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Complete all songs on Super difficulty.

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How to unlock the Closure trophy

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    This trophy is popped by completing ALL (bonus and campaign songs) on a difficulty that's unlocked after completing
    AmplitudeFluid IntelligenceThe Fluid Intelligence trophy in Amplitude worth 587 pointsComplete a 15-song campaign on Expert difficulty or above without failing, retrying, or quitting.

    The biggest headaches were the rando-splattered drum track on 'Synthesized' and the high-hat spammed drum track on 'Digital Paralysis'. Or just about everything on both. Neither have very forgiving synth tracks either.

    Here's some things that helped me out a lot:

    1. Take breaks, and frequent ones if you see your performance declining. This trophy demands a lot of stamina. It's surprising how much stepping away from a game to recover actually helps you tackle it the next time you visit it.

    2. It isn't a bad idea to keep track of which songs you've completed and which ones you haven't on Super. Just like with Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert, if you complete a song with a higher score on a lower difficulty, the song list won't show that you completed it on a higher one.

    3. If you don't have FREQ mode on already, turn it on. It's pretty much consistent across the board that players score higher when it's on. You can access it from the menu settings.

    4. Randomly fiddle with things in your environment and controller technique. Per each individual song. I feel like there were a few songs that I played better on when the light in my room was off. There are other songs that I know for a fact I played better when the TV's volume was turned up. Other ones I relied more on keeping tempo with button clicks.

    5. Speaking of, if you've somehow magically gotten this far not using R1, R2 and L1, props to you. It's time to start using them.

    6. If a track or segment is taunting you, (especially if it's within one of the two songs I struggled with,) just hop over it. One thing that makes Super difficulty easier than Expert is that cleared segments reappear faster. 9 times out of 10, there's going to be a different, playable track for you to play sitting right next to the demanding one you're on. And definitely take the time to mix up the track you start on and which direction you flow.

    7. While some of the songs on Amplitude aren't fantastic, it isn't a bad idea to listen to the actual songs when you're doing your laundry or whatever people do when they're not playing videogames. Here they all are:

    Anyway, this trophy is totally doable with patience. Tracks that are quite impossible can be played if you keep at it. Good luck!
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