Zombie Fancier trophy in Lollipop Chainsaw

Zombie Fancier

Completed the zombie album.

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How to unlock the Zombie Fancier trophy

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    The Zombies are similar to the Lollipop collectibles. Some will appear when playing on Normal difficulty, while ALL will appear when playing on Hard and Ranking mode. Some stages will take two playthroughs in order to discover some zombies.


    #1: Zombie Boy (George) - -Found near crashed helicopter.
    #2: Zombie Girl (Mikaela) - Found in alley right after reaching your first Chop2Shop.
    #3: Zombie Hazmat (Jerry) -Final boss you will fight at the crashed helicopter.

    Stage 1

    #5: Zombie Police Man (Ryu) - Shoots a zombie for you in the school hallway.
    #6: Zombie Police Woman (Stephanie) - Found in smoke-filled classroom.
    #7: Zombie Basket Boy (Juan) - Hard/Very Hard
    #8: Zombie Teacher (Fitzgibbon) - Teacher found early into the stage.
    #9: Zed
    #39: Zombie Teacher Lady (Roberta) - Also shows up during Stage 6.
    #4: Zombie Bomber (Jay) - Ranking Mode, Hard/Very Hard (Found in school hallway with other bombers. - Must kill him before he gets killed by other zombies.)

    Stage 2

    #10: Zombie Fire Fighter (Paul) - Ranked Score Attack & Hard Mode (Fought on rooftops w/ other firefighters)
    #11: Zombie Footballer (Alexander) - Encountered early into the stage with other footballers.
    #12: Zombie Fat Old Woman (Danielle) - Found in Gym
    #13: Zombie Cheerleader (Josephine) - Cheerleader found on rooftops. She will be attacking one of the classmates.
    #14: Zombie Batter (Steven) - Found on Hard/Very Hard ONLY (Found early into the stage with other players.)
    #15: Zombie Pitcher (UWE) - Found on Hard/Very Hard ONLY (Found when using the Chainsaw Blaster for the first time on the baseball field.)
    #16: VIKKE

    Stage 3

    #17: Zombie Fat Old Man (Mark) - Spawns early in the Stage, must be killed in order to use Nick on the headless body.
    #18: Zombie Big Chicken (Chat) - Chicken who is fought after chainsawing the mushroom.
    #19: MARISKA

    Stage 4

    #20: Zombie Geek Man (Tobe) - Found in room after playing the Arcade game.
    #21: Zombie Geek Woman (Anastasia) - Hard & Ranking Mode (Found in first room attacking a classmate.)
    #22: Zombie Break Dancer (Wesley) - Comes out of the elevator after the helicopter scene.
    #23: Zombie Metal Boy (Lucid) - Hard Mode (Found on the stage with the stripper pole.)
    #24: JOSEY

    Stage 5

    #25: Zombie Punk Boy (Bill) - Hard/Very Hard (Found in Parking Garage where you will need to survive for 30 seconds.)
    #26: Zombie Punk Girl (Christina) -Hard/Very Hard (Found with #25 Bill)
    #27: Zombie Rocker Boy (Brett) - Hard Mode (Room where you will need to kill all 30 zombies.)
    #28: Zombie Rocker Girl (Samantha) - Hard Mode (Same room as #27)
    #29: Zombie Flying Man (Peter) - Hard Mode (Attacking sister when using the wrecking ball.)

    Stage 6

    #32: Chicken (Jack) - MUST be played on Ranking Mode! (Chop2shop's turn into chickens when on Ranking Mode, #32 is one of them.)
    #33: Zombie Teacher Lady (Roberta) - You can also find her during Stage 2 when in the smoke-filled classroom.
    #34: Zombie Obachan (Marie) - Found on Hard/Very Hard ONLY
    #35: Zombie Ojachan (David) - Found on Hard/Very Hard ONLY
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