equip the lure rod.
2. Equip a lure.
3. On the item screen, hit RB so that Max is not on the screen.
4. Go to the identical lure in your item list that you have equipped to the lure rod and equip it. Simply hit the button and equip it over and over again. When you return to Max, you will notice that the lure rod now has numerous lures on it. Remove them and sell for 150 each. You can do this up to 999 at a time. If you exceed that number, the lures will reset to one. Always keep two lures in reserve for when you need money.

Good luck!
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