Zed’s Dead, Baby, Zed’s Dead trophy in Lollipop Chainsaw

Zed’s Dead, Baby, Zed’s Dead

Defeated Zed.

Zed’s Dead, Baby, Zed’s Dead0
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How to unlock the Zed’s Dead, Baby, Zed’s Dead trophy

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    -( Story related, cannot be missed )-

    Stage 1's final boss, Zed. He's a punk rocker that loves to swear, and this is a form of attack on your way to him too. The boss itself comes with three phases. Each phase is sectioned off by Juliet running her chainsaw through the boss in different directions.

    Phase 1: His start will have him either dashing around in a semi-circle and then coming in for a lunge; dashing back and forth before lunging; or jumping up and then plummeting down. He also tends to interrupt combos by spinning his mic stand, but you can avoid that by walking around and then hitting him. This is the simplest round of the fight, where you're just doing enough damage to clear his health bar out. Once you do so, it will temporarily refill with the words Finish Him! lighting up in the upper middle part of the screen. Chainsaw swing on him with Triangle or Cross to initiate the phase shift where you must press your left stick in a specific direction (down) and press Triangle repeatedly.

    Phase 2: This is a bit more of him trying to avoid you. He will load up tons of speakers from above and jump onto them. Run towards him and break them repeatedly, only going for the ones he's on. If you leave him idle too long while focusing on others, he will spawn more in. After you've cleared all of them, he will conjure up a larger speaker in the middle of the stage. Run up and initiate the chainsaw grind across the lower part of the speaker. He will alternate between swearing at you (which summons the slurs in a physical form that falls upon you) or he'll taunt you, the player, through the screen before trying to backstab you. Dodge either of them when prompted and then resume the grind through the speaker until it breaks. Once you destroy it, he'll be vulnerable again so slash him.

    Phase 3: He'll spice up the first phase's abilities while adding a few more. He will also attempt to either push you back and throw two energy orbs/discs at you, or he'll scream and summon the discs before lunging. Either of these can be turned against Zed for another trophy from this fight as long as you are near the front of him. When the discs attempt to return, a timed prompt will appear for you to press Circle to dodge out of the way and send them back into him, stunning him. This is an opening to cause more damage than normal. Once the final strike comes up, he'll push Juliet away and surround himself with enlarged letters from YEAH. Dodge and get closer before you deliver the final blow to cut him down and finish the fight.
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